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Sunday, December 6, 2015


President Obama Facing a Credibility Gap

That is one tortured article that did not tell us anything we didn't already know...............barri has a credibility gap bigger than Zhemchug canyon under the Bering Sea.
My biggest fan!!!!! Still have that urgent need?? Boy read and read very closely, boy. You don't speak sh1t for any military or anybody, no ex military person hates their country like you or wears their service on their sleeve like you do, you have no honor or love of country. We all know you are a fraud,
Oh yeah and STFU Bitch.
Jarasan, you never faced an enemy or was involved in a battle for your life, I have, so there is nothing you can tell me about the military. It's punks like you that make me sick. If you loved your country so much you would've fought for it. You are just all talk. No, you stayed your sorry azz here while your friends fought and died for their country. You plucking yellow-bellied coward. You talk the talk, but is too much of a pussy to walk the walk.
Now, that's what I'm talking about, Speedy!!! Tighten his dumb azz up a few notches!!! He hasn't seen all the plaques on the wall filled with fallen comrades with whom you've went on missions with, drank coffee with, had lunch with, and have been afraid with!!! I just can't understand how those here who have been in combat put up with all the rhetorical BS on what we should do. These SAM's have no idea what it means to 'have your back' and protect others from unavoidable dangers. Dying for your country is one thing but, GIVING YOUR LIFE AWAY is totally different. Good post, my man!!
My second biggest fan! Of course, stupid loser never leaves his lil buddy's behind. Hmmmm..... seen all the plaques filled with the fallen??? Comrades???? Missions???? Combat???? Coffee.. Lunch.. definitely, yes definitely, brave military men. F'ing clowns.   Oh yeah & you know all about having someones back and the unavoidable danger of having a troll behind you with an urgent need.
Jarasan, I wish you were in the bush with me for just 1 day and ran your punk mouth like you do now, but I know as long as long as you feel that your identity is safe you are going to feel brave. You are a coward, immature and less than a man.
Jarasan, I wish you were in the bush with me for just 1 day and ran your punk mouth like you do now, but I know as long as you feel that your identity is safe you are going to feel brave. You are a coward, immature and less than a man.
lil*SFB I wrote about year ago to get down on your troll nub knees and pray to Yahweh you never meet me.

But now I have some thoughts on stupid loser, let's just say his writing style is kind of "hand on the hip I told you so" kinda fruity, no problemo, it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round and 'round and 'round etc.. You two make a nice troll couple, I'm sure you have each others backs, email, phones, and other stuff,   right?? You guys are a team, go team go, you guys will teach me a thing or two, yeah that's right, we'll show him, hilly for prezzy YAY!!!!! She'll be great leader!!!!!!!!! hilly hilly hilly go hilly. fruitcake trolls.
You got that wrong punk, I told all of you that I would pay your way to Atlanta and let you smart mouth me to my face, the deal still stands. You'd never come because you know you will get your azz knocked out and stomped.
Speedy, you are nothing but a blowhard and a braggart. Anyone who has served in a war,, does not even want to talk it, much less brag. That gives me the impression, you are lying. I have friends who served with me in Nam and when we get together for a beer, Nam is never mention.
Well Carbo, I don't give a [email protected] what you plucking believe. I talk about Nam with people that were there in the sixties. I get very agitated when my patriotism and my love for this country is questioned by people who never wore a uniform or served their country...this to me is the ultimate insult. There is nothing else that gets under my skin more. If you think you are only the one that sacrificed their life for the good of are sadly mistaken.
Speedy, do you think it was a sacrifice to serve your country? I don't, the sacrifice were made by those who made the ultimate sacrifice. It was an honor to serve my country and everybody else who served their country, except you, probably feel the same. I had 6 brothers starting with the oldest at 16 years old, who served in the Far East, WWII. One brother who pulled 2 tours in Nam, never felt like it was a sacrifice. The last brother, I have always felt was a little on the nutty side.
You are not saying nothing. I have six brothers. My oldest brother was a marine--served two tours in Nam, the rest of us were army, I was the only army to go to Nam; the others went to Germany. My last tour of duty was Kunsan, Korea in 71. And yes it is a sacrifice if you are willing to die for your country while others run to Canada or get deferments. BTW, I was drafted- 1A, I received my greetings letter not long afterwards.
Speedy, I don't care who runs to Canada or gets deferments. They have to live with their choices, I live with mine. I get the feeling that you think someone misused you or abused you along the way. You are old enough to quit living in the past and acting as if someone owes you something. Learn to accept the good with the bad.
Hey Speedy, were you in Nam with your brother the Marine?
Because under the Sullivan rule from WW2, brothers were no longer allowed to serve in war zones at the same time.
My Mom's youngest brother served in Nam and her other brothers were in Germany.
Elvis was considered a nam vet, but he was not boot6s on the ground, he just served during the time.
For someone who talks about how much they love their country you sure do support someone who is trying to tear it apart, destroy it, and the military.

Interesting that you're talking about being I the bush and then mentioned you were stationed at Kunsan in 1972- Kunsan is an Air Force Base.

I was a grunt in the 101st in 1967-68, got hit and was in the hospital at Camp Zama the day the NKs got the Pueblo. Ironically I was near the DMZ the day they gave the crew back. Only 10% of my unit made it back.

In the mid 1970s I was on the DMZ as an Imjin Scout.

If you were Army at Kunsan you were a REMF, big time.

Silly, My brother is four years older than I am, do the math. I am not a Vietnam Era Vet, I am A Vietnam Vet AZZHOLE.
Coin Toss, I didn't realize you were so stupid. Kunsan AFB had US Army, Air Force, Korean Army (ROK), and Korean Air Force stationed there. The Army barracks were across from the Air force supply barracks. It was by the yellow sea. There was only one way in and one way off. Quit making an AZZ out of yourself fool.
You bigots take the cake. You take pleasure in lying, distorting, and trying to disprove someone. That is so sad. I have no way of knowing what you are saying about your service to this country, but not one time did I questioned it. The country was going through racial turmoil when I entered the service and it was the same when I returned. I am still proud of my service to this country even if racists like you are not. How many of you BIGOTS would have fought for your country, if your country still didn't respect your rights?
You're a Vietnam Vet azzhole, lol idiot , pay more attention to your punctuation.
Silly, you need to pay attention you DUMB BITCH.
Do you feel better ? Because my side hurts from laughing at you.
Was it good for you? It was for me.
Boy is that SAD, calling people names makes you feel good, but I must confess laughing at you is fun.
I hope I never get pleasure from calling people names, because I hear many racists do that sort of thing.
Silly, you are classless. YOU HAVE ABOUT AS MUCH CLASS AS STREET WALKER. sad.
I was on the DMZ and you were at Kunsan and bragging about it? Just more ;roof that you were in a mess kit repair battalion.

Let me educate you a little bit. When the 31 NK infiltrators came south to assassinate Park Chung Hee we found several of them in the mountains behind our compound. they had froze to death.

When Joe Chink went after the American major with an axe and killed him up at JSA guys who were assigned to JSA said he had it coming,

There's a lot more but I find it oh so telling that while some were on the DMZ you're bragging about being on an Air Force Base - one of those places where the zoomies raise a fuss if the golf course and pool are closed on the same day.

Alpha Mike Foxtrot.

You can't tell me anything AZZHOLE. You have proven to be a LIAR, BIGOT, and a plucking coward. Trying to portray yourself as some kind of hero is not what real soldiers do. Your DD-214 has everything on it; especially the places where you have been. You may fool others BIGOT, but you don't fool me. Piss-off Maggot.
Speedy, you are a pitiful person, who calls himself a human being.
Well Carbo, Pluck you and the horse you rode on. You are nothing more than a racist sanctimonious [email protected] You and coin toss are two of a kind. Coin toss doesn't even put any information about himself in his profile. It makes one wonder what the pathetic, want-to-be hero, has to hide. Aipha Mike Foxtrot my AZZ.
Nice try Speedy, there's not a thing I've said that's not on my 214.
You're the lying braggart.
Also, a typical liberal, you dish it out and insult people but if you're challenged on anything or anyone gives it right back to you it's too much for you to handle.
I'm surprised you didn't get fragged.
All I did was state facts, you're the one portraying yourself as a hero. Just another phony legend in your own mind.

No, you're the impostor. That is why you don't want anyone to know about you. I know, you were special ops huh! I have been handling you bigots for over three years. I handled your man from the hollow until his racist azz disappeared. You all attacked me from the beginning in packs, but i'm still here. No matter how much you bigots tried to attack me, the things I said about myself remained the same and true. None of you could disavow anything that I have said, so you all begin using bigot tactics. None of your lies and innuendo's worked because you ran into a black man that will never give into racists or bigots.
Pretty rich coming from the biggest bigot on the site.
Then I must be in very good company, huh?
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