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Monday, December 14, 2015


Limbaugh and Levin Finally Bash Donald Trump

Rush and Mark on average have combined more than 20 million weekly listeners.
Hell, it's too late now! All you idiots saw the tsunami coming full force but, were just too happy and caught up in the moment with THE MAN WITHOUT A FILTER. Yep, that's what Sean Hannity is sooooo happy about with Trump...he has no filter. Well, look at what the lack of a filter has created BY ALL OF YOU...YOU'RE the one's who created the monster along with the desperate supporters you were afraid to tell the truth. Now, this is what it comes to, all of you look like complete idiots and the Democrats knew it all along but just went for the ride and entertainment. The more this man acts out, the more you pump up your listeners and lie to them about how he's so right and so good...NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT. Oh, wait a minute. He was POLITICALLY CORRECT before he drop kicked Cruz but, now, he's outta line and NOT A TRUE CONSERVATIVE ACCORDING TO RUSH. LMBAO!!!

Let's try that again. He's a TRUE CONSERVATIVE so long as he's lying on and attacking EVERYONE ELSE IN THE FIELD BUT, HANDS OFF TED CRUZ. That's a bombshell in and of itself in terms of just how truly corrupt all these guys really are. Hey, didn't Carson just mention something about a RABID DOG not long ago? Uh, huh...Trump is OFF THA' CHAIN!!! All you fools talking about being sick of political correctness know absolutely NOTHING about what the Bible says regarding the TONGUE. Cruz went after Obama ON CAMERA with his PLAYGROUND SWAGGER telling him to insult him to his face.

Now, after Trump completely disregards him as a viable candidate on NATIONAL TELEVISION, this is the best Cruz can do:

Ted Cruz ✔ @tedcruz
In honor of my friend @realDonaldTrump and good-hearted #Maniacs everywhere:

Wow!! He (Cruz) considers Obama saying that his approach to the refugee crisis is 'shameful' as an insult? But, Trump can slam his legitimacy as a presidential candidate and get no backlash? NOW, THAT IS WEAK. I'll tell you what the problem is. If you notice, all these people say the same thing...we've got to get OUR COUNTRY back. This is about winning and nothing else and they could careless about what happens in this country so long as a Republican is doing it. They are panicking about the Democrats holding the 'House for twelve years straight, AND, the first female president taking office as a Democrat....PERIOD....END OF STORY.
Seriously? We have got to get you laid. I ask you officialy: "Should I open a GoFundMe for this endeavor in the morning? It'll be fast and the quickening will give you relief.
LMBAO!! Twenty million listeners and how many calls are actually taken? Can I answer? That number came straight from Rush and I have the audio. He was saying that in relation to the viewership of CNN and MSNBC and how they're supposedly doing so bad. It takes all these guys THREE HOURS TO RANT ON THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Michael Berry goes five hours but, his shows are much, much more informative and BALANCED SOMEWHAT. Liberal talks, they get it done in an HOUR 'cause they get to the point(s), take their calls, and move on. All that droning is non-existent. Let's see, Mr. Snerdley and Mr. Producer might need to get their own show together. Oh, I know Snerdley is a brutha, too. He knows what he's doing...
LL, when JARASAN has nothing to say of value he reverts back to BIGOT TACTICS like a scared dog with its tail between its legs. SAD
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