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Sunday, November 15, 2015


Wallace to Carson: After Paris, Why Would U.S. Want Prez with No Foreign Policy Experience?

Wallace voted for barri, barri had zero foreign policy experience in 2008 and hasn't learned a thing since 2008.
Only a stupid uneducated fool would make such a statement. But then there's JARASAN. STFU and get ready for your cubicle on Monday sonny.
Awwww, we go with more of this dumb sh*t after I actually thought there was a bit of maturing taking place. Guess I issued too much credit too d*mned fast, though. Soooo, I'll just inject this little article tidbit into the equation...and WE ALL KNOW WHERE W's LACK OF FOREIGN POLICY GOT US...AND WE'RE STILL FEELING THE REPERCUSSIONS OF IT!!!! Even Trump has made that clear. Speedy, he'll never get it but, he'll get this:

Bush lacks Gore's foreign policy expertise

June 24, 1999
Web posted at: 1:43 p.m. EDT (1743 GMT)

-WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, June 24) -- Vice President Al Gore's experience with world affairs is one of his main selling points as a presidential hopeful, offering a sharp contrast with his likely Republican rival, George W. Bush, who has no such foreign policy resume.-

Does anyone here remember how Wile E. Coyote use to chase the Roadrunner no matter what the cost or danger? My favorite episode is when he was chasing Roadrunner and they ended up at a railroad crossing where Roadrunner stopped then just blasted across. Well, Wile E. got there and stopped, too...looking down the tracks very closely before trying to cross. He finally got his n*ts up and began inching his foot over the tracks to cross when that train just NAILED HIS SLOW DUMB AZZ. Self explanatory.
What in the he##, does a cartoon have to do with foreign policy? Are you attempting to tell this forum, Obama had experience? He is from Chicago, raised in Chicago styled politics. Associated with a known terrorist. When did he get any foreign policy experience. He and Hillary, with her lying A$$, both should be held accountable for all their missteps in Libya. Now, do you still think, he knows what he is doing, wanting to import 70,000 more terrorists into the USA. You refuse to face the true facts.
If Romney had won the world wouldn't be nearly as f'd up. Barri and his girls have wreaked havoc on the world stage.
Oh, CARBOB, the shame of it...again. America, here's that train I just got through talking about:

-Regarding this whole refugee issue, I take serious issue with allowing in ANY OF THESE PEOPLE PAST OUR BORDERS. As it has already been eluded to, these extremists will simply blend in and begin their plots from there...right under our noses just like in Paris.-

Those are my thoughts on this issue which CARBOB completely missed because he get's so happy and giddy thinking he's finally got me. Never, CARBOB...never gonna happen. See, unlike you and all your infinitely one way thinking friends, I know how to be reasonable on the issues...and call Obama wrong when he's wrong. However, let's not forget, IT'S US that actually caused this snowball effect of destabilization and displacement of these guess work here. It's just unfortunate that we must still turn them away for fear of infiltration by ISIS cell factions. You speak from an angle of pure hate while I'm assessing the situation as a whole and sIding with reasonable Conservative views on here. How many times must I check YOU on looking before crossing?

I read your remarks and I completely agree with you. But, did you hear his remarks at the G20 meeting. He doesn't think the Paris incident should have any effect on importing 70,000 Syrians. If that is not stupidity, what is?
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