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Friday, November 27, 2015


Trump scorned for mocking reporter

Okay, we're gonna do a little comparison here since there seems to be a conflict of what making fun of a 'disabled with a deficiency' really is. Someone here feels that Obama made fun of John McCain due to him 'saying' that McCain couldn't send an email. Well, in all reality, McCain couldn't because he didn't know how as eluded to by the usual and ORIGINAL DRIVE BY MEDIA. Obama never said anything, or, eluded to McCain's actual physical condition from being a POW. That would've been just awful. McCain was so far behind, TECHNOLOGY-WISE, and this is what surprised Obama. Here's that actual ad Obama ran:

Here's another on with Obama having fun with McCain:


...and there's also the video excerpt here:

Now, let's look at the very first comment which almost echoes, VERBATIM, what I've already said about Trump supporters:

rader4 • 8 hours ago
-Sadly, it's nothing new and now it's actually to be expected. It's in the same league as his vile remarks about John McCain and POWs. I thought that one was so vile, especially to what should be patriotic Americans, that it would have been the end of Trump. But the Trumpies will probably just eat this one up too, think it's cool, and stick with Trump. And as usual, Trump, instead of apologizing, actually has the nerve to demand an apology himself.-

Now, let's look at what The Professor said:

-Prolly won't hurt Trump, though, 'cause his supporters are desperate. They'll allow him to exploit 9/11 if it means keeping him on top. Conversely, they surely don't have a leg to stand on, now, regarding Hillary and Benghazi. Rush ought to be real good today!!! LMBAO...again!!!
# posted by Lucky Loser : 11:57 AM-

Wow, he even remembers how Trump drop kicked McCain's being a war hero! Great minds do think do those from cess pools. I wanna hear back from the Drive By's around this place. You know, Rush has told his listeners that Trump is showing other Republicans that they don't have to be afraid to 'JUST BE THEMSELVES AND SAY WHAT THEY WANT.' Well, guess what? If y'all want a CIC that goes around mocking parents' children who are also disabled, then it speaks volumes of just how DESPERATE AND AFRAID you really are of losing to Hillary...or one of your own even. Then, these same idiots had the nerve to holler about how 'we' supported Hillary no matter what during the whole latest Benghazi ordeal! Really?

Bottom line is this: DESPERATION AT ANY COST. Also, this is more about 'which side is running the show.' They can't stand the idea of losing and seeing the Dem's in tha' house for at least twelve straight years...WHICH IS THAT OTHER HISTORY REPUBLICANS ARE LOOKING AT IN ADDITION TO THE THE FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT. There's a lot a stake for the Repubs to lose this go 'round while, if the Dems lose, we'll simply still be on track with previous history. THIS is the real reason why the Repubs are so hell bent on ousting Trump who's actually catering to only a small base relative to the poll. Hmmm, I'm pretty sure he's lost those who are mentally,medically, and "MEDIA-CALLY" challenged at this point...if he ever had them at all.

"The Drive By Media"...LMFBAO!!!! We all know who's a$$ your head is stuck up. Just wow.

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