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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Trump rallies get rough

That is how the left rolls, but I thought Trump was secretly helping hilly????? What??????? bruhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! chaos!!!!!!!! mission accomplished!!!
Trump is a racists and a coward like you JARASAN. I was right about Trump all alone. He plays to the fears of gullible people to gain their trust and loyalty. He constantly test their loyalty to him by saying and doing outrageous things and even lying. Their approval of his behavior shows how gullible they are and is being set up for another failure.
Can not be any worse than Tea Party members getting the sh!t kicked out of them back when.
Jap, the tea-party has done their share of race-baiting.
Speedo, how f$cking dare u call someone a racist since you are supposedly prior military, which I doubt, because off the vomit that comes out of your mouth.!!! A true Vet would be slamming Oboma right niow. And I am talking true veteran.
lil a white, milky licking, black wannabe turd burglar, it should STFU and stop swilling its mommas vagisil. Nothing lil SFB types out about itself is even close to the truth of its miserable existence.

Oh, by the way, Speedo, I was a grunt, we stayed out in the field and dealt with the BS unlike [email protected] like u who hung out in the orderly room and cried like a snot nose wanting to go home. How dare u compare yourself to us, u f#cking non-military backing troll !!
Yellowdog. if anyone like you came in the bush with me running their racist mouth, you would have had a date with friendly fire. I was fighting for this country while your punk-azz was playing hooky from school. I don't try to prove any thing to a bigot. A bigot will be a bigot. Yellowdog, you would have pissed your pants and ran like the yellow bellied coward you are if you were involved in any of the fire fights I was in. You can't tell me anything about the military you little bitch of a man.
Speedo. don't even try.. I have caught you in lies !! And f#ck you ,you f%cking trator fore calling me a yellow dog!! A yellow dog would be you that supports Obama who hasn't got a pair of balls to go after the enemy.
So keep fooling everyone on this website that you are a Vet but I know it BS because, unlike your coward a$$, I earned my patch. Hello !!
Now for you Jarasan, since you can't go a day without an insult from me, I don't want to disappoint you. You should be tired of embarrassing your momma fool. Haven't you done enough already? The military did not accept you because you are borderline special. You're a pervert that would rather watch porn than be with a women. JARASAN as Rick James use to say, YOU'RE A FREAK...A SUPER FREAK.
Back to you yellowdog, you plucking COWARD. Who gave your dumb azz the authority to say who is a vet and who is not? You make an AZZ out of yourself every time you and others say that I'm not. Look stupid don't you think it is strange no one but you and some of your bigot friends are the only ones spewing this BS. There are people on the LP and that visit the LP know me, so why would I have to lie to you sucker and try to prove any thing to a racists bigot? SAD
lil SFB you will always follow me, always have and always will, that is what my lil white bitch troll does. Troll insults don't count, never have, never will. lil SFB fuquing moron, wanna be black, hilly licking troll. You f'ing loser, hope your momma feeds you tonight, maybe she'll give you some cold troll pockets.
oh yeah maybe she'll put some vagi sauce on it............if you've been a good troll boy.
Speedo, I have told you before, don't call me a yellowdog, u f$ck !! Your DD214 shows it all u orderly room pencil pusher f#g. Again, like I said, any red blooded American Vet would not support Obama. Give me one ounce of reason why me and my bro's would support his commie azz?
yellowdog, don't try compare what you went through, playing in the sand, to humping through the jungle with a big fing pack on your back while the mosquitoes eat you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don't even try to relate to me because you can't. You are a plucking joke and my vet buddies are laughing at you.
Jarasan, if you didn't live at home with your momma until you were thirty-five (35) you would not be so hooked on Porn and what women use to clean themselves. You may not be a military vet but you are veteran of porn, you sick ba$tard.
Speedo, for your uneducated mind, I was on foreign soil, but never said I was in the sand. My son, was in in Afghanistan.
Keep on following lil SFB keep following. You are a joke, everyone knows what you aren't.
Well hell, I was in a foreign country also but for me it consisted of rain, Jungle, mosquitoes, and little short <snip> that tried to kill you every chance they got. But like you said, I must have dreamt that all these years.
speedo, you can recite anything that is in a Vietnam movie all u want too, but any red blooded VET in their right mind would NOT support Obama, so that seperates you from the Vets to the Commie's. Obviously, Oboma has proved he doesn't support the Vets and any true Vet would be mad as heck about that, oh, but not you. So, you must be a commie basta$d!!
Jarasan, you stayed at home with MOMMIE too long. You don't have any man training. That's why you are so immature for your age. I didn't act any thing like some of you people when I was in my forties. You and yellowdog is not of my generation, that is why we have nothing in common.
Yellowdog, you mean any red-blooded bigot would not support Obama. You see Yellowdog, there were bigots and racists in the military when I was there, when you were there, and they are still there. The vets of my generation, that is the black vets support the president, so piss-off YELLOWDOG.
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