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Thursday, October 8, 2015


Chris Wallace: House Republicans Are in 'Complete Chaos, Complete Disarray'

McCarthy refuses Speakership, is having affair with Renee Ellmers and is MARRIED, Walter Jones exposed it, Larry Ward created 'Fire' to keep him from winning, John Boehner was stunned...and is now exposed as a drunkard, Steve Scalist backed away from House Majority after McCarthy stepped away, and everybody's lying about Paul Ryan stepping up...'cause he don't want any of this action!!! Yes, America, the House is in bad, bad shape....self destruct mode.

Yet, the hopeless are still holding on to Benghazi, an email server, and complete lies about Planned Parenthood. Gotta love this Soap Opera!!!!
My apologies, America...I butchered Steve Scalise's name. My phone seems to know what to input better than I do. Oh, yeah, scalist is actually a word for those doubting my mistake...look it up. Anyhow, it seems that Steve Baer is being credited for exposing the affair between MCCarthy and Ellmers but, Walter Jones had his bid in first although he didn't include their names. Also, it appears that Renee Ellmers is also married... (as if I didn't know) to Brent Ellmers!!!! So, what we have here, America, is a COMPROMISE OF REPUBLICAN VALUES ON MARRIAGE WHICH IS SACRED!! WHY? BECAUSE ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE REPUBLICANS, THAT'S WHY!! No one on the right is focusing on the aspect of ADULTERY like they did with BILL CLINTON. Where's the disconnect here?! Is it a respect of PARTY AFFILIATION that get's McCarthy and Ellmers a PASS? Awwww, HELL NAWWW!!!! See, this is what get's the Republican party in so much trouble....WAY TOO BIASED. To save my life, Sean Hannity just refuses to touch on this aspect of REPUBLICAN VALUES but, he'll roast Bill Clinton until he's BLACKENED...PUN INTENDED. See, Sean Hannity has a BIG PROBLEM with the ASHLEY MADISON WEBSITE WHERE MARRIED PEOPLE CAN HOOK UP AND DO WHAT EVER THEY WANT. HE ABSOLUTELY HATES NOEL BIDERMAN WHO'S THE CREATOR OF THE BUSINESS. OH, BUT MCCARTHY AND ELLMERS DIDN'T NEED ASHLEY MADISON TO HOOK UP AND BREAK THEIR SACRED VOWS...AND SEAN HANNITY IS SIMPLY BEING THE COWARD THAT HE'S KNOWN TO BE ON THIS MATTER. SEAN HANNITY IS A PITIFUL, PATHETIC, CRY BABY WHO LIES EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH. IF THIS WERE A DEMOCRAT CAUGHT UP IN AN AFFAIR, HE'D BE ALL OVER IT AND DRAGGING BOTH BILL AND HILLARY INTO IT 'CAUSE HE'S JUST A SORRY AZZ EXCUSE FOR A TALK SHOW HOST.

At least Michael Berry made it clear that he could car less about what people do in their private lives...and he went on to say that Bill Clinton "is one helluva politician!!" and is the reason why Hillary is so high on the Democratic bid even though her numbers are low. Doesn't mean he likes her but, he extends credit where it's due. So, Republicans can do no wrong, heh Drenick1?? I mean, that's what you and your cult elude to with your ABSENCE FROM POSTING/RESPONDING TO THIS LINK.

Shameful and pathetic that in the eyes of his loyal supporters Obama can do no wrong.
# posted by Drenick1 : 3:06 PM

Now, I know full well you're a McCarthy wind surfer. Any words for my man regarding him 'DOUBLE DIPPING'? What about Rennee, who was on the RECEIVING END?? Yeah, that's what I thought...ALL YOUR MOUTHS ARE SOWN SHUT. But, you'll take jabs at Obama who's record is SQUEAKY CLEAN...AND EVEN RAG ON HIS FAMILY WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN IN ANY TROUBLE OR SCANDALS EVER. YEP, YOU'RE ALL FULL OF HATE AND RACISM AND THIS PROVES IT.
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