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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Ben Carson declares war on the press

Oh no he didn't!
Yes he did!!! I fully agree with him. Every since Obama was elected, the press has distorted the truth, just because they did not want to offend him, instead of protect the people.
Well, he could not have picked a worse enemy. The people have been protected, you are just too senile to notice it bubba.
With all the killing in Chicago and Baltimore, how are the people being protect. The press barely acknowledges the murders. They don't want to hurt Obama's feelings.
The press and everyone else knows that it is up to the police and courts in those jurisdictions to protect the people. What ever happened to too much government interference? The same old hypocrite solution. SAD
Now, they want the police to protect all the fatherless homes. When all they want to do is loot and destroy.
Many people are unaware of the leftist/progressive bias inherent to most of the sh1tstream media outlets. The sh1tstream media is a propaganda machine ignorant of real world issues and full of inculcated idealistic morons thru several recent generations indoctrinated by a leftist/progressive educational system that has rewritten history and manipulated the minds of its students. Hence we have a willing press ready to advance the will of the likes of soros, barry, gorevidal, klintock, jarret etc... Now you have billy ayers vying for sec of education........are you kidding me???
Jarasan you sound like an ignorant piece of trash from the sticks. You have nothing interesting to say on your blog so you drag your cry-baby sorry AZZ back on Trusee's blog with your foolishness. Take your gibberish back to your blog fool.
The leftist/progressive media and educational institutions have been steadily exposed over the past few years thanks to the advances in technology and the resulting new media's efforts in telling and showing the truth. The new technology is not forgiving in that it lends itself to keeping people honest, just ask hilly klintock.   hilly is not very bright and is getting burned by her shear ignorance of tech, before you could shred documents or lose tape..................not anymore, once it is digitized it is immortalized. dumb rather got caught forging a document using a font that didn't exist when bushy was in the Air Force, planned abortionhood got video taped selling baby parts, brian williams is a liar, barry's PDF birth certificate image is a stone cold forgery but the willing sh1tstream media blew it off,   on and on, the nightmare will be over soon.

Jarasan, you are a perfect example of an idiot without an education. You're immature and stupid. You try to be funny but the joke is always YOU. You have < 4 hours before Sunday. Then your depression starts. You are already thinking about your cubicle that is waiting for you. It's calling you because you will never be able to leave it.
I believe Dr. Carson has a plan that will completely geld the sh1tstream media of any credibility in short order. Dr. Carson is playing chess in 4-D, the media is playing their same old predictable game of checkers..."tear down the conservative man of color, because he went off the plantation."   Dr. Carson is going to beat them at their own game, they won't be able to suppress or manipulate him.
Jarasan you speak with a forked tongue. All you know of Uncle Ben is what you read about him or what someone told you to believe. I have been in this world long enough to know a phony. You are not old enough or smart enough to make me believe what you are saying. You're just a simple minded cry-baby in need of attention.
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