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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Sheriff David Clarke DESTROYS 'PHONY' Al Sharpton. He Propagates Violence & Hate.

I'm hearing what the sheriff is saying, and, can understand why he's saying it. It's pretty much the same thing folks began to say about Quannel X in that he was race baiting and only around to get the people all riled up but, here's thing. He is always called by these people to be involved with their dilemmas...he's not an ambulance chaser. At best, he'll contact the party to inquire about how they're getting along and get some details if possible. If he's asked to get involved, he does and there is money involved for his services just like anyone else would do. There's no difference with Sharpton except that he's way more forward in his approach these days because things have gotten worse whether people want to accept and believe it or not.

The reason so many people, including specific blacks, are irritated with Sharpton is because he's stimulating a sense of retaliation through the same wrong which these officers are doing and they're becoming afraid of what more blacks just might do. This is the reason the sheriff is so hot with Sharpton...he has the power to actually light such a fire under blacks that it would start an unprecedented riot. I don't feel this is his motive, though...honestly. He just wants to see these bad cops on the stand for doing such wrongs...AND INDICTED FOR THEM to set an example for cops to start thinking FIRST before they start shooting FIRST. Then, it goes further than this and I've also mentioned the following before. There's so much talk going around about how these powers think they can just get away with any and everything because the courts WON'T make an example out of any of them. These authorities will go as far as people will allow them...the wrong authorities that is. There are some really great, policy-abiding by cops out there that care and are well seasoned without that CHIP ON THEIR SHOULDER. These are the one's we need running the show, people. As far as I'm concerned, what goes around comes around...and the people of New York said that those cops should've had charges filed against them for killing Garner. They're still free and I can guarantee you that the one's involved with that murder of Garner...they're walking on their toes right now and their necks are getting a helluva work from dam* near doing 360 degree turns to see who may be trying to lock in on their dirty, murderous a$$es. The sheriff should've had the decency to talk about that illegal choke hold implemented by his's directly against policy. The tried to slam Sharpton for talking about the chokehold saying he was spreading lies about it. Turns out he wasn' all. When Al Shows up, he's BEEN ASKED AND/OR PAID TO SHOW UP. He doesn't go around asking to be on anyone's show or in front of anyone's microphone. In the first link below, he's on Meet the Press and talks about the chokehold which they try to deem 'legal'. Do your diligence and carefully read the second link on that same chokehold and all the details...then rethink what the media is REALLY TRYING TO DO HERE. AL may have his ways but, it ain't all about him.

In the second link, carefully read the paragraph right below the video which you can actually play. Speaks volumes about where we are.
Sorry, folks. For those truly interested here's the second link:
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