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Thursday, December 18, 2014


Searching For The Next Michael Brown

There is no need to search. It just has not been reported yet. Stay tuned.

The latest example comes from Philadelphia, where, early Monday morning, police shot Brandon Tate-Brown. The details are familiar enough: the 26-year old Tate-Brown was driving at 3 a.m. without headlights when two officers stopped him.

If this stop was anything like most others, then Tate-Brown convinced himself he was being pulled over for one reason only: driving while black.

Soon after he got out of the car, a struggle began. That’s how reporters describe it, so they can leave open the journalistic possibility that instead of Tate-Brown resisting arrest and attacking police, maybe the cops attacked him For No Reason Whatsoever.

Other than that they are degenerate racists, of course.

Whether Tate-Brown attacked the cops or the cops attacked him For No Reason Whatsoever, he was soon back in his car, lunging for a gun.

There they killed him.

The gun was stolen. The dead man was a hardcore convict with a history of shooting people and doing time in prison. Being in possession of that gun – stolen or not – would have been ticket back to the penitentiary.

That did not matter much to the outlaw’s family.

“From my eyes, he was a good guy,” Tate-Brown’s mother told the local NBC affiliate. “I would like to know why the police have the right to kill instead of disabling. It has to stop.”

Tate-Brown’s mother last saw him during the Sunday night Philadelphia Eagles football game. The family said he had a jovial spirit despite a difficult past, said the reporter for the NBC affiliate. He had just gotten a job and was getting his life together, they said.

It is not known whether he learned that jovial spirit in prison, where he recently spent five years for trying to kill someone. He had four prior convictions, two for attempted murder and related charges (including violation of the Uniform Firearms Act), theft, and receiving stolen property.

The next night, Tate-Brown’s mother was in the street and, with the assistance of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, was telling a crowd that her son would never do anything like starting a fight with a cop.

No one seemed to care that she was not telling the truth.

About 100 miles down the freeway in Baltimore, just a few hours before, another cop faced the same situation – this time with a different result.

A cop at a gas station noticed the strong aroma of sweet, sweet marijuana coming out of a car. So he radioed a patrol car to make the stop.

The police removed the driver from the car without incident. But in the back seat, 19-year old Donte Jones refused the request to get out of the car while sitting with his hands in his waistband. Police threatened to tase him, so he shot one. Three times.

He ran. They caught him. Alive.

Later at a press conference, police officials described Jones as a repeat offender with weapons violations.

The cop is still alive.

The Baltimore Sun, known more for the absence of crime coverage than actual crime stories, actually got at least part of this one right:

    The shooting comes just hours after hundreds marched city streets to demonstrate in the wake of two high-profile deaths of individuals in police custody. Police commissioner Anthony Batts said the timing of this shooting was not lost on him against the backdrop of the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner in New York.

“We've had marches nationwide over the fact that we have lost lives in police custody,” Batts told the Baltimore Sun. “I wonder if we'll have those same marches as officers are shot, too.”

We’ll get back to you on that, Commissioner.

Even before the “hands up don’t shoot” marches with songs about racist police became the latest national rage, black families reflexively and deceptively defended their criminal relatives – regardless.

Chicago is teeming with examples.

In March, police saw Raason Hill (or Shaw, depending) conducting what looked like a drug deal. He ran when they tried to stop him.

Soon he was hopping over a fence, and a gun fell out of his waistband: a .40-caliber handgun with laser sighting. Raason picked it up and pointed it at the police. They shot the 20-year old dead.

Then the riot began. On video. The Chicago Tribune got this part right: “The incident drew a crowd of more than 100 into the street after the shooting, some of whom said they were friends or relatives of the man who was shot. Many were yelling and some fought. One man tore down yellow police tape. At least three were taken away in handcuffs.”

All agreed that Raason was a good boy who never had a gun. Everyone said so. Never did anything wrong. Well, maybe one or two things, but that did not matter, because he was trying to get his life together.

Still in Chicago, in August, police responded to reports of a running gun battle. They arrived at the scene to find 17-year-old DeSean Pittman, holding a gun, standing over the body of a person he had just shot.

When DeSean pointed the gun at the cops, they shot him dead.

At a memorial ceremony for DeSean, the crowd heard one story after another of how DeSean was a saint and the police were racist villains. Murderers.

DeSean’s parents said the police murdered their son For No Reason Whatsoever.

DNA Info picks up the story:

    The group gathered for the vigil allegedly turned against police when a woman pointed at an officer monitoring the group and yelled, "That's the rookie mother------ that killed him," prosecutors said Wednesday.

    The crowd began to chant, "Kill the rookie," as some pelted police with candles and bricks, authorities said. People threw branches, bottles and other debris from the street while yelling "CPDK," which stands for "Chicago Police Department Killer," officials said.

    At some point, a woman drove a Ford Escape into an officer, sending him to the hospital with a fractured leg. Two other officers also were hospitalized after they crashed their squad car heading to the melee, authorities said.

    Police arrested eight people. While some were released without charges, five were charged with felony counts of aggravated assault of a police officer and mob action, according to court records.     

A day or so after the memorial turned riot, pictures of DeSean emerged. There’s DeSean holding a gun. And other gun. There’s DeSean taking a selfie, showing off his previous bullet wounds. There’s DeSean posing with his proud father, gauze and tape covering his torso from a recent hospital stay for another violent encounter. There’s DeSean’s family, flashing gang signs.

There’s DeSean on a train, beating a passenger.

There’s DeSean’s father on Facebook, proudly displaying many of these pictures of his son, the thug.

“I feel they executed my son,” DeSean’s dad told

In another Chicago neighborhood, two hours before DeSean pointed a gun at police, so did Roshad McIntosh. He met the same end. His mother and friends said the same thing. “Chicago police gunned my son down for no reason. They said he had his hands up telling them not to shoot they killed him anyway,” DeSean’s mother said to the Chicago Tribune.

That was a lie, too. Though that did not stop anyone from repeating it hundreds of times on Facebook and Twitter and in the streets.

Let’s finish with a video from Chicago. In December 2012, Jamal Moore was one of five black people in a car refusing police orde
Some of you will never get it until death pays one of your family members a visit. What will you have to say then?

Also, none of the above incidents mirror what happen to Michael Brown. So the point you were attempting to make is moot.
Emily, these fruitcakes wouldn't know the truth if it slapped them up besides their head.
It doesn't matter, they'll always have their own version. The problem is the parents, but then again most of them are just as ignorant as the thugs...!
Maybe the parents need white privilege. Oh, I forgot you said there was no such thing. NOT!
@Speedy ,to answer your question, If a cop came to my house telling me that my son was killed because he pointed a gun at me during a stop, I'd be terrified. There's absolutely no doubt about that.

The problem with that scenario is that my son would never ever put himself in that position in the first place. I's simply pass on to him the life lessons my dad passed to me. This isn't rocket science!!..I'm so tired of the excuses. No one seems to be accountable for their actions anymore. My life sucks because of my dad, or school, being poor, racism, the list goes on...

Unfortunately, like I've written before, the parents are ultimately responsible. Not just telling their children the right things to do, but ENFORCING those rules. Maybe have a curfew, anything would be a first step.

My family, except for two cousins have ever made a very nice living, most are living comfortably, but not without a past replete with hard work and long term goals. Not one person I can think of in my generation has been to prison for any violent crime. Is that a coincidence? No, it's not.

Libraries are free, so instead of going out and causing trouble, complaining about how it's impossible for low income black people to get a good education because of the BIG BAD WHITEY, maybe they should invest all that pent-up energy into bettering themselves so they can finally break free from that dead end cycle.
I meant pointed at the cop, not
That is my point. Some of you have a hard time separating fact from fiction. All Blacks do not commit crimes and go to jail. I don't have a police record. My wife or my grown children don't have one either. Everything that I have attained in life has come by hard work. Both of my children finished high school and college. Both went on to get their Masters degree and is doing well. My wife and I are both retired teachers. There are thousands of Blacks that came from nothing, in spite of segregation and constant racism. But to go through all that makes one stronge not weaker. I think my wife and I did a pretty good job with our children. I can't stand by and listen at people stereotype Black people on a daily basis. I have to say something about the misinformation out there.
Well good job Speedy!..That is commendable. But your point is missing something.

It's always been my position that actions speak volumes, not skin color. And I challenge anyone who disagrees with that fact.

Having written this, I must point out a crucial piece of the puzzle as a possible solution. Stop believing every white person thinks ALL blacks are criminals. No one ever wrote anything close to this in any form. Second, the focus should be on the people who out-right refuse to better their lives, not people who've figured it out.

Unfortunately you missed my point from the start. You didn't respond to my point about perpetuating the hate and the cycle of disobedience justified by erroneous excuses. Please address the issues I respond with.
This is a very complex problem. A cursory answer will not solve it. It is very easy to offer advice. But what apply to one does not apply to all. Different circumstances require different solutions. The problem is more systemic than racial.
Speedy, how many times have you read comments, I've made about some members in my family? I even called them "White Trash". How could Tate-Browns mother say he was a good kid. She lied and she knew she was lying. His upbringing sucked and both you and I know that. Just because you are a parent, does not mean for you to lie and cover up for the sins of your kids.
I want to respond to Speedy's comment, " But what apply to one does not apply to all." This is where you and the majority of "Black Parents" are wrong. All rules and laws apply equally to Blacks and Whites. Now blacks are crying "White Privilege". Why are Black teenagers running around in the middle of the night committing crimes, where are those parents? I will tell you why, the majority of the "BLACKS" on government support, are young unwed mothers, over 70%. Where are the fathers? That is one huge number of irresponsible "BLACK" men. No black person will ever speak to this problem
Carbob, there you go with your stereotyping again. The majority this, the majority that. You are obviously getting all your slanted information off of right-wing web sites. I make no excuses for no one. I just have a better insight of the problem some Blacks are having. Yes some revert to crime but the majority don't. There are unwed mothers, but that doesn't apply to the majority of Black women. The same problems you are talking about is occurring in White cultures also. Just because the numbers are lower does not make the problem less important. It's bias to make it out of a Black and White issue for everything that occurs in society. Racism in the system is what is causing all the problems for most minorities. More Blacks will succeed in spite of the obstacles placed before them but some will not. I say again, it's racist to say that the vast majority of Blacks would rather fail than be successful, it is also ignorant.
Speedy, 71% is a majority. That does not come from a right-wing web site, Dr. Carson said the same thing. Racism is not causing all the problems. Irresponsible Black parents are causing the problems.
What is the 71% based on? Population, crime, number incarcerated, what? It very easy to thrown out a percentage, but you have to prove its validity. If I made a statement like that in one of statistics classes they would chew me up and spit me out. Where is the data to back up your claim? I have an analytical mind that is why when someone presents me with percentages I like to examine their study to understand how it was obtained. It's naïve to take everything at face value. Racism in the system is what is causing all the problems for most minorities. You know the system that stated "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL". NOT!
The Black birth rate from unwed mothers is 71%. This has been going on for years. The kids from that 71% are being raised without fathers. Do you think the White rate is anywhere close to that?
Well, now you are narrowing it down. Did they compare and contrast the children with a father and mother vs an unwed mothers? If they didn't their study is not valid. Do you see where I am going with this. A real study focuses on the positive as well as the negative. It shouldn't be skewed one way or the other. A study becomes void as soon as we inject our biases into it. Also, this is not a black/white issue, there are other minorities that should have been included.
Quit tap dancing and face the facts.

What facts, you obviously made a statement that could not stand scrutiny. That says a lot about your cognitive ability.
Also, your information is 5 years old. Is that how you were taught to do research? Sad.
The percentages, in the case of Blacks, does never goes down in no survey. Use any field you want, crime, welfare, food stamps. It has never gone down and never will, you know this. In the case of Black mothers, lying about their sons being good, never goes down, you know this. If they were good, Black crime rate would not be so high. Racism is not the problem, the children of Black unwed mothers growing up without fathers, is the problem, you know this.
You again make pointless statements as though they are fact. You are a typical repub. You can see things that are causing problems in society but don't have a clue as to why. You are good at pointing fingers, but is unable to see what years of racism does to a society. No it is people like you that perpetuate the problems in society. All you know how to do is judge Black people, which in itself is Racist. You are no more than a sanctimonious Bigot that needs to shut TFU!

Just for the sake of argument. The statement about Black mothers lying for their sons, that fits a lot of White mothers. I know, I had an older brother, my mom would not believe what other people told her. This was after we would visit him in prison, when I would come home on leave. Something else. You know what is really sad? After 50 years, the majority of Blacks still haven't improve their lot?
Well hell, that should be good news for you. But then again there you go with another one of your racists comments. Blacks will never improve in the eyes of a Racist, but things are getting better for most Blacks. In fact, some are doing quite well in spite of holdbacks from the 50's and 60's like you. And there is nothing you can do about it!
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