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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Krauthammer: Obama's Rev Jeremiah Wright Far Worse Than Steve Scalise's KKK Meeting

I'm gonna give Scalise the benefit of the freakin' doubt and go along with Krauthammer in that he didn't know these guys were the KKK. Done. Now, to try and actually compare that to a man that's been attending a known and established CHURCH...a RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION as opposed to the EURO which was actually founded in 2000. It's doubtful Scalise had no idea, for two whole years, that the EURO wasn't the KKK/white supremacists but I'll give it to him. This organization was initially called 'NO FEAR'... National Organization For European-American Rights but the name was challenged by No Fear Inc. was founded in 1989.

Krauthammer fails to disclose that EURO is designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center whereas Trinity United Church of Christ isn't a hate group...and Jeremiah Wright isn't/wasn't leading people to hate and wasn't designated a black supremacist, LOL. Now, a reasonable person would think that Krauthammer would be better suited to charging Obama with being involved with the New Black Panther Party which isn't religion-based in any aspect but, simply a RIGHTS ORGANIZATION on par with EURO in terms of objective(s). No, he'd much rather attack a preacher of the gospel who touched on what was wrong in the world in terms of politics and how it ties in to what's already disclosed in the book of Revelations. The whole Jews things that Wright did was challenged and he apologized for that among other things. Where has EURO apologized for hating certain people and promoting pure hatred?

Ain't nobody in EURO preaching the gospel, okay, and the EURO is their Church. You don't see black folks/Democrats going around and attacking white preachers, priests, fathers, bishops, or anything else. Krauthammer, again, fails to disclose where Obama denounced Wrights behavior and severed his relationship with Wright due to such issues and being under heavy scrutiny. The 'Hammer picks and chooses what he wants to convey about Obama leaving out important facts as do most Republicans. This is why I say that folks must do their diligence and gather all the pieces before trying to arrive at any conclusion. Under the Jeremiah Wright link, scroll down to Controversies and the first paragraph has the truth in it.

The very last link contains the person who SECONDLY used the term 'the chickens are coming home to roost' and the book that was written to support the cause. Malcom X first used this term in his 1963 speech and Ward Churchill then used it in his book written in 2003 regarding the Iraq war and other issues. Yet, and again, Krauthammer only has one agenda and that's to slam Obama...failing to disclose these important facts. For the severely DUMBA$$ES and RACISTS here, THIS IS HOW YOU PROPERLY PRESENT FACTS AND AN ARGUMENT FOR THE TRUTH. Now, go read and learn something for a change. Prolly won't do any good, though, though because you all have 'SNAP CHAT' brains...the truth will disappear shortly after being exposed to it.

The Southern Poverty Law Center could very well be selective on who they designate as a hate group.

Krauthammer is a stuffed shirt, weird, stuck-up repub.
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