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Monday, December 1, 2014


Hill staffer Elizabeth Lauten resigns after remarks about Obama daughters

This was just plain wrong from the beginning. It is not a mistake when you post something on facebook. Once it's there, it's there. I taught teenagers for 31 years. They are going to make faces, act silly, and sometimes be zoned out. There is nothing wrong with them, they are just going through puberty. This is just a phase all of us went through. Teens are very sensitive about what people say about them at this age. We may think it's nothing, but to them it a big deal. If you have grown kids, you knew what I am talking about. I have two grown children that I am very proud of, but when they were teenagers I thought maybe they were switched at birth and was not mine. This too shall pass. It's not that serious.
The a-holes that complained conveniently forget how Pres Bush's daughters was constantly targeted.

rcb- and Palin children - they even made fun of the little boy with Down's.
Oh yeah, you're right.
I happen to agree with Lauten's remarks. It appears to me that this is just another
example of parental breakdown. If their mother and father don't respect the
White House, why should they? Ya can't teach what you don't believe.

Perhaps the mother in law that we are paying for, could step up to the plate and teach these girls.

Scratch that... she already showed what she could do with her own daughter...
You keep talking about they (they who?) That is the problem with prejudice. It is not logical thinking. It's always thinking the worst for any situation and comparing other events to make a moot point. Sad.
Oh lil weedie! If you had read the article, you wouldn't have to ask who "they" are!!!! Your statement was a knee slapper!

Reading and comprehension might not be a strong suit of yours, Don't throw out a bunch of words trying to justify your slant on prejudice. It doesn't work, but that is a moot point...
I know what you are, a bigot. BTW, I have a master's degree in math and science. What about you since we are talking about mental capabilities.
Bigot! Now that IS funny! Thanks for the laugh!

I suspect your "degree" is from a junior college? Yes. no?
What a way to start the day, by laughing my azz off!

You just aren't worth the time weedie...
Moron, you can't get a master's degree from a junior college. Jealous!
The funniest thing is that you replied to it! OMG!

Now do you see what everyone knows? When you make a statement or a reply, it becomes stupid gibberish. Just stick to playing the lottery. No one cares what you have to say.
If you didn't care about what I said, you wouldn't respond to it stupid. You the fool!
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