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Sunday, December 21, 2014


Giuliani: Obama's 'Propaganda' Made People 'Hate the Police'

This is where so much of the problem is...people like this guys refuse to shed light on the real issue. Instead, and like so many others taking the easy road, they inject yours truly into the equation without warrant. The President doesn't condone anything anti-police and encourages people to respect and obey officers. However, when there's reason to probe into such things as of lately and he becomes concerned about 'foul play' and speaks about it, everyone's ready to jump all over the man. He's suppose to just be quiet and not say anything when he sees wrong-doing. You know, these types of people really only know one thing and it rules their daily lives...blame Obama and/or the guvment.

I have another very good example of such a grossly unwarranted rant and it involves a business owner in Katy, TX. Tactical Firearms was formerly owned by Jeremy Alcede and this guy is a SERIOUS OBAMA HATER TO THE MAX EFFORT IMPLEMENTATION STYLE. Since the inception of the business, he maintained his billboard with some really nasty things about Obama...even going as far as comparing him to Ebola like I saw someone here post a bumper sticker that everyone 'seemed' to want. But, hey, the billboard belongs to the guy and it's his right to post his freedom of speech. No problem there. However, this guy's business was apparently going bankrupt for whatever reason, and he had to sell out. Now, a person must wonder how a guy that's so anti-Obama and so pro-gun goes out of business, right? Gotta wonder where all his supporters were, right? How could THEY allow this to happen to one of their own? I'm still curious to tell you the dam*ed truth.

Anyhow, he was arrested and put in FEDERAL JAIL for contempt of court regarding his refusal to give the judge his password to the Facebook. There seems to be some discrepancy on it being part of the business and, garnering business via the Facebook and should've been handed over to the new owner from what I've gathered. Don't quote me 'cause I'm not 100% on it all yet but, I've included a good link which illustrates exactly how I've said these types of people really think. It's a serious disease, y'all. He thinks it's the President and the government that's trying to shut him up (steal his voice), they stole his business, and they want his identity. I'm not lying, y'all...he said this after it's been confirmed that he got caught up with the judge on purely business aspects regarding the transfer of everything including the Facebook contents about the business. No Obama and guvment nowhere in the picture but, he's that kind that has nothing else in his life to do but...BLAME OBAMA AND/OR THE GUVMENT. So pitiful. There are some very interesting comments following the article.
I guess nobody likes a fresh baked caked with no icing, so I'll oblige and top it off...literally. Gotta save the best for last you know. So, in my link, we have a profound and prominent pro-gun enthusiast. That's a lot of [email protected] pro's, ain't it? He talks so much sh*t about Obama trying to ban guns and take 'em from everybody all while pushing them as hard as he possibly can...maybe even illegally from tidbits I've recently learned of.

Now, in the article, he talks about how the cops 'drew their weapons' on him and it also says he was considered 'armed and dangerous.' He complained about being guns being drawn on him???? The same things that he was selling d pushing for everyone to have for the upcoming revolution? Why, you poor pathetic dumb phuck!! Maybe now you'll think about all the blacks, which you hate blacks and I know this first hand, that have been drawn down on and/or killed...and they WEREN'T armed and dangerous you sorry a$$, racist, bigot-acting, no common sense-having, futhermucker! There, the cake is ready! Have some!!!
I would comment, but Loser pretty much said a mouth full. And, of coarse , what he and his Troll Master said, in anything is going to be hate against the white race. Do not let these two fool you. They are the racist ones !!
Reddog, I don't see a comment from me so who is being the RACIST? You are too old to be so hateful. You need to be thinking about where you will spend eternity. Some that were here this year is no longer with us.
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