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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Pharrell Williams: Why Aren't We Talking About Michael Brown's 'Bullyish' Behavior?

People today do not live on principles. They live on agendas. One such agenda is "America is racist" therefore all viewpoints must conform accordingly. Facts contrary to one's agenda are ignored.
Try and get the trolls to believe that.
We're not talking about Michael's bullyist behavior because the low informed will use the few seconds of a sound byte to define an eighteen year olds behavior. Never mine the fact that he has no police record. It's hard for some to relate unless death appears at their doors, then they will want everyone to understand.
Speedy, even though Brown didn't have a record, his earlier actions proved he had a propensity for violent behavior. No person in their right mind attacks a police officer, attempts to get control of his gun, and then expects nothing bad to happen. Get a grip and stop defending this thug. If he didn't have a record, he surely started one really quick.
Michael Brown did not yet have an adult police record since he had recently just turned 18 two and a half months prior but he did have an extensive juvenile record. Had he lived, there is no doubt he would have complied an extensive police record starting with a felony conviction on the robbery he had earlier perpetrated .
With no respect for the law or property belonging to others, he was a convict in the making.
Aside from that, I am sorry that he died.
I had a cousin, 18 years old, always running around, getting into fights, cutting people, building himself a reputation. The only person in the family worth anything was the mom. She was my mom's sister. One night a man, who he had previously cut, walked up and put a bullet through his head. That is the same type of path Michael Brown was going down. That was not the first time he had gotten physical with someone, but he made a mistake and got physical with a cop. That is a no-no. The looters are not looting because of what happen to Brown, they are looting to get free stuff. Showing the world what they are made of.
Similar story Bob, In High School there was a bully named Brad. Tall kid and built tough always beating others up. Just about everywhere i saw him, he was beating the crap out of someone. Years later he was thrown out of a 12 story window in his own apartment by a few guys who knocked on his door in disguise. He obviously messed with the wrong person.
Contrary to popular belief, No Policeman has the right to shot an unarmed teenager to death. I watched the interview. The policeman showed no remorse. His recall of events looked and sounded rehearsed. I am not small minded to think that all police behave this way, but I know for a fact that some do. On another thread a mother told the story how her seventeen year old son was murdered by the police and nothing was done about it. There are many more Blacks that have died by the hands of the police. You are wasting your MF time trying to convince me that Michael Brown deserved to die, especially some of you people on LP.
If an officer feels threatened, especially after telling the person multiple times to stay down, or stop, they have every right to shoot. This thug struggled with the cop for his gun. What part don't you get speedy?

I guess If you were the cop, you'd let him have the gun and just stand there waiting to get shot?

Surely there are some bad cops, but in general, you have no idea what they go through everyday out in that jungle full of thugs. Can you imagine living in Brooklyn, or Detroit with no cops?..There would be anarchy in the streets. You have no clue what you're talking about in this case speedy.
Those of you that are privileged don't have a clue. I am wasting my time with you. You can't relate.
I'm not privileged, I work my ass off. And not being privileged is no excuse to breaking the law. How many orientals come here to the U.S. living in a small apartment with 10 people crammed in busting their asses doing dirty jobs, saving their money and opening up a store or another business? They bust their asses for a good future. They don't rob people.

The problem with blacks and other minorities is that instead of breaking out of the cycle of poverty, the parents indoctrinate their kids into a mindset of Whitey being the big bad wolf and how they're gonna get back at them. Instead of breaking the same old habits of living off the government as a steady income, and not JUST to get back on their feet and get an education, or save their money, then moving out of those neighborhoods, they perpetuate those bad habits and hand them down from one generation to the next.

It's no guarantee they will all flourish, but hating and looting, blaming everything on the MAN is not an alternative. Everyone is accountable for their own actions, PERIOD. If someone really wants to fight their way out of the ghetto, and better their lives, they can, but they must really want it. And thee first step is to educate instead of indoctrinate bad behaviors.

Speedy, you're doing the same thing when you justify what this thug did. You're in denial and want to perpetuate the fallacy. I'm not saying there isn't racism abound, but racism works both ways.
You are privileged. You don't have to worry about the police profiling you, pulling you over because you are driving a nice car, stop and frisk, or the police having an itchy finger on the trigger because you are standing up for your rights. You don't have a clue, because you are privileged. It has nothing to do with money, but everything to do with looking at all Blacks the same. We all are not thugs, looters, or criminals...but then again that is what the privileged think. To that I say BULL----.
Maybe if they stopped fueling that stigma, the police wouldn't profile them. They walk around with their pants down to their wastes, walk around with that thug walk, talk etc...I don't do any of those things and that's why Im not profiled.

You can blame them for perpetuating that reputation, not the cops. They have to be on their toes at all times thanks to this BS.
Racism is systemic. Until it is out of the system, nothing will change.
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