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Monday, October 6, 2014


Teachers Ordered To Remove Bibles From Their Classroom Desks

Hope and change moves America forward.
Liberalism is the new religion of this nation.
Having a Bible on your desk is no different than having a Bible on the dashboard of your car. It does you no good unless you open it and apply its teachings to your life. You can't keep a Bible on your desk but you are allowed to have one. I kept mine in my file cabinet. I could read it when I arrived to school early, on my planning time, and in the evening when school has been dismissed. But while I was in that classroom in front of my students my job was to teach and prepare students for the next level of their education. Plain and simple.
JAP69, come on now. I've come to respect you a lot more than I used to...and definitely way more than I respect the others here. (D)'s and (I)'s alike believe in prayer and want that right for kids in school, okay. As a child, I remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school and praying at the start of the day. That's been many moons ago, you know, but I remember prayer and things were much different then...and better. Kids' values were clearly displayed in how they dressed, acted, and treated one another. It's just not cool to throw all Liberals / Independents in the same bucket just because you see an entry talking about an issue with the Bible in school. There are Republicans that utilize religion to accomplish ulterior motives, you know, but I don't say that all Republicans have no religion and are bad folks.

Here's my supporting link, buddy:
Just got a text from one of my boys talking about this whole beheading thing, and, how the blame is on usual. First of all, Obama hasn't reached out to ANY of the families as far as I know so this whole idea that he hasn't reached out to this particular family isn't gonna be any different...EVEN IF THEY ARE BLACK you silly people. Such an action by him at this point would give grounds for DISCRIMINATION as the other victims WERE WHITE. You people have absolutely ZERO RESOLVE FOR BEING ABLE TO THINK INDEPENDENTLY...KEY WORD INDEPENDENT.

Then, Obama wasn't praising the guy for doing what he did through his letter. He had his official simply read the letter in an attempt to ENCOURAGE the CORRECT MUSLIMS AND THEIR FAITH TO CONTINUE DOING THE RIGHT THING. To ASSume that this man condones the beheading is completely ABSURD and ADOLESCENT on anyone's part...then you're the dingle berry from the crack for even allowing such an inhumane thought process to even enter your mind. "D1", and you know who I'm talking to, you should be EMBARRASSED for posting such nonsense as this:
# posted by Drenick1 : 12:26 PM

Every single Church around has some bad seeds in it no matter what faith it is. Every single Sunday, there are sinners sitting ON THE FRONT ROW OF THE PEWS and this case is no different except he was on HIS KNEES. To be angry at the official for going by and extending praise for those that are doing the right thing(s) is like bashing someone for going by a school, to a classroom where a child was stabbed by another child, and giving credit to teacher of that class for doing a good job. YOU PEOPLE ARE TRULY A BUNCH OF DEMONIC, DUMBA$$, BRAINLESS, and HATE-FILLED MORONS. This is why your party can't get many of them WON'T THINK. They CAN...they JUST WON'T because they want to continue pleasing the DUMMIES like those here that post such nonsense.

Apparently, the term LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP has absolutely no place with any of you silly folks. Unbelievable...inconceivable. Then again, I believe it.
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