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Thursday, October 9, 2014


Pastor Admits He Has AIDS and Slept With Congregants

First of all I think this pastor is the scum of the Earth. What he did is downright disgusting and a betrayal to his congregation. He not only committed adultery but could have possibly infected others with Aids. Now he could possibly be a murderer. God deals with pastors. God said, "Woe unto the pastors that scatter my sheep". It dangerous to fall into God's Woe.
Wow. I just recently touched on some of this in another entry and, as always, it proves true. Everyone was all over Obama for sending his official to the mosque where the 'beheading brutha' worshiped assuming he was condoning the incident. Or, at least, that the whole mosque was infested with all bad people of the Muslim faith. Evil has no respect to religion, creed, color, gender, political stance...nothing.

Here, we have an evil person assuming the position of a divine leader, cloaked in all the right attire, and is trusted by his flock. He's been knowingly committing murder, as I said in another entry, and will charged accordingly. Bad seeds...they are on the front pews of the Church every single Sunday morning and, in this case, THE PULPIT. So now what? No one is suppose to go over there and tell the rest of the congregants to keep the faith, be encouraged, and remain prayerful despite all this? If they do, are they just like Obama's official and deserve to be hated for trying to support the congregation in such bad times?

You know, the people that think this way are the TRUE DEVILS. They know nothing about forgiveness, sympathy, compassion, etc. All they know is how to hate. Sure, we're suppose to frown on wrong-doing and denounce it but, I know hate when I see it. Somehow, I believe this Ebola deal has a much larger purpose than just in Africa...honestly. There are people that are making a mockery of this fatal and deadly disease, which essentially decomposes the body very quickly, and linking it to the President via BUMPER STICKER.

I suppose he's just as bad as Ebola and wants to just kill off as many as he can or something. I don't know. What about AIDS? Is he just as bad as AIDS, too? AIDS takes a toll over a longer period of time and this is what these people say the President has been doing. Wow. This is really, really over the top. I knew they hated him but, that whole deal simply amazing. You people need help.

Know what, Speedy? We have some dumb, stupid a$$ mofo's EVERYWHERE!! First, we've got DUMB IGNORANT A$$ people toying around with Ebola bumper stickers on their cars to hate on the POTUS, then we've got SOME DUMB A$$, IGNORANT person on a flight that SNEEZES AND THEN SAYS, "I HAVE EBOLA!!!" What is up with people toying around with something as serious as this, dude? Seriously. The folks over in MADAMDOG'S HIDEAWAY all want to find out where THEY CAN GAN AN EBOLA BUMPER STICKER. What person IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would wanna ride around with something like that attached to them in any way, shape, or form?

What this guy on the plane did was no different than yelling, "BOMB!!!" on that same plane. They had the HAZMAT guys to board the plane and escort this ignorant a$$ fool right back off!! Somebody should've put their foot right square up his A$$...time and time again!!!! We can clearly see how these types of people think...they're willing to toy around with something as serious and sensitive as this. Wouldn't be so funny to some of these same folks, willing to joke around, if they were to come into contact with something that a person carrying Ebola touched and left some germs...NOT KNOWING THEY HAVE IT. Interesting folks around here, I tell ya.
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