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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Limbaugh: Voter Fraud May Be Only Reason Dems Stay in Power


Obama said the other day Democrats need to run their elections to avoid him but he will get the votes for them.
RUSH, RUSH, RUSH, deal with your drug problem man. You're fritting paranoid dude.
I can say this as a republican..albeit a non hardcore one,that voter fraud is the least of the problem.

Republicans need to stop sending these smug ,self righteous pieces of sh*t out front who can't even convincingly lie correctly.they really piss me off because they haven't an inkling of how to relate to the common man.

The only sanity is Rand Paul but we all know the establishment ain't gonna let that happen no matter how many votes he gets.
Speedy, he did deal with his drug problem. He is well past those days. He also quit smoking cigarettes.

Now join us in today's world. Voter fraud is the only way democrats can stay elected. Why else would democrats, and only democrats, oppose Voter ID laws? Why else would they oppose Absentee Ballot reform?
Poster #3, thank you, Sir, for stepping up like a REAL MAN and speaking the TRUTH. I could care less how you vote...I like to hear the TRUTH!!

Now, as for Rush on this same old, worn out voter fraud business, he's just trying to prepare the Republicans with a bogus explanation in the event of SEAT LOSSES. It's common sense that voter ID Laws/Restrictions impact the election turn out 100% MORE than a couple of scattered cases of POSSIBLE FRAUD...and it's to Republican's advantage to implement such bogus laws at THE TIME THAT THEY DO. Look at how Scott Walker told that worker in Wisconsin, Chris Larson, NOT TO TELL THE PEOPLE THAT LICENSES COULD BE OBTAINED FOR FREE. Licenses are also REQUIRED TO VOTE THERE...and when the guy, Chris Larson, sent out an email to his fellow workers instructing them to remind the PUBLIC of this, HE WAS FIRED IMMEDIATELY. This was back in 2011 and here's the link:

Okay, now fast forward to 2014 and this guy STILL hasn't gotten enough, but the Supreme Court has and it's not only this guy that trying decrease voter turn out. here's the link and there's a lot more to this whole deal:

While there is a small percentage of fraud documented, it's never been nowhere near enough to turn an election...not even close. I'm not condoning it but, the cases are so 'misdemeanor-like' once investigated and prosecuted that they make absolutely no difference. Preventing lots of people from voting does make a huge difference and it's usually to the (R)'s advantage. This goes all the way back to the RE-COUNT ELECTIONS...remember? These people are known for trying to decrease the number of Democrats voting, or, reducing the (D) ballots to enhance their (R) player. It's proven. As the poster said, voter fraud is THE LEAST of their issues within their party.

GASMETERGUY you can't say with certainty that Rush is off drugs unless you give him a drug test. He will fail it big time. You are welcomed to believe whatever, but I believe he is still a big fat bald headed druggie. Case closed.
Anyone who put an ounce of creedence to what Rush Fatso says is just a conservative puppet, FOLKS !
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