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Saturday, October 4, 2014


Feds Spending $500K to Find Out Why Fat Girls Can't Get Dates

Hey, now just wait one cotton pickin' minute!! There's nothing wrong with fat girls except they're just carrying more lovin' than the smaller chics. In fact, most fat girls are actually very, very pretty, have great personalities, and have a great sense of humor. Also, they usually know how to BURN SOME GROCERIES pretty good, too!! In terms of dates, the average guy can't get past them not being aesthetically pleasing 'anatomy-wise' as opposed to the smaller women. Hey, this is what I say. Find one and simply work with her at the gym, a little at a time, and get her to where you like it.

I feel that if a guy takes his time and invests in her in this manner, he'll come out all the way around happy because she'll forever appreciate and love him for it. The rewards will also be 'a plenty' for him!!!!!! Just my personal opinion.
OK, go ahead and get a FAT one. Make sure your land line is working real good too. As soon as she connects to QVC, look for the big brown UPS truck to be at the side of the house every day delivering oversized dresses, pants, underwear, coats, purses, shoes, & every phucking thing else displayed for easy ordering. The dog will choke on it's constant barking at the big brown truck on a daily basis, and your daily nap on the couch will be constantly interrupted causing additional health problems, both for you, and the dog. Yeah, go ahead, I dare ya...
Fat can be in the eye of the beholder. She may be 180 lbs. fat or she may be 250 lbs. fat but, even at that weight it can still be carried well if she tries. Let's look at something else here real quick. There are lots of guys with women right now that were once fat, or at least she felt fat, and she went on a serious mission to change that. All this happened before she met the guy she's now with and he never knew she was fat. I never said it was just an easy task. I was simply focusing on the pluses of most big girls...and I didn't mean the plus size clothing.

I feel very badly for any wife, girlfriend, or significant other that has a husband, boyfriend, etc. that thinks the way poster #2 does. If that lady ever runs into health issues and gains weight, becoming fat, HE'S NOT GONNA SUPPORT YOU according to that post. That's really something to think about, ladies, if your guy frowns on extra weight. What happens if mom has to undergo an operation for some reason and she sustains weight issues as a known side effect. Dad's used to a smallish woman and now she's a little heavy. I guys dad's supposed to take a walk and find another small chic so he doesn't have to deal with the UPS truck stuff.

Oh, wait a minute. What about your son who's in love with the heavy set girl at school because she's very pretty and nice to him when all the other slim and trim chics give him the cold shoulder? Then, she's very sweet to mom and dad and also very smart. You gonna tell him to forget about her due all the reasons listed above? Hmmmm. I find it of a non-challenge to put such common sense things well into perspective around this place. It's so good, though, to see how a certain type of man really does think about women. Wow.
Dang it. Second paragraph and last sentence...insert the word 'guess' in place of guys.
I take it all back, I really DO love FAT a$$'s just as much as the twigglings, lol...
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