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Thursday, October 2, 2014


Farrakhan: Whites Invented Ebola To Kill Blacks

Farrakhan is only saying what some Whites are saying about Blacks. They have to blame someone. SAD.
Yeah, it's very sad. Then, we have folks saying that Obama 'purposely' brought ebola here to infect EVERYBODY. Wait a minute, that means his wife and two daughters as well. That means all those in the Senate and the House...their families will all be infected purposely due to Obama's plan. Hmmmm, this sounds like pre-meditated murder almost and I'd think the guys up there would be pretty furious if this had even a MICRON of truth behind it. Farrakhan may have his idea of what he thinks is going on with all this but, it's still on par with what they're saying about the President. No harm no foul...and it washes.

A person that has been diagnosed with AIDS and purposely goes around having unprotected sex, and, not telling their partner they're infected will be charged...point blank. Wouldn't surprise me one bit to hear of a lawsuit in the making for Ebola getting hear. You know, there was a Representative who made a stupid claim a while back that the 'illegal immigrant kids' were bringing Ebola here. Picture that...immigrants from Central America. Representative Phil Gingrey said it right here:

So, now, how many kids have brought it here thus far? Sure, there may be other things they have but, this ain't one of 'em and the other things ain't life threatening either. You know, people are so quick to point fingers and wanna fault everyone else before looking at themselves. Let's take a common cold for instance which all get at times. When we're all stuffed up, coughing, and sneezing, we have no business going to work like that. Why? Because we're going to pass those germs on no matter how hard we try not to but, we still go even if we have sick time accrued. If no one else at work is sick and you pass your germs on causing others to become sick, then this can be considered intentional because you knew you were sick.

Just like Duncan when he left Liberia...and it's why he'll be charged when he arrives home. I'm sure Farrakhan has his reasoning behind his theory, although, his approach was a bit forward. Here's the link which will lend itself useful to those who think he's just a silly man making stuff up and just wants to be in the news:
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