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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Democrats Move to Regulate Conservative Websites

Here we go with the BS. First of all, what this guy ISN'T TELLING EVERYONE is that the regulation would affect BOTH SIDES and NOT JUST (R)'S. This guy paints a picture of the (R)'s being targeted specifically in this respect and we INTELLIGENT folks know that's ILLEGAL. Then, there's the issue of the PAID ADVERTISING POLICIES vs. FREEDOME OF PRESS (SPEECH) GUIDELINES and that's where the problem is. It seems the (R)'s may be utilizing certain venues for advertising when they should actually be paying to do so otherwise.

In this article, paragraphs #6 and #7 BOTH confirm to an extent, that the LOOPHOLE has been found and taken advantage of by whomever is advertising. It's the CONTENT OF THE VIDEOS THAT'S BEING CONTESTED AND POSTED FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES FOR FREE. This means that if a (D)'s is doing it, then they're talking to them as well...and not just (R)'s. If you really take a close look at the article, you'll see where the author here, Warner Todd Huston FORGOT TO MENTION THESE FACTS. Instead, he figured that he'd make it to where this regulation ONLY AFFECTS THE (R)'s...and that can't happen. See, this is the problem with people posting links here in the blogs as well. Take Emily's latest entry with the whole "War on women" deal. Her concept is completely wrong there, and, she forgot to mention that RUSH LIMBAUGH is the man that STARTED ALL THAT FIRST and here's the article:

Read that article very carefully. It seems that Rush began losing money due to this slip of his intended tongue, and, decided to unwillingly apologize 'cause his wallet was being hit pretty hard. This falls in line with what I've said in the past, it's all about RATINGS. If my memory serves, it seems ALL THE (R)WOMEN were either QUIET or AFRAID to contest him. Then, we have this WOMANIZING by Rush:

Oh, and then we have the double standard by Rush here:

So, now, Mrs. Emily, let's get it straight. The word 'bitch' does have at least (2) meanings, okay...go and google it to verify, now. However, the word 'SLUT' AS USED BY RUSH, HAS ONLY (1) SPECIFIC MEANING and I encourage you to google that as well, dear. THAT, MY DEAR, IS A WAR ON A WOMAN. You want to see a brief war on women, then look right here my dear:

Not only do your (R) men name call women SPECIFICALLY and DELIBERATELY, THEY ACT ON IT. Why is it that you failed to mention all this in your latest entry? I know why...and so do you. Do me a favor and nudge me just a little harder.
posted by Lucky Loser : 2:17 AM
You just exercised your right to freedom of speech with your personal opinion.

Okay, fair enough, JAP. Now, is my opinion here true or false? Is it fact based or just conjecture? I think I know where you may be going with this...and it's the whole IRS thing with (D)'s targeting only (R)'s. Here, you prolly feel that the (D)'s only want to extend these laws to (R) advertising and not (D)'s. How can this work?

Also, I encourage you to define both 'bitch' and 'slut' to validate my findings and then re-read my post closely. Check my links. I made nothing up and I'm not 'hating' on anyone here. Why is it that when something negative is posted about (D)'s, it's so easy to swallow for you folks but, not so with (R) stuff when it's negative and true? Seriously.
My comment was not to argue for or against. It was meant to point out that we all still have the right of freedom of speech as it stands at this point in time.

We can debate all day for or against Rs or Ds and the subject of the debate.
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