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Friday, October 10, 2014


Blacks 21x More Likely to Die by Cops

Could it have something to do with the fact, Blacks create 65% more crimes than Whites????? Do the math!!! Commit more crimes, better chances of getting shot!!!
It is that kind of insane logic that is systemic in American culture. Blacks are being shot for petty crimes. Something is seriously wrong with this type of John Wayne mentality. Shot first and ask questions later. What a bunch of pussies.
"Shoot first"
Having an illegal gun and shooting at a cop is not a petty crime.
Emily you don't know the meaning of petty. You need to mind your own business hag.
Some of examples of petty crimes are pick-pocketing, jay-walking, public drunkenness, and shop-lifting. None of which are violent and deserves to be shot and killed for.
Does this sound like a petty crime?
"Police say felon Vonderrit D. Myers fired three shots at a white officer before being shot and killed. Myers’ parents maintain that he was unarmed at the time of the shooting but Myers’ had a felony gun conviction on his record and was wearing an ankle monitor while a stolen 9mm Ruger was found at the scene

Read more:
You always forget the important stuff.
You know, there are studies about this and it has been proven across the board that blacks are more likely to be both shot for a given crime. People, like those in post #1, don't even try to READ AND UNDERSTAND what's being said here. While blacks may in fact get caught up in more crimes at times, the type of crime they're being shot and killed for is the center of the conversation. I'm not condoning any type of crime but, to fatally shoot a person multiple times over some of the things as of lately is disturbing and seems to be a trend among 'todays' white officers. There's no way to keep color out of this and this problem has roots going way, way back to when blacks were beaten and killed for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG.

Most whites looked at blacks as 'tools' and investments as opposed to human beings with souls, needs, a place in society other than slavery. Yep, WHITES were beaten and hung at times, too... BUT,FOR SIDING WITH THE BLACKS AND SAYING OPENLY THAT BLACKS DID NOTHING WRONG AND DIDN'T DESERVE TO BE HUNG OR BEATEN. In other words, if you sided with a black and you were white, your a$$ was beaten and/or hung, too. This is where white folks like to FALSELY tout about ALSO BEING BEATEN AND HUNG. Problem is, they don't tell you that it WASN'T BY THE BLACK MAN...IT WAS BY THEIR OWN FOR THE REASONS LISTED ABOVE. NO BLACKS WERE BEATING WHITES BACK THEN>>>FACT. Blacks couldn't even THINK of laying a hand on a white for ANY REASON.

Anyhow, I got of pace there. It just burns me when whites try to JUSTIFY and COMPARE their history to blacks. No way. Some ignorant fool here tried to give me some links, a long time ago, about how whites were enslaved and beaten. Yeah, it was by your own people that you VOTE FOR RIGHT NOW TODAY YOU DUMB A$$!!! You know who you are and I still have those bogus links as proof. The audacity of you to try and justify those actions. Sure, blacks do commit crimes but, their not all crimes warranting a far. These cops are having target practice with so many blacks that aren't even armed and it's why so many educated blacks are so reminds them of what whites did to them way back when.

Instead of broad brushing all of us on every little thing, try implementing the case-by-case approach and having some compassion when justified. Oh, wait a minute. If you did that openly, your own people would DISOWN you because you sided with an innocent black. Hmmmm. It's the same thing they used to do back in the day just on a different, more sophisticated level. Instead of beating or hanging you for siding with a black, they simply DISASSOCIATE themselves from you. This also follows suit with the President. You people were eaten up with racism from day one when this black man took office. None of you come even remotely close to cracking on white (D)'s the way you crack on Obama and blacks...and it's documented and proven right here every single day whether you give a phuck or not.'s still a very clear and present danger for blacks. Hatred is an INHERITED DISEASE among so many whites and prevails heavily around here. Hatred is like cancer...curable but very, very, very difficult to get rid of. In most cases, it's taken to the grave. Good read right here...whites in denial need not apply:

LL, the true sign of an idiot is when they respond to a comment before comprehending what the comment is about.

What are the odds that a Black will be shot by another Black? I don't see any comments about those, odds which are probably much higher than those for a cop shooting a Black. Loser and Speedy don't want to go there, they ignore those posts.
Carbob, your problem is that you don't know how to engage someone in a civil conversation. You never stick to the subject at hand, instead you try to use asinine diversion tactics in order to get off the subject. As for myself, I have no time for your nonsense and that of your cohorts. I try to say as less to you negative people as possible. I refuse to let my spirit become infected with bigotry and hate like some of you on the LP.
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