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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


3 reasons Mitt Romney will run in 2016 and 4 reasons he won't

Mitt Romney...there are some things I like about him while others I despise. Mitt is well versed in 'political theatre. If we go back to when he vehemently opposed, downplayed, and criticized the GM bailout plan we see where he made 'lead actor' when he actually cashed in BIG TIME...TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars on the DELPHI STOCKS. Oh, but it was such a bad idea and Mitt hates money. This guy knew exactly what was going to happen the minute the bailout was proposed...and he acted on it. Smartly, I must say, though. This is much like the Affordable Care Act they all hated and also cashed in on...SECRETLY.

Anytime a stock has nowhere to go but UP, and you have the money to buy in as much as you'd like, it's a no brainer. However, his pretending of it being such a bad idea wasn't reflected in his ACTIONS. Let's delve into the original bailout specifics bit more. though. Firstly, this whole thing started under George Bush where HE AGREED TO A TEMPORARY BAILOUT but, handed over the structuring of it to Obama in 2008. Yep, Bush would've done the same thing but Republicans don't wanna talk about this part of all. Why? Because they'd have to disagree with Bush who was/is one of their own. Here's the link:

Right now, there are tons of folks reading this who didn't even know this until now. Bush handed Obama the bailout, the Iraq war, and the Afghanistan war. Mitt doesn't want to discuss who was actually in charge of the troops coming home when they did. Bush signed off on it in the SOFA. John McCaine continues to ramble on about a residual force being left behind and how that would've prevented the whole ISIL/ISIS crisis we have now. LMMFAO several times over!!!! No one wants to discuss how Maliki refused to extend IMMUNITY to our troops that had already been serving over there, and, would've been at the mercy of Maliki's punishment shot calling of our troops.

If Obama would've left our people over there under these circumstances, the Republicans would've called it Benghazi on Steroids...and I know this as fact. Neither Romney nor anyone else would've been able to broker a deal for leaving a force behind, without IMMUNITY, and they would've also brought our boys and girls back home...WISELY. These are just some of the reasons I have issues with so many (R)'s. They just can't be honest and call common sense for what it is. They'd rather lie to their people and criticize it...until it comes time for elections. Now, he supports the President like the rest of 'em do.

Mitt suggested hitting Syria some time ago but, it wasn't warranted like it is now. He also mentioned dealing with Iran but, it wasn't warranted in terms of an actual nuclear program. Netanyahu spoke strongly about preventing them from developing nuclear weapons which means they apparently don't have 'one' yet. Why isn't Mitt hollering back at this guy who's on the same page as Biden and Obama? A US official says Iran must prove, at this point, that they aren't producing a weapon and this is reasonable. Mitt is essentially going about his campaign the same way he did before with only slightly different verbiage...though he hasn't announced his official candidacy.

He knows how to make money but, it's in a sort of crooked way. It's legal but, treads heavily on the idea of VERY BAD ETHICS when it comes to the American People. Republicans and bad ethics dealing with money is a big deal on my list these days. Look at Rick Perry. Look at Bob McDonnell and company. So many of these (R)'s talk from the sides of their necks (I saw your entry Speedy). Mitt Romney hates abortion but he was also invested in Stericycle which deals directly with the SUPPORT aspect of abortions. Money talks with this guy and principles follow a distant SECOND. I'm watching him closely and here's the link:
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