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Sunday, December 8, 2013


You won't believe this newspaper's apology for mocking Obama in 'racist' cartoon

I would have told him to go suck wind...!
If you have never suffered racial discrimination and the brutality that goes with will never know how it feels or have an understanding of it. If you bothered to understand the history of Alabama and its colleges then the newspaper's apology would not seem so foreign to your understanding.
"The Crimson White"
Better change the name of the paper too.
That is racist.

It was racist, some argued, because it made fun of President Obama. And making fun of Obama is racist.
making fun of Obama!
Then they better pass a law in congress to outlaw political satire.

Just like Obama said in the interview I posted awhile back. "That is why the race card always can always be played".

Some just don't get it. It's not about changing any names, it's about changing the mentality.
How..just how is that cartoon Racist at all. Sorry I just don't get it.
The cartoon simply shows an Auburn football player running over an Alabama football player. Just be cause Obama's name was used, that makes it racist????
I agree with a comment from a poster.

"Charges of racism are used by people with weak minds. It is clear they cannot make it in the world alone and want to see others in the same weakened state as themselves."

You're right! You don't get it!
Then explain how this cartoon is racist LiLSpeedy?
One can't explain a mentality, it is, what it is. It is so deep rooted in some until it becomes normal.
ms. speedy has a troll brain, the weakest and smallest of all brains. troll brains are incapable of rational or logical thought, they are also unable to learn. SAD troll brains..........
Just as I thought Speedy. It's not racist. Just Obama's name was used. Just like cartoons of Bush, Clinton and Carter. No different, except Obama is black. Get a life and stop playing the race card!
Speedy seems to think that only blacks are discriminated against.
When was the last time or should I say the first time you were discriminated against? Crickets. I thought so. So go put your head back in the sand.
Speedy, I'm discriminated against everyday for the last 14 months looking for a job due to my age.
Can't even get hired at a retail store for Christmas part time. Don't tell me I've never been discriminated against!
We all suffer age discrimination at some point in our life. But when you suffer both age and race discrimination, it is devastating. One common misconception is that Blacks are looking for pity...that could not be further from the truth. Blacks are very tolerate, but refuses to be treated unjustly. That just will not happen anymore. We can't act like everything is OK, when we know it's not.
I was watching a YouTube video last night of the Kennedy Center Honors. Along with others, they were honoring Paul McCartney. What I found unbelievable was, you have the President and Michelle Obama on one side of Paul and none other then their best friend Oprah Winfrey on the other side of Paul.

And where was Paul's wife allowed to sit. BEHIND HIM! He had to keep turning around to talk to his wife!

If that was not the most Pompous BS I had ever seen in my life. If I were Paul, I would have told Ms. Oprah to get her A$$ in the back of me and let MY WIFE have the seat next to me.


I'm I not right Mr. LiLSPeedy!
Your idea of racism is mild compared to the racism that I and others have faces in our life time. Worrying about what others have or don't have is called envy. That will get you no where.
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