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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The Bad-Faith Presidency

It was bad faith from day one. Christ he doesn't even know how to return a salute...!
He has been saluting for 5 years, I learned how to salute in 8 weeks, it's not that hard. sheesh!
Who gives a ratz azz about you, I commented on him . If it took you 8 weeks to learn how to salute, you're in the same category as the mullet..
Who gives a flying fart about you bigot.
You must..!!! or otherwise you wouldn't have commented RACIST.
You are the only real racist on this thread.
Wrong again war monger,. You've been touted as the resident RACIST..
All you do is spew the same old racist rants day after day. SAD.
I know, just like you say the same identical things to anyone who disagrees with you RACIST.
Reddog ring a bell, Maddog, Rdgrnr, jarasan, sully, all the same when you post a comment Racist.
I only rant against Racist, so you are forewarned Troll.
Once a bigot, always a bigot. What upsets you is that none of your racist tactics have worked on me, NONE. I have experienced your kind of hatred all my life. The more you come at me, the stronger I get. Keep it coming bigot.
I'm never upset with people like you Racist. I pick contaminated sh!t like you up everyday and dump them to get burned, so no the likes of you doesn't bother me. By your statement, " I have experienced your kind of hatred all your life", tells me you been an a*****e all your life as well, and confirms it point blank. Oh, I'll be bringing it on Racist, stay tuned.

Yep, anybody who wallows in their own garbage would tend to get stronger, so your rancid ass must have maggots by now.
I know I bring out the natural bigot in you. Now everyone knows you for what you are. That is a bigot that speaks with a forked-tongue. Keep it coming bigot.
Heh,Heh,Heh,Heh,   Racist...!
Maddog you can do better. Send more of your hate my way. It will make you feel better bigot.
ms. speedy never learned to salute anything, she is a liar, self revelation: 8 weeks to learn how to salute?????????? WTF It might take 8 weeks to learn to r&r a saw to mil spec., she has never been anything but a troll.
Jarasan I did not expect a moron like you to understand anything. You are a loser and a dummy. You could not make it through one week of basic training because you are a pussy. In fact you are so dumb the military would have a hard time justifying why you were there.
ms. speedy once a troll, still a troll, will always be a troll. and yes ms. speedy trolls are hard to understand especially the trolls that are liars, you are not an ex anything, you are a loser troll sitting in your mamas basement making sh1t up as you go along.
Jarasan you are the only one on this thread that have never done anything meaningful with your pitiful life. You've never been in the military because no branches accept MORONS. You never went to college because you are mentally challenged. You have been in Maryland all your pathetic life. That is why it is so hard for a bigot like you to relate to successful people like me.
ms. speedy you are a "troll" not a "people". you are a SAD troll at that, you aren't even a truly successful troll. but if bad smell was the measure of success then you might be a successful troll, 'cause everywhere you go on this website you stink it up real good.
Jarasan you are too young and dumb to relate to me. You and I have absolutely nothing in common. I'm retired you're not. I worked for the same employer for 31 years. How many different meaningless jobs have you had so far? 6, 7? You probably can't remember. That is why you are so angry with any Blacks that are doing better than you. If you had bothered to take school serious life would be much easier for you. Instead, you acted like a moron idiot and now you are paying for it. Well, boo hoo, you pathetic piece of sh!t.
ms. speedy you are not a "black people", the only thing "black" you have is a "black empty soul" which is the defining characteristic of your trollish self.
Jarasan if you have a problem with Blacks, then that's your problem alone. As long as you worry about what others have, you will always be a failure. You are too immature to realize when you are being laughed at.
ms. speedy i am sorry you are just a troll, and you have no black friends.
Jarasan no one of color wants to be around you because of your immaturity, ignorance, bigotry, jealousy, untruthfulness, and pervert personality. You have the mentality of a weird teenager. SAD.
ms. speedy i forgot you don't have people friends of any color, because you are a stinky troll, wherever you go people leave.
Jarasan I wondered where you were, but I forgot you still work on a mediocre job. Sad.
ms. speedy just being a troll is easy for you isn't it? just doing what comes naturally, correct?
Jarasan I'm just enjoying retirement while you go to work at a job you hate but can't quit. SAD.
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