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Friday, November 8, 2013


Surveillance Video Captures Flash Mob Robberies At 3 Chicago Area Stores

Nothing new as a teenager at a coat store, I was working at they came in and took three racks of leather coats like a flash of light. Seem like they was moving at the speed of light. I did nothing wasn't going to put myself in danger for a determine group of thieves.;)
They need to hire a bunch of George Zimmerman's as guards.
That's smart, and you will have a bunch of dead GZ's. It is almost a certainty that someone will be packing in a flash mob. Also your suggestion was asinine.
@LS Can I assume that it's better to let a mob of black thugs steal anything they want, or is it better for the property owner to protect their property, which includes shooting the black thugs? What if we reverse the event and let the thugs be white? Do you think it would be ok, then??? Either black or white, I say shoot the <snip>!!! Protect your property.
Your reasoning for shooting the so-called thugs is because they are Black. If the so-called thugs were White you would use rationalization.
You are wrong, the Constitution clearly states. A person can protect his life and property. It does not mention the skin color of the invader, white, black, brown or green.
It is not the Constitution that is in is ones interpretation of it that is. There is a sordid past when it comes to interpretation.
Would you allow someone, black or white to come into your and walk out with your possessions? If you have the means, you do whatever it takes to stop them. That includes shooting them!!!
Come into what?
Your ?????(anything, home, place of business)
The laws for self-defense vary from state to state. But there is one thing that is consistent in all states, that is, you can't use deadly force unless you're in reasonable fear of immediate serious physical injury or death. In most states, you have the duty to retreat before using deadly force. In other words, deadly force needs to be the last and only resort. If you can escape from the situation safely, you have a duty to do so. If you can escape and don't, and then use deadly force, it's very likely you'll be charged with a crime. Shooting first and asking questions later do not apply to all situations…in certain situations, for your family’s sake, it is better to err on the side of caution if you or your family is not in danger.
You need to read Stand-Your- Ground rules!!!
You need to read the Stand-Your-Ground-Law for your state.
BTW, the Stand -Your-Ground Law in Florida is under review.
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