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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Biden calls on higher power to save Obamacare and his hopes of higher office

Sorry Joe, Harry and Nancy are not higher powers.
I see ole Joe is sniffing cookies again.
GOD has never left the POTUS, HE is just letting his critics think that he the 2008 and 2012 election he was predicted to lose. You were wrong then and you are wrong now.
OK, we can move on now, We just had WORD from the higher power..
Maddog, that is where you and I differ, My faith is and always has been in GOD, not man. You can be sarcastic as much as you dare too.
All these assaults on the President is like a BB gun shooting at an armor tank! yek! yek! God is and always on the scene. ;)
I can see why a frappuccino-sipping douchebag like you votes Democrat. It's easier than working.
Listen, you God-hating ecoweenie, don't let your mind wander—it's far too little to be let out on its own. Aren't you the one who worships the Wuss in the house? You know the same one who doesn't Believe in GOD.?
Maddog if you went to church more often you would know that GOD commanded Christians to pray for those that have rule over them...only infidels do otherwise.
I do go to church, but I want to know, did you learn to be a Jesus-trashing dumbocrat at your liberal arts college, or did you pick it up while interning for the Taliban?
Maddog, I'm not talking about Bedside Cathedral or you have church in your heart...I talking about a congregation of believers. In case you are wondering, my church believes in the trinity... the Father, Son(Jesus), and the Holy Ghost. What about you?
My Church and myself believe in the same, but we were taught very early Never to go around thinking you are better than anyone else. I've seen you demonstrate that time and time again. Keep it up and maybe you can turn being a death-panel-endorsing fornicator into an Olympic demonstration sport.
While you're devising your bigotry slurs Speedy read    Jeremiah 17:9 & 10, and then come back and tell us what it was exactly you were teaching.   You haven't got the balls to tell the truth...!!!
Something else to ponder you condom-dispensing socialist, if BS were currency, you'd be a billionaire by now. Would you buy a brotha a lap dance..
Maddog you do yourself a grave injustice when you quote scripture out of context. Jeremiah is telling the people to trust in God and not man as you do. God searches and tests our hearts to rid us of all idolatries so we will follow His way as closely as possible. God is holding each of us responsible if we try to hide anything in our heart that is not like HIM. That means evil thoughts, hatred, bigotry, etc Read the whole chapter if you want to get the whole meaning.
9 & 10 depict you to a "t" wazzoo . As I stated earlier, you don't have the balls to tell the truth. You don't have to read the whole chapter to fully comprehend these two verses.
Listen, you Jesus-trashing ecoterrorist, since ignorance is bliss, you must be one happy libera with no balls..
Maddog, going to church pays off when you have infidels such as yourself try to use the Bible to win an argument. I am a student of the Bible bring it on infidel.
I'm not trying to win anything Shirley, you haven't got enough common sense to know I'm just insulting the Shiite out of you. No tactics either, just plain unadulterated Insults...!
It just goes to show you, that if azz holes could fly, you'd have a bigger boarding area than Ohare
You are just another lost and confused soul. You are constantly trying to tell God what is just and what is unjust.
I not like you listen to God.
Since you seem to know so much and want to tell everyone how much you know, tell me what these verses mean.
Proverbs 12: 15-25
I Corinthians     3:18
I Corinthians     8:2
I want to hear you say it...
I told you once before, quit focusing on a verse or verses because you will not get the overall meaning of the chapter. I not like you listen to GOD's word. And how can you hear GOD's word without a preacher. So if you don't go to church, you will have your own interpretation of the Bible. The Bible tells us to lean not to our own understanding.
That's exactly what I thought. Each one of those verses pertain to a person thinking they know everything and yet know nothing. Your thinking goes against God's word because you don't open your ears, only your mouth. You as an individual can preach until your blue in the face to anyone who will listen, and still know nothing after your done preaching.
Those are three of many verses in the scripture that teach of a prophet who thinks he knows everything and yet knows nothing.
You LiLSpeedy are a phony and a liar. A man who knows these things doesn't have to boast of any accomplishments in his life, it's evident in his dealings with other people. And YOU have failed miserably in your everyday interpretations of knowledge.
Your problem is that your mindset in stuck in neutral. You don't know how to deal with an intelligent Black man. Just as it is OK for Whites and others to be successful, intelligent, and knowledgeable, the same is true for Blacks. I know you and others are having a hard time dealing with this reality, but that is your problem, not mine.
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