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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A Black Reporter Summarizes Barack Obama!

Good read.
Barry's sheeple always try to the play Race Card ! It has nothing to due about Race .. It disregard for The Constitution and Bill of Right he swore to uphold . Which he has trampled on from day 1 in Office ! Everyone word and action has made him an Enemy of the United States of American and its Citizens .
Kochtopus propaganda…More malarkey.
Tell me, you unwashed, cannabis-cultivating fornicator, does fuzzy logic tickle? Or, were you born that way?????
Kochtopus propaganda…More malarkey.

Take it to the bank folks, the Chief Hypocrite has spoken.   ( spewed ) more like it.
I'm not going to call you bigot anymore, I'm going to call you Mr. BIGOT.
This Negro is suffering from jealous and envy of a office he will never hold ,he's like the character on the movie Jdingo played by Samuel Jackson. What a a$$hole!( side eye0;)
Maddog, everyone that has been on this thread knows that you are the head bigot.
I see likkuv.

This man is what the black racists people call a "Uncle Tom".

Just because he doesn't follow the norm.... has a mind of his own... and just because the president is black, believes everything he spews...
Speedy, you claim you were in the military?? That alone should turn you against Obama. He is very dis-respectful towards the military. I wish Colin Powell would address that concern. I find it hard to believe, he appreciates the way Obama is decimating the military. lilluv, this man is far from a "Uncle Tom", he acts like a true American should.
Carbob, he's a maggot just like the Jewel Akins in office. He boast that he knows everything, yet knows nothing. I wonder if he dresses in drag like his mentor of color. The only Military he was in is his boyfriends regime.
Sorry Macspeedy, everyone knows I could never take that distinction from you...!
Listen up men , only the true Blacks know what I am saying , don't try to take that away like you did with the ancestors. We knows more about this situation than you can ever possible imagine and I am educated. It seem only the Blacks that meet your proceed idea of what Black should say or do ,you support. The only names you keep throwing out there are Colin Powell, West(crazy guy) ,Connie Rice, Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas(the self loathing Negro) these are puppets spewing the sh*t that are approved by most bigots and racist. I know lots of Blacks that's doing their community a great deeds.They are better than any name you could ever come up with like my parents that never preach hate about any race. We hear nothing concerning "Michael Steele " now that he speaks now days with common sense. He was told some of the same thing I know ,cause it was pass down to him. By the way the Negro author is brainwashed a vessel to do the dirty work of the bigots who hide behind the internet and Tea Party.
lilluv, now we have something to shoot for. Please explain your definition of a true Black.
Listen up weezy, The Tea Party- Taxed enough already, might be running this country soon, all the people who work and are sick of the taxes will be more than happy to vote for the guy who will let them keep their hard earned money and their Health coverage of choice.
All the people who've had to have their working hours reduced to 28, will be happy to have their hours back. This covers all races, genders and religions. By the way, your a bigot hiding behind the internet yourself, hypocrite.
Bigot tactics has never worked on me. I will never conform to your image of a Black man. So don't let your ignorance dominate what little intelligence that you may have.
Carbob, let just say the author of this articles is not a true Black. It's the way we see each other and this person is jealous and have self hate going here , on a tyrant rant like about the previous Presidents 43 all of them . We do know there were many worst than this man only different they were not Black.;)
Hell Macspeedy, who would want you to conform? Your image speaks for itself..
I thought Nixon was pretty bad - Obama is worse.
My point exact Maddog. I don't expect anything positive from a BIGOT. You see a bigot's image of a Black man is always demeaning...a trait that is part of your innermost being.
Hey! #18 you will have to die before you are at peace with your bigotry just as Oprah said, we know your kind so well. (side eye) ;)
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