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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Obama Knew He Was Lying on Keeping Your Insurance

Americans love a good lie.
The lies got him re-elected.
Shows how gullible the public is...!   Extremely good example.
The Republicans and Tea Party the Drag Queens of misery they will find any nud to jump on it. Take a speck and turn it into the Grand Canyon.;)
Of course he lied.
posted by lilluv : 10:58 AM
This healthcare debacle is more than a little nud. Whatever the he!! a nud is. I better look it up. Probably something like a pimple on a donkeys ass.
Our liar in chief would make Pinocchio proud.
Kochtopus disciples to the rescue. Twisted logic as usual.

Of course he's a liar, the best is yet to come.
I challenge you to name one politician that has never lied.
;) Jap69, were you happy with that nud ;).
LilSpeedy , I understand your plight, however some things and folks are not worth responding to ,it's useless.;)
posted by lilluv : 1:32 PM
I was quite happy with it. A lot of different meanings I discovered. Looks like I will need to interpret the meaning in the context it was used.
True every politician does lie, but how many more lies are going to be uncovered and exposed by this narcissist ?
Barry has been a liar since his high school /collage years ! How could you expect him to change ? That's all he knows how to due .
             IT WILL TAKE " We the People to Vote the Old Guard out of Congress!".

Alinsky low informed campaign is over, huh? They all got the same e-mails. Now it's Obama is a liar campaign and it's going to cost you more and it's Obama's fault if you can't keep your insurance rather than the insurance company or the employer for whatever reason they have. It'll run until the website and millions of additional people sign up for Obamacare. How sad and lame. Remember - these are the people who shut down the government cause they couldn't stop the Affordable Care Act. Go and learn about Obamacare yourself.
Obama would not negotiate on the delay in the individual mandate so he would rather shut government down instead. Now that the government shutdown is over he has extended the time to comply to the individual mandate. EGG ON HIS FACE. TOLD YAAAAA

The Alinskyite campaign is still on. I do not correspond with anyone by e-mail or private message. They are all tracked by the NSA for content. Anything I have to say politically is posted for public view.
Kochtopus disciples have a one track mind. They only see the faults in others. SAD.
When the fault is obvious.
Kochtopus disciples will believe a lie before they believe the truth.
The truth speaks for itself, a LIE is silent or rebuking...
Kochtopus propaganda…More malarkey.
The more I look into to Obamacare the more I am disgusted at what a big f*cking mess it is.

It has high out of pocket costs that will get you into to trouble real fast if you have to go into the hospital.
It is also possible to have a family member go to the Hospital and use up all the familys reserves and then have the breadwinner go to the hospital and not have income for awhile which will cause their health policy to get canceled while the breadwinner is in the hospital due to lack of premium payments while no income is earned. Then not only will they be on the hook for all the hospital costs but they very well could be subject to a fine for not having health coverage that they lost because a family member and the breadwinner both got sick in the same year.

There are all kinds of very real ways that the high out-of-pocket costs could really screw you when you need the insurance most.

Next I looked at Medicaid in Michigan. I googled it and looked on the Michigan web site and all I could find about what it covers is on the Michigan web site. The only information I saw said that it covers doctors, preventative care and final directives...nothing about the hospital or anything else so I still don't know what it covers because they are not making it very clear or easy to find out unless all it covers is preventative care, doctors and final directives.

If anyone has any good links on how to deal with the outrages out-of-pocket costs on the new policies please post them.

Also, if you find a good link that clearly and concisely explains Medicaid in Michigan please post it.

No need to name call when the facts point to how much O'care sucks!
Good point Think...!
Why can't the blind Obama followers see the truth. They just can't say, "Hey we F*&ked up voting for him again ...."
All his lies are still not revealed yet. Snowden has just begun....
barry's minions are just that "minions", from the all knowing wikipedia:


A minion is a follower devoted to serve his/her master/mistress relentlessly. "

and from Jarasanpedia:

"people that still deny the truth about the man child barry the liar":

"dumbfuquingly stupid people worshiping the idol "barry the man child."

posted by Think : 9:47 PM
Bread winner sick and disabled
Check into the cost for private disability insurance. Pays you an income level based on your policy of choice. They sell short term disability as well as long term disability insurance. I do not know what the cost are as I did not look at any policy plans.
Do a search for "private disability insurance" " disability insurance" or talk to your insurance agent.

I had it at one time years ago but it is still out there. I just searched and seen national companies listed.

posted by Think : 9:47 PM
medicaid provider manual
1786 pages very detailed


The low information voters who support their "King" don't even know the difference between Obamacare and the affordable care act. An interview of random people on the street indicated that the majority of the American people had no idea that they were one in the same.
Many of them thought Obamacare had too many issues and that they preferred the Affordable Health Care Act.
"Gobbledygook" is trollish for I am "ms. speedy and I am still dumbfuquingly stupid after being lied to 1 million times by barry my idol."
@JAP69 Thanks I previously looked into disability insurance and it is way too expensive.

Thanks for the link but 1786 pages, however clear, is not very concise.

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