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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Boehner could end the shutdown now, but he's got his eyes on a bigger threat

This showdown is the best thing that could happen. Do not throw in towel now.
ned skippy it's the best thing.
Purposely hurting the American people because you don't like a law is misuse of power. Republicans appealed ACA 41 times and finally the Supreme Court made it the law of the land. But the Republican lead House resulted to nothing short of extortion and used the American people as hostage. They are like- if you don't let us defund the Affordable Care Act we are going to shut down the government. We are going to take away people jobs and hurt everyone it affects. Surely no one but an unfit people can be proud of that let alone the very leaders who are suppose to lead us and make the laws. This is a desperate act of lunatics who have lost all and have nothing left. They have resulted to delusions. It's sad because they are powerless now. Everything they do for now on to stop ACA will hurt the people and the nation and the more they do that the more powerless they become.   They even offered to cherry pick programs as if they had power. The very livelihood of the American people and paying of our bills is not negotiable and only unfit leaders will use that tactic.
Wrong, Janet.
You forgot one overriding factor that trumps every other aspect of this bill.
The Republicans are doing the will of the people.
The Democrats are going against the will of the people.
Let's hope the will of the people prevails.
It's as simple as that.
The repubs are doing the will of the tea party, and they are doing the will of the Koch brothers, who owe all their wealth and success to socialism and totalitarianism. The tea party gets much of its funding from the Koch industries. SAD. Guilty by association.
That's a lie, LiLPeePee.
That makes you a liar.
You know full well that the majority of the American people don't want Obamacare.
Every single poll shows it.
But as a Democrat I know you can't stop lying.
So I forgive you.
Your problem is that you can't handle the truth. The tea party is dirty.
But they aren't Marxist or communist, and there in lies the problem.....
If they (tea party) take money from people that can be traced back to Stalin, that in itself is a problem. All one has to do is follow the money.
You're not making any sense, LiLPeePee.
But that's nothing new.

Btw, Stalin (a Democrat hero) died in 1953.
But don't feel bad.
You've still got Fidel Castro!
My condolences on your loss of Hugo Chavez...
Stalin was a hero to the Koch brothers, who was responsible for them making billions of dollars under socialism and totalitarianism. Now he is using his millions to fund the tea-party. Prove me wrong Deep Throat.
He's dead, stupid.
You're wrong.
How's that?

You still didn't prove me wrong bozo.
I have to say #3&5 makes a lot of sense, all in for the good of the country.
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