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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


New Documentary: Has the Republican Party Sold Out Blacks?

Yeah. It's called the "Southern Strategy" and has been humming along nicely for over half a century.
Read the comments at the end of the article. They point out just how ludicrous this story is.
Cain is "Southern Strategy" in the flesh. In another post I believe I called him "Race bait incarnate - in the flesh" Someone claimed they had no idea in what I was talking about.
And watch the video posted by a commentor in a reply to that article.
I agree it's the Southern Strategy ,this is when they decide that, because the( then )Republican Party went with the Democrat Party signing the Civil Right Bill making it law that Black have equal protection under the law , then they knew that there would be no more gravy train for them with free labor and all, bacause the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation didn't really free the Blacks in the South. They were still slaves in every way it counts.Living on the" Master" land , working for only room and board.They worked sun up to sun down,this would all stop with civil rights.So the Southern Strategy was born to punish the party that wanted to take away all their freebees,including free labor. Look at them now trying to have people to work for peanuts,as long as they can make a profit ,the hell with the people proforming the work.Herman"I got mine they need get their,if they don't have a job it's their fault."What a bunch of crap!
so true nothing has change
@JAP69 - Excellent video, thanks. Unfortunately, when presented with such overwhelming facts like the ones in the video, people like Janet and Louise will hold their hands over their ears and yell, "LA LA LA ... I CAN'T HEAR IT ... LA LA LA". In fact, instead of logically weighing the facts, Janet has previously skipped over the past hundred+ years, and made statements about how "bad" the founding fathers were. Because the best way to deal with overwhelming facts is to ignore them and attack something else.
You are welcome Todd.
I wrote a response to that video and deleted it since it's sole purpose was to play the race card and I have better things to do.

There will be too many of these kind of "race" videos and articles from the Republican campaign for me to bite on.

Part of their campaign now is "Lets shove race and slavery in their faces" Divide and conquer worked then just like the "Southern Strategy" still works on stupid people. White bigots and hatrers love videos like this.

You will see many more race videos and articles like this from them but since Todd is making such an obsurb statement about history, I will respond.

Yes, the Republican party (formally the Whigs) fought to abolish slavery IN THE NORTH, however, it was for slavery in their territory, specfically Kansas. They formed the party to stop slavery from expanding. THEY HAD LITTLE OR NO PRESENCE IN THE SOUTH!

They didn't mind slavery, just didn't want it to expand into other territories.

But something has happened since then. It's called RECONSTRUCTION. Remember the Civil War. RECONSTRUCTION changed the political parties. The political parties that we know are not the same as then. Democrats are not the same as then.   But in this video they are presented as such.

The Democrats in those days wanted slavery, but what they got was their land, homes and their very way of life distroyed. Their money or flag was no longer good.

So why is this video showing present day Democrats with the history of the Democrats who were slave owners as if they had the same ideals.   I'll tell you why - because this video was designed and aimed at ignorant people who don't know their history and who can't recognize a race card.

What was once known as the Republican party has been reduced to race baiting. What a shame.
LOL, you are incredibly ignorant, janet. INCREDIBLY.

I bet you're a loudmouth too because low class, ignorant people like you are always loudmouths. ALWAYS.

Go back to the website that brainwashed you with all that nonsense now and "learn" some more and come back with it so we can all have a good laugh. LOL, what an insufferable moron you are.
Yes, Janet, that was very ignorant. I take no pleasure in saying that, but it's true.

You also aren't grasping the underlying message in that video. It's that the black leadership in today's Congress is rooted in growing and maintaining their power base, not in making life better for black Americans. The video shows proof of this both from a historical perspective as well as a present-day perspective.

The historical fact is that conservative values and policies have done light-years more to help black Americans than liberal policies. And, to be clear, "historical" means both many years ago and present day. It requires the ability to weigh facts in a logical and detached manner in order to see this, so if you blindly follow a political ideology you will likely *once again* focus an attack on some other subject, rather than dealing with the specific point.

@Todd - The last presidental election proved that the Republicans were not interested in making a better life for no one but themselves and took their faithful followers down with them.

The Republicans failed America in a miserable way. That's fact, logic and very much attached to the truth.   

That was the underlying message sent by every REPUBLICAN who voted straight DEMOCRATIC tickets and voted Obama into office. Now what was that you were saying about Congress rooting, growing, and maintaining a power base and not about making life better for blacks? It all seems a mute point now doesn't it.
Mute point... LMAO!
Sorry, can't help it with that one... LMAO!
I tried!

Obama didn't win by popular vote, he won by electoral college, McCain blew him out of the water, those electoral seats are now held by Republicans.

Janet is foaming at the mouth with seething hatred for a black man, Herman Cain. A man who showed what you can accomplish if you're not a lazy parasite. Kinda makes her big, lazy, no-account, broke-ass look bad.

You're a sellout, janet.
Shame on you.
Sully - in the 2008 presidential election:

Obama won the popular vote in 28 states and DC and 365 electoral votes. McCain won the popular vote in 22 states, 173 electoral. The disgrutal Republican straight Democrat ticket vote put Obama in the White House. (go read the breakdown)

The defunct Republican party since then have gained some seats back in Congress (they had no seats before) via "The Tea Party" with an Obama smear campaign with a fever of vengence that have never happen in American history.   Those are the facts.

So to answer the question of this blog title, Has the Republicans sold out Blacks? The answer to this disceetful race card video is


The Republicans are playing catchup to get back what they lost, and anything goes - even presenting slavery to stir up strife. That's the bottom line.
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