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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Busted! Two New Fed GPS Trackers Found on SUV

NO tracking devices should be allowed, unless OK'd by the OWNER of the vehicle. Same on the Net - I should be able to choose if I want someone tracking my activities.
welcome to Socialism, or as the dems say ,social justice. They are stripping away our rights and using the useless idiots of the country to help them.
@sully16, agreed, but GPS tracking is not Socialism, it is Totalitarianism. If the Supreme Court allows this kind of thing by the government, we are truly doomed as a free society. I am not one who is taken by conspiracy theories, and this is no conspiracy theory, it is fact. Once the government can freely track any citizen via GPS without court order, then they will absolutely start to track everyone and by extension control the population's behavior. It will be the point of no turning back.

Article about Totalitarianism:
Todd I agree, I am not afraid for me, but the generations that will follow, we have gone from raising our son, not to just be independent, and follow his dreams, but now we must teach him to survive in a way we never had to, sadly our generation fell asleep, life was good and this was America, where nothing could ever hurt us,
Somewhere along the line, some very rich powerful people got an idea they could rule and control the world, they helped to create poverty, they fueled greed by the impoverished and added race , class and religious warfare to the mix. History repeats itself.

How do you tell someone with 5 kids to get a job ? when everything is handed to them and they don't have to worry ?
How do you convince people to not live beyond there means, when everthing they see is a Kardashin lifestyle ?
What happens when the entitled are told" NOW YOU HAVE TO ANTE UP ?"
They want to strip us of our rights, and they are doing that little by little.
How do you tell some your helping to lose all we got, and they listen ? They don't , because food medicine and heat and material things are a great motivator for controlling people.
I watch this show called the walking dead, the first time I seen it I thought this is our future, only the zombies are the people who never learned to survive on their own wits. no brains!
I think ther are mis leading infro here , it was under the George W. Bush Adminstration the the ALCIO was call in cause the were tapping phone and reading people mail.Oh! don't stop ther breaking up orginary book clubs,boy was big brother in all aspects of our lives, where are your comments on that invasion of privacy,
Good idea. Gotta make sure those weaponized drones (coming to the skies above you) target the right vehicle.

Unfortunately, 42% of the country would support this and we all know who they are.

The same people who want the Nanny State that Big Brother inevitably evolves from.

You can see them right now if you want - they're out on the interstate as we speak - going slow and blocking traffic in the passing lane.

They write letters to the Editor expressing support for Speed Trap Cameras and Red Light Cameras.

They say things like: "Well, if you obey the law, you have nothing to worry about."

These are the people who would support undercover surveillance of every American and would defend it by saying: "Well, if you don't go anywhere you're not supposed to go, you have nothing to worry about."

These are the main floats in an endless parade of human debris. These are the Democrats.

This maybe a hoax. I've seen many a PCB in my life, I have serious doubt that is a tracking device. Too many problems with the device in the pic.
@jarasan, Probably wouldn't even need them with everybody having OnStar and other versions that can track you.
Ridge you are on it as usual.
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