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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick 'should have been executed'

December 29, 2010

Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick 'should have been executed'


Tucker Carlson, filling in for Sean Hannity on Fox News last night, picked up the issue of President Barack Obama’s call to Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, during which the president thanked Lurie for giving Michael Vick a second chance.

The call had been a hot topic on Fox throughout what was a pretty slow news day, but Carlson’s take took things to a new level.

I’m Christian. I’ve made mistakes. I believe fervently in second chances. Michael Vick killed dogs in a heartless and cruel way. I think, firstly, he should have been executed for that. The idea the president of the United States would be getting behind someone who murdered dogs is beyond the pale.


UPDATE: Carlson is well known as an animal advocate. For the past couple years, he and Ana Marie Cox have served as spokespeople for the Washington Animal Rescue League, and in fact co-hosted a holiday party for the organization just this month.

“It’s the oldest animal rescue league in Washington,” Cox said. “It’s a no-kill shelter, which appeals to my bleeding heart liberalism, but it also accepts no government funding, which appeals to Tucker’s libertarianism.”

She and Carlson were approached by the league after the organization found her name in its database of supporters.

“They thought it would be cute to team me up with a conservative,” she said. “It turned out that Tucker had adopted one of his dogs from the league. It was a great fit.”

In a PSA they taped together for WRAL, they use their partisan differences to set up animal advocacy as one thing upon which both liberals and conservatives could agree. “Animals shouldn’t be mistreated,” Carlson says while holding a dog.

Carlson did not respond to requests for comment, and Cox said she couldn’t not speak to his latest statement.

“I would say that Tucker can have a very subtle intellect, but he also knows how to make an impression. I’m not sure which side of his brain was at the forefront when he said that.”

Nor is she sure that the president made the best choice by singling out Vick, of all people, for a second chance in the court of public opinion.

“I appreciate the president wants to endorse the idea that once people have been to prison and served their sentences, they deserve a second chance,” she said. “I think there are lots better examples out there to grant presidential grace to. What [Vick] did was really unconscionable and almost inexcusable.”

* This post has been updated to make it clear Cox was referring to Vick in the final sentence.



Maybe ,Tucker Carlton should be put to death , see how ignorant that sound animals lives still don't trump human. If a certain group would like to equate Black's with animal and less than.We know what your saying alright Carlton.
You were once an animal yourself, so yes they do trump humans especially this pompas ass we have in the white house. What carlton refered to didn't involve any color as you see it L.Black.I wonder how you would like it if you were tourchered and then killed. Your shoe and your lips might then be on the other side right LB????...!
Maybe you ought to put in a kind word to obammy and have him invite Vick over for a beer party..
So now your playing God and judge at the same time ?   How pathetic to even say he should be put to death for his own views. Ignorance is bliss and you seem to have an abundance all around you LB..! Somebody pee in your oatmeal lady ????
NO, seem somebody pull the sheet from your bull dog mentality,People as yourself did worse to my ancestor nothing was done. What make a dog trump man and a Black man at that.It seem like they    did piss in your eyes man. I didn't hear anything when G.W.Bush dumb pompous ass was in the W.H. Now you know how pathetic he sound saying that M. Vick should be put to death. We all know you people value your dogs and animal more than Black America that the reason you can be so disrespectful of the Presidency at this time, a Black man holds that office.
NO Lady, you're wrong, I have NO respect for any man who lies and and does'nt know what the hell he's doing...
George Bush made a lot of mistakes, but he stood behind his convictions but this isn't about him it's about the pompous ass in the white house. He stood up for a professor and now vick, so, who's more of a racist. ?? You or the pompous ass ???    He's nothing but a liar and manipulator and doesn't even belong in the white house because he's not even a citizen of the U.S.
You bet I'm disrespectful of him, not because he's black, but because he has no clue, such as you...!

And he's not Black. he just tries to act like it.   Black father/White mother OMG he's brown.
Now you can rant and rave and make this a racial contest on your part if thats what you're intending to do, I won't entertain you on this subject. I have my beliefs and you have yours, don't let the door hit you in your Rumplestitskin on the way out. Have a great day....!
Oh!your a (BIRTHER) that a flavor that explains the foul attitude you have toward this President.I don't have time to waste responding to the likes of you. Enough said!, but not quite If you have "NO RESPECT for any man who lies and doesn't know what the hell he's doing..." New Flash!!! George W. Bush proof we are still in his MESS!!
philaphillies99 1-01-2011 8:10PM
Wonder if Obama will call Pitt University in protest since he backs the dog murderer with the Eagles.

dudeinbluejeans 1-01-2011 8:12PM
For too long, the color of a man's skin has been used to excuse a soul that walks in darkness.

Bill 1-01-2011 8:18PM
Obama needs to step up and say the brother did no wrong...he did it for the dog killer not why this piece of garbage. The dog killer strangled, beat and drowned dogs. We are waiting for you Obama to step up to the plate and defend this brother..say he did no wrong and demand Pitt re-hire him. Give him another chance. Another thug bites the dust!!!

Executed...Isn't that reserved for heinous crimes against humans??? Pretty harsh; when animals are killed daily for sport or any other reasons someone may find it appropriate without repercussion from it...! No one is advocating that he shouldn't have paid for breaking the law...that's why they have sentencing guidelines...Michael Vick paid his debt for the crimes he committed...but some folk want him to lifetime suffer; as if, you all live a perfect life... give it a rest…because Michael is BACK BABY!!!! And doin’ it…!!! Obama is Brown; REALLY!!! News Flash---So is every other African American in some shade or another… You say he lied and don’t know what he’s doing…what have he done wrong…what bill hasn’t passed that he’s gone after!!! Ok, I’ll wait!!!!!!!!!!!!__________________ Sure, I know we can pick things apart little by little; without looking at the big picture!!! But the country’s moving in the right (no pun intended) direction!!!
Looks as though you've had too many rice crispys clef, Since obammys been in office he's inflated the national debt by over 3 Trillion, and when the obammy health care hits it cost everyone another Trillion. The country's moving in the right direction??? What government shrink have you been in touch with lately??
If he's paid his debt to society as it's called, fine. But I or no other American needs this JO in the white house to call and pat vick on the back by saying he deserves another chance. Has he done anything like that for a white man?? Hell NO he hasn't, so since were getting technical, who's the racist here??? This puppet needs to do what the hell he was elected for , instead of being the jack-a$$ that he 's making himself to be. Period...!
maddog10... inflated the national debt...what did you expect; when America was in such shambles (laughable...) and we're still on Healthcare... You can't move forward; if you keep standing still!!! This wouldn't be a debate if Bush would have approved these things...right!!! People like you are bad for America... You can't be objective about nothing that's not white generated... You think you own every square mile... News are no better than the next guy... Obviously, this is because you have no intellectual prowess. Your tolerance for the black race is zero... For every offense committed by blacks... you want to revert back to the 1800's for punishment... (Did you know that most white men were on cocaine during that time…sorta explain why they had no remorse in committing the atrocities.) Vick made a mistake… You can’t see that Obama only stands behind the Eagles and M Vick…because it shows how great America is in giving second chances… even to a black man…now that’s news worthy… This happens in white America all the time… Y’all look out for each other daily. You are probably a mediocre guy who is a recipient of white privilege…LOL!!! I ain’t mad at you… Just keep your d#$n mouth close when blacks help blacks… If it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander…you truly have nothing negative you can say about President Obama; so you resort to insults and insulting everyone that stands for Obama... Do you really know how ignorant that makes you look or sound...? Dude, you have the easy part, accusing The President of failing…all you need to do is avoid noticing any positives that he has done…and focus on any negatives that you can conjure up as an argument… --Unbelievable—
By the way “What did Bush do that made him a good president in your eyes…!!! I certainly can tell you what he didn’t do… All his after eating my “rice crispys” Fired up…Let’s go!!!

Listen you suck egg mule, there wasn;t any mention of color or what bush did except for Lb and you .
Who the freek are you to tell me to keep my mouth shut when a black helps a black??? Were just talking about who's being ignorant in America's eye's. I ain't your dude- rabbit.. If you can't be a man and say whats on YOUR Mind without being in the shadow of a skirt, you ought to try keeping your mouth shut. Nobody ever said Bush was a good President in my eye's except you and LB. So, while you and this other lady communicate with each other. you should be looking at whats really being said about obammy instead of looking and listening behind rose colored glasses...! Atocities, have you ever been to war.?? or When Hitler was around, instead of feeling sorry for yourself and others. You haven't got the intestonal fortitude to know what real atrocities are...
You got a lot of class man..   enjoy your day.

Dude maddog10...struck a nerve or my ... be a man...suck egg mule???? Really!!! Manly right...??? So...with your comment about definitely won't entertain the thought; that the whole thing with Hitler... is being seriously question...   Truth is; you know exactly what's on my mind... You are right; no one ever said he was a good president (bush). But he was ignorant in the eyes of Americans ... But you've never saw this type of anger and hostility toward Bush... the real issue is no matter what Obama still can't accept him as a person.... A Black man in the white house!!! Hide behind a skirt...LMAO!!! You be a man and quit hiding behind your racial hatred!!! Your words when it comes to speaking about a black person...rings it load and clear...
As i've said before, you haven't struck any nerve mule. You have no idea what atrocities are. You think that just because your ancestors were taken as slaves that the world owes you something? You and your lady friend Louise should open your eye's and look around before you open your mouths.There are plenty of other people in this world that can lay stakes to being opressed, just ask the Chinese, Germans, Russians, Vietnamese, Tiawanese, Koreans, Hindu's, muslims, Mexicans, Latinos, etc,etc, so don't have a pity party for yourselves. You are not the only one's...
I fought in Viet-Nam besides a lot of different cultures and everybody covered everyone's back no matter what color of their skin, so your racial overture doesn't wash with me...!
During Bush's last three of the presidency I was very outspoken about saying what an A$$wipe He was for not trying to do something besides sit on his A$$ during the recession. But it's only taken me a year to say how I feel about obammy, because he's pretty much sold us out for the socialist , but of course you can't see this because he's your man. To me, he's a junior Senator and thats all he'll ever be in my eye's. Oh, his approval rating just dropped another two points or didn't you notice that..My opinions of him aren't based on the color of his skin but that of his actions, and I really don't care what your thoughts of me are for calling him a J.O.
HOPE and CHANGE was his platform. You can have all the Hope, I'll just keep the change. ASAP
I own a small trucking buisness and employ 5 others besides myself. (1) Latino, (2) Whites, and (2) Blacks, with me thats (3) whites, so I guess you can call me the racist allright. You two have NO clue except for feeling sorry for yourselves and say it's everyone else's fault. You both are pathetic... I won't be entertaining your thoughts anymore. So, ya'll have a great day....!

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