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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Impeach Obama? What about Bush?

Impeach Obama? What about Bush?


5:07 PM EST

November 11, 2010


Peggy Alley says President Obama should be impeached (Nov. 8, Article found under this one).   I remind Ms. Alley however, that all the conditions she mentions, including enforcement of immigration laws, existed, and in most cases were created, during the Bush administration.   American citizens were losing jobs, having their homes foreclosed on and having to choose between food and prescriptions.   Illegal immigrants were coming into the country in record numbers and sending their children to public schools.   In addition the Bush administration embroiled us in two wars and lied about the reasons for one of them, resulting in the deaths of thousands of young Americans.   We rewarded President Bush with a second term.

If we didn't impeach President Bush or even possibly charge him with war crimes, it is ludicrous to suggest impeaching a president who has spent two years trying to fix these problems with progressive reforms while being impeded on all sides by Republicans whose only interest is in the failure of this president.

Ann Power

Catonsville, Maryland

The Baltimore Sun


Obama should be impeached

2:56 PM EST

November 8, 2010


In response to the op-ed "Should Obama walk away?"  (Nov. 8), I say President Obama should be impeached for refusing to enforce our federal immigration laws.   At a time when American citizens are losing jobs, having their homes foreclosed on and having to make decisions between food and prescriptions, the president is allowing millions of illegal immigrants to sneak into our country, take resources and benefits that belong to citizens and send their children to our already overburdened public school systems.   Enough is enough!

Peggy Alley

Baltimore, Maryland 

The Baltimore Sun

Ann Power is either drinking too much Kool-Aid, or else she has a really bad memory. During the Bush administration, American citizens were by and large doing just great, with lots of new jobs added to the economy after Bush lowered the tax rates for everyone. It was only in 2007 -- the final year of Bush's second term -- when the mortgage crises caused years earlier by the Democrats in Congress caused the market to collapse and the economy to go with it.
Peggy Alley's logic seems a bit off. Americans losing their jobs or homes has little to do with illegal-immigration. If the Obama admin used the same anti-illegal immigration tactics as the Mexican gov't uses (or even those used by Eisenhower), the american media would be screaming about "human-rights violations".
Ann Power is absolutely right on ,on this. President Obama Impeached ,If it wasn't so absurd, I would laugh out loud. This Peggy Alley is not only drinking the Kool-aid ,she is drinking the slop, as in hog! Yes, Bush should be held to the same standard as the other crime of war pursuer are held. Enough said! My only problem with the President is he is too kind and decent to people who hate him, that his only crime in my book.So Ms Piggy Alley get a life!
Ann Power also forgets the democratic congress voted for and they declared the war, the very same people who vote for bills they don't read, ironically the same people who are connected with many of George Soros foundations.
Agree with you time*treat, the economic problems all can be traced back to wall street greed,
anyone here illegally should be given the boot,
What ever happened to personal accountability?
1. Mortgage crisis was caused by people buying homes they knew they could not afford. They relied on their ARM to stay low and when the interest rates went North so did the house note.
2. The outrageous gas prices were caused by corporate greed and passed on the the consumers. The consumers ended up paying at the pump and everywhere else.
3. The retailers passed the increase of fuel cost to the consumers in the form of increased prices. Once again greed.

And who pays for all of this greed????
YOU DO!!! The hard working schmuck that can't seem to catch a break if it fell on ya.
We can point fingers and impeach folks until they turn into plums. But it still won't fix a darn thing.
A lot of our woes can be solved if we are willing to deny some of our luxuries we have convinced ourselves we just have to have.
President Obama didn't knock over our little red wagon........ We did it to ourselves by running amuck and not handling up on our business first.
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