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IE8 Release Candidate 1 is here!

Anyone can now install the first Release Candidate of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.

"Release Candidate" means that it is 100% platform and feature complete, and may have only some minor glitches.

Frankly, the beta of IE8 was very good, so I expect this release to be relatively bug-free.  (I guess we'll see about that.)

Release Candidates are usually safe to install, and in this case Microsoft is even pledging to upgrade everyone who installs it to the "real" version via a simple Windows Update when it's released.

Lottery Post has worked well with IE8 for months now, and it better, because I've been using IE8 on my primary PC during that whole time.

Anyone who wants to install the Release Candidate of IE8 can do so here:


  • Yay! The Release Candidate of IE8 fixed an annoying bug with the text editor. Things are looking good...

    By Todd, at 8:31 PM

  • Performance looks a little better than the last release too. After a week or so I'll be in a better position to give a more accurate update, but at this point, all signs are looking good -- and that's good for everyone.

    HOPEFULLY it will get all of you IE6 stragglers (YOUR KNOW WHO YOU ARE !) to upgrade to a *modern* web browser! :P

    By Todd, at 10:53 PM

  • One thing I wish they'd do for IE-8 is to make upper bars more configurable through drag and drop. With IE-6 I was able to move everything up to one bar including Ebay toolbar. Everything was scrunched together ... what you were looking for would drop down when clicked ..... but it didn't hog page space like IE-7 & 8. Performance seems better but not good enough to be my default browser.

    By konane, at 2:11 PM

  • That's actually a secure measure.

    IE6, which allowed people to move the toolbars around, was susceptible to attacks where the attacker would substitute their own toolbar and make it look just like IE6's. People would click their buttons and not even know what hit them.

    You can still add third party toolbars, so you do get some flexibility. Plug, IE8 now has the ability to put Favorites right on the toolbar. (For mine, Lottery Post is right there next to the Favorites button on the toolbar.)

    By Todd, at 3:19 PM

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