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Thursday, September 15, 2022


Trump gives major presidential bid update

Oh, make no mistake, he's running and he will win decisively unless Democrats cheat and get away with it again. I trust proper measures have been taken to keep that from happening again. But if it's a fair election he will win by a landslide, the Good Lord willing.
😏 ought to prove interesting to say the least
* Right, when faced with his first Crisis as President, he cut and ran. While thousands of Americans were dying, the Orangutan went golfing. Let�s be honest, the guy is made for entertainment, or the hotel business, but politics- Nah.

* � He wins in a landslide � if they cheat again � really?

* Where is the proof that : this THEY exists & why has THEY not been apprehended? Do you know something we don�t? Btw: The Good Lord does not support liars & thieves- l thought we covered that already?

* Your Boy has so much baggage, he puts Amtrak to shame. Guess what, he may get the Republican nomination but he will be beheaded in a one on one with Joe. The economy was in a mess when Joe took over, a mess left by theThief, and there are records al over due to the handling of the current administration- think infrastructure etc etc, all for the good of the country.

* Of course you counting on Americans wanting the fool back, you counting on voters forgetting his atrocious behavior after his loss, him telling his supporters to storm the Capitol. You begging the voters to develop amnesia, nice try Bhagwan.
* While thousands of Americans were dying, the Orangutan went golfing.
Is that all you know how to say? It's only been 30,000 times.

And while our economy is tanking Sleepy Joe goes on another vacation.
* Why are you irritated by the Truth G? You have no problem saying Joe is senile or worse. The economy is not tanking, you must be visiting America from abroad. The stock market is up, wages are up, unemployment is low, try another tack.

* Trump questioned Obama going golfing while President, saying � l will be to busy doing work for you to have time to play golf.� The fool had golfed more times in 4 years than Obama did in 8.
You can't talk facts and truth with Numbnuts, GR.
He gets his info from the Fake News and instantly believes everything they tell him.
And then he adds it in with his standard speech he gives in every post.
Beyond boring I know, but he's never gonna wake up.
* Can't talk fact, that's truly rich. I asked you on numerous occasions Bhagwan to point me in the direction of " They " as in They stole the election,  and l have yet to hear a response, and that's a fact.

* Another fact: The courts, not you obviously have " Concluded " that Trump lost. There have been recount after recount in " several of the States" the Trump team ponies up with $$ to prove their case.  Fsct is - the results stayed the SAME. So you calling me out saying l can't talk facts is silly at best.

* Talking about " Fake News", here it comes once again Anvil head- " Where do you get your fake free news" from. I see you love quoting from some Canada- news outlet, Gatewaypundit & other lesser known rags. Where do they get their so called fact from? What kind of investigative journalism do they dive into?

* This is a hmm moment. Hear that heavy breathing, that's you.
And then yesterday I read that Trump said that if he gets indicted, there will be big problems, big problems, there he goes again inciting violence. Let There Be violence so we can round up all those right wing Maga lunatics and throw them in jail. If we don't indict him, future politicians will continue to break the law, and America can't afford it again.
The courts haven't concluded anything Numbnutz, and you know it.
Between Democrat Judges and RINO Judges they have all refused to let any of the cases proceed because they know their side will lose.
Tell me how a candidate who was cheated in an election doesn't have "standing" to bring a case?
Explain that.
The fix was in and it's still in but with God's help, this evil will be stopped in its tracks and the perpetrators brought to justice.
* Hey Bhagwan, you were probably visiting a neighboring galaxy when ALL the courts in the United States found Trump�s excuses for evidence utterly useless.

* Why do l know it , cause your Commander in Thief is out of the WH & Biden is in. Trump hasn�t hunched over the desk in the Oval Office in close to 2 years.

+I know you hate hearing me say Trump lost, well let�s just say � Trump didn�t make it � in 2020, does that soften the blow? He joins Carter, Bush Snr on the � services no longer required � list. Mr bankruptcy would have given Putin his blessing to invade Ukraine. He did it before in Syria. The fallen one alway played dead when Vlad showed up. What a miserable piece of Sh**
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