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Saturday, September 24, 2022


Nearly 3/4 of Americans Don't Want Joe Biden To Run For POTUS Again

No surprise there. The worst part is we have to deal with his ineptitude for another 2 years.
they didn't vote for him the first time.
That's right Sully, they didn't want him the first time.
But like my big poster from the movie Tombstone says:  "Justice is Coming."
* If he decides to run, that�s his business. How about the poll that�s shows that 65 percent of American voters do not want the Orangutan anywhere nears the WH. Those numbers are catastrophic for any politician, but no surprise considering the guy couldn�t find Latvia on the map. The actually thought Finland was � part of Russia.� What a complete embarrassment for this country.
HAHAHA  Biden can't even find his way off the stage after a press conference. He was in England this year and Jill had to take his hand and lead him away after speaking.
Do you really think other presidents don't see his gaffes or didn't see his red speech and think omg, wtf!!
NG, I'll take Trump's economy over Biden's economy every day of the week and twice on Sunday. And so would about 99.9% of the country. Are you the .1% or the 99.9%?
Easy answer. One or the other. You don't need to write 4 or 5 paragraphs of BS/OMB to skirt around it, like you usually do. Simple choice,  .1 or 99.9    2 key strokes or 4. What's it gonna be?
* Trump claims credit for the strong economy, claiming that he inherited a
�disaster� from President Barack Obama and that he �accomplished an economic turnaround of
historic proportions.� However, the truth is that by the time he became president, the economy
largely had recovered from the Great Recession and was nearing full strength.

* By the end of the Obama administration, the economy had experienced 76
consecutive months of job growth. Since Trump became president, the streak has been
extended to 109 consecutive months.

* Trump did Nothing, he had " no economy, it was from a previous administration" and his mismanagement was shown during Covid. He had no rescue plan, that is why he failed.
* NO President with a " GREAT ECONOMY" gets bounced from the White House. It did not happen with Reagan, Clinton, Obama. W Bush may not have had a great economy, but he was at war with the Taliban and a nation does not change Commander's while a war is raging. The Orangutan lost because of 2 things: Incompetency with handling the Pandemic, and the recession he plunged us into.
The incompetency was Biden's. He was the one that made the C19 shots mandatory. And more people died in 2021 under Biden than 2020. Fact!! Look it up.
As for the economy, it was great under Trump so why did he get bounced?  The gov't caused the shut down (pandemic). Did you forget that Trump wanted to open things up? All Biden had to do was leave things alone. But nooo he didn't. And now we're in the crapper.  By your logic Biden is already gone!!! The sooner the better.

You didn't answer my question. Are you part of the .1 or 99.9%?
* Silly question, and you don't get to make the rules in asking me to answer nonsense.

First off, l asked you recently" Who are  the THEY  that robbed 45 of a 2nd term, and you F'd with me by saying Law Enforcement. "

*  Was that supposed to have been an answer? You brushed my serious question aside & now you come up with another pitiful one?

* Take your toys and head home.
Hi Fredo, where's Numbnutz?
I did answer your question.  Law Enforcement, ie FBI for starters. Peter Strozk's email proved it. There are others involved too.
If you don't like the answers you get because they don't fit your narrative, oh well.
Now stop crying and answer my question!!
* State your Source that it was law enforcement & why has the Republican party as a  WHOLE not gone after the bad guys in law enforcement who denied the Thief a 2nd term?

* You getting your information from Fake News- whatever Peter's email is saying, is not cutting it with the authorities because they know they dealing with a party & it's supporters that are not playing with a full deck.

* Answer your silly question- unlikely.
* Btw: Joe can run for a 2nd term if he wants to. If  the voters don't want him, they will reject him just as they rejected the Orangutan. No big deal, just get used to reality, its wonderful,  its exhilarating. Crawl out of the darkness  toadies.
Weasel, you are no longer weasel, you are Worm.
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