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Sunday, September 18, 2022


Massachusetts seeks human trafficking probe of Gov DeSantis over migrants

* That's right.  You can't traffic people across State lines because you attempting to prove a point. They should do the same for Gov Abbot. Plus they lied to these people, telling them they gave " jobs waiting for them, the whole bit."

* Both these F want to be President of this country. Gee, even Trump didn't pull this Sh** when he was in office. What's the deal with the GOP, you have to show you have outrageous behavior to become President? Why couldn't these Governors put them on busses & cross into Mexico & drop them off? DeSantis ponies up $12 million to send these migrants North, l think it would have cost less to drop them off South of the border.

*Remember when  45 asked whether he could " bomb" cartels in Mexico?
What would be wrong with bombing drug cartels?
You seem to have no problem with them killing Americans with their Fentanyl and other drugs.
Turnabout is fair play, no?
The Mexican Government would probably welcome the offer as long as we used surgical strikes like we're very capable of doing. It could even be done covertly if necessary.
I know the Mexican People would love it.
* You can't bomb another nation simply because you can or should,  you truly are clueless. We didn't bomb Cuba or North Korea even though we know Lil Kim is up to no good.

* You do know that your genius ex President was suggesting our submarines patrolling the Russian coastline as a act of defiance & force. He said that now that he is out of office. We all know he wouldn't have lifted a finger to the invasion if he was still President. A utter useless man.
Again, Fake News Brainwashing Bullsh!t.
You're hopeless.
You want to learn the truth?
Listen to Chris Plante and Mark Levin and Dan Bongino on the radio.
Come back after you get educated and we'll talk.
* Levin & Bongino. Internet nuts.

* Mr. Levin has tweeted about a �massive fraud perpetrated against the president� and promoted the Jan. 6 demonstration in the days leading up to it. On the Wednesday episode of his radio show, Mr. Levin, who also hosts a Fox News program on Sunday nights, criticized those who stormed the Capitol, but defended �people who are peacefully protesting� against �a stolen election� � a characterization that has been repeatedly debunked as false.

Mr. Bongino, a former Secret Service agent and a current Fox News contributor, was also an investor in Parler, a social media app popular with Trump supporters. In an appearance on Fox News on Monday, Mr. Bongino fulminated against the suspension of Parler by major technology companies, referring to �the communists at Apple and Amazon and Google.�

* F those guys. They ARE the Fake News you point out. None of these guys have presented evidence to prove 45 won. You betting on the wrong horses,
* been repeatedly debunked as false.

Debunked by who? CNN, NYT, WAPO other msm? They're the ones that say something and then 6 months, a year, a year and half later admit that what they said wasn't true and they knew it all along. 
Here's proof.
So what is the  Vine yard and Massachusetts the NO GO zones for immigrants?
* Debunked by Reality. Recount after recount, lawsuit after lawsuit. Even the Cyber Ninja fiasco that billed the GOP in AZ out of a good size portion of $$$. They to came to the conclusion that 45 Lost.

* That's what we talking about.
* Grasping at Straws. Hunter Biden does not, did not work for the US Govt. Get that straight through your head.

* The playbook is old. It started with Ken Starr, he looked into the Clinton's dealing with " Whitewater" and found nothing there, but he ended up with a consensual sex affair that almost brought Bill down, cause the GOP moved from one thing and ended up with another.

* You guys tried the hunter B thing to " Get to Joe." Did not work, cause people saw this movie before.
Hunter's partner said Joe is the "Big Guy" that gets his cut off the top.
But of course you were never told about that.
Not enough "substance" probably.
Good point, GR!
* Looks like you guys keep coming up empty. First, you still searching for THEY, the guy or guys that screwed 45 over in 2020. Now you claiming the � Bug Guy� is Joe himself.

* What�s the old saying � when you in a hole, you stop digging.� The Magats should try that.
It's not our fault you only hear one side of the news that's edited for your consumption.
You have no idea what's going on in the world, don't get mad at us about it.
You're stupid, deal with it.
Joe is the big guy. Tony Bobulinski said that in his interview with Tucker Carlson that was broadcast live on Fox and cnn
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