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Thursday, September 22, 2022


It's time for Trump to pivot to midterms and take his case to the public...

* He needs to pivot out of politics for good!
I guess just like the election results, he "doesn't have standing" to question anything or have his side of the story heard.
The fix is in.
His case is in the public eye. Has been for six years +.
He has gained added support in the past six + years from the public.

His support is so great that Pelosi had to pass legislation giving non citizens the right to vote yesterday.
* It’s as Morpheus told Neo in “ The Matrix” - you have been living in a dreamworld Neo.
In your minds, Trump is the best thing that ever happened to America. You glossing over the carnage. The idiotic leadership during the pandemic, the tariff war that cost the US jobs, the refusal to accept the results of the American voters by attempting to force his will on the voters to govern a 2nd term.

* Trump was unfaithful to the Constitution, end of story.
* Bhagwan, when Al Gore contested the results of the election against  Bush based on “ hanging Chads” it ran it’s course and that was the end of it. Like those hanging chads, certain States had “ Recounts”to satisfy Trump and his team’s request. When those results stayed the same- the manly thing would have been to accept the results, but no..

* Say what you want, the country has moved on from this loser. The longer he hangs around, the worse his position gets. That unqualified Judge who covered for Trump was taken to task by the Appeals court for her incompetence- you saw it but will not believe. Two out of those 3 judges were appointed by 45, and even they came to the conclusion that your boy had no right to have classified material in his possession.

* So yeah, go to your rallies, get the adulation- but it ends there. The Republican Party would love the guy to permanently  disappear, but he doesn’t like taking No for an answer, and that is his & your downfall.
"The Republican Party would love the guy to permanently  disappear"
You said a true statement there.

Trump dragged the old dog Republicans out into the sunlight as to who they really are.
Trump is our Obama.
* Well that dragging action got him impeached. I don’t think the party liked that,  nor do l think that the party liked the Jan 6th actions. The conservatives wanted something new, and instead got someone who knew little of how the govt worked, which is why they tried covering his ass for as long as they could. In the end, they  ran out of rope.

* Little reminder, Obama did not get impeached.
* Jap- You do realize that Trump has performed a marriage between the GOP & the QAnon movement. If that is dragging them into the light, l foresee a crisis down the road.
* That’s one of the problems with the maga movement,  they yawned when their leader said that the “pandemic would blow over” when the US had a few deaths. Then they stopped yawning when people start ones dying in the thousands &
45 got impeached. Went back to yawning when you guys stormed the Capitol. Stopped yawning when 45 lost.

* Yawned when Trump stole classified material, stopped yawning when the DOJ & FBI came to pick up the people’s papers. This yawning thing don’t work.
All your manic babbling doesn't change the fact that Trump is going to be elected President for the third time in a couple years.
Just deal with it and stop obsessing about it before you drive yourself even more insane than you already are. Calm the fk down.
* Here’s a few facts Bhagwan.

* Trump would not have been President if not for Comey’s help with Hill’s emails.

* Trump not only list, but lost in a landslide. He lost by the same numbers he beat Hill.

* Your boy is a one term loser, even Republicans on the hill know it. As for 45 being President again, that’s like saying the Moon is going to crash into earth next week.

* Trump will go down in history, but for all the wrong reasons. You know them all to well. Throw Mike Pillow into the mix, both losers.
Dead wrong as usual.
The fake news talking points you recite remind me of Sleepy reading the teleprompter like he's told, not really knowing what it's all about but shouting and whispering and shaking his fists at inopportune intervals for no particular reason. You're the LP version of Sleepy.

You've admitted that you never listen to both sides so what you think really doesn't matter.
* l admitted that l don’t listen to news outlets that have been proven FALSE.  When Fox called AZ for Biden, it was as though the conservatives as a whole had a stroke- the news reporters were vilified, what’s with that. Ok, they did re counts after re count’s & guess who won, Huh? Not believing those results-some conservatives ponied up hundreds of thousands of dollars to “ prove 45 won” thing is those recounts added more voters to Joe.

* You heard counts in Wis & GA as well. What were the results there, anyone anyone? Yeah you know it. Joe pulled that one off. You may not realize this but you are admitting that the so called “ fake News” was right in calling the election for Biden, after all- he was certified.

*You guys are poor losers. I am a supporter of both the Warriors & Lakers, when both those teams did not make it to the finals, l just told myself they were not good enough that year. You poor souls should have the mental attitude that you can’t win them all. Trump came further than more savvy politicians, he just fell short that’s all. Fact of the matter, he relied on old tactics to push him over the line: The MAGA speech had run its course, and he was on empty. Your boy got exposed for being an amateur. He may know how to run a hotel business, but he was a fish out of water once he stepped into the WH.
I hear a train coming.
* Yeah, targeting Hunters laptop l guess.
Why do you think the laptop has never been investigated, Numbnutz?
They just don't have time or what?
* The laptop according to what we know is now a movie you idiot. Didn’t you pay full price to watch it Bhagwan? Sources say it’s about Hunter doing drugs, so? Where’s the movie on 45 grinding his weapon into Stormy Daniels? When is that coming out?
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