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Saturday, July 10, 2021


Doc on CNN: Biden Admin should tell Americans get the jab or sign form to be tested twice weekly

Gone full bore radical on getting this jab.

* Thats because the hospitalizations & deaths in the USA are occurring in areas where people " refuse" the jab JAP.

* Was Trump & family receiving the " jab" not good enough? What further testing do you numbnuts need?

* Those nurses in Houston tried refusing the jab, yet they wanted to work around patients, if somehow they infected these people it would be " Well the hospital should have taken different measures."

* The hospital did the right thing- they fired their A***.
NG, everybody on LP already knows you're an idiot. What is your point with your nonsensical jabbering?
KAL, He just likes to hear himself talk and stir up a bunch of sh1t. Typical lib/dem.

This makes no sense whatsoever. Why would the hospital wait until now to try and force it's workers to get the shot? Why didn't they do it last year at the height of the pandemic if they are so worried about their patients? Why wait until after the pandemic is winding down and every thing is opening back up. Not only that, a lot of the workers have already had the virus. They already have anti bodies to it.
Just a bunch of more fake news. Like they say, fear sells.
* You guys are a bunch of morons. You not answering the question. Instead like always" you pointing to me" hey idiots, was Trump and family given the jab, Yes or No? If he was, why haven't you guys followed suit? Who's the idiots here?

* Btw- lf fools don't want to get the jab, they choosing death, just crawl into bed and wait for it. Getting back to these stupid nurses- they said " Not enough tests have been done on it" Huh? Millions of doses gave been injected into persons worldwide.

* The same brainless idiots who refuse to get the jab are probably illiterate & dumb Maga folks.These idiots still think Trump won and that Biden will soon be removed from office & Trump re installed at President. You guys must visiting America from a 3rd world country, cause they do that S^&^ over there.

* The hospital " Did not wait"- you speculating. These nurses deserved to be canned. If you employed by a company, you abide by their rules & these nurses defied the Hospital, going so far as to take the hospital to court where the judge tossed out their claim...
what the F is wrong with your thinking?

* You getting paid by your firm & the firm tells you we in business of saving lives and you say " l want to continue working here BUT l will obey your rules to keep the patients safe?"

* It's no wonder your whole thinking process is screwed up.
...BUT l will NOT obey your rules to keep the patients safe?"

* Trump was Right, he loves ignorant and uneducated folks. You guys are so lucky to be clueless.

Three Countries on Earth Declined the COVID Vax; All Three of their Presidents are now DEAD

There is NO need to be name calling on any post. Try sticking to the subject instead of the Individual. As far as this subject is concerned, the cost of testing twice weekly would be astronomical. And, you can;t force ANYONE to get this vaccine if they don't want it period.
* l am a strong believer in Common Sense, more so in life & death circumstances. Going off that, if people feel that they DO NOT want to be vaccinated for the Covid virus, that's their choice, BUT stay away from the general public who have been vaccinated or the Elderly.

* Last year at a convalescent home out here , 6-8 elderly patients died from the virus, and it was major news. Since " no visitors " were allowed on property for weeks leading up to these death- the question that was asked was " how is it possible since these patients never left their rooms or the facility in general?" Turned that they were infected by the nursing staff.

* So yeah, unbeknownst to the nursing staff, they " killed these patients." We now have the vaccine, so going off my original point, in line with the Houston nurses, "you not vaccinated, you don't work here."
The people who refuse to take it should not complain when a family member dies. Its mind boggling that there is any arguement about this!    Its an easy decision take it and reduce the risk or gamble and don't get the shot. People I know that took the risk are now dead.
* What pisses me off LB, is some turning this life & death issue into a political one.

* My thinking is this: if you not going to get the jab to " protect the general public & your loved ones" dont even bother picking up the phone and calling 911 if you coming down with the virus, save everyone their time by slipping away into the darkness.

*You didn't care, why should humanity.
Turns out it has been death for over 7000 people after taking the jab. And those millions that have had the jab and are still alive only time will tell....give it two years.
When I posted the Vaers update on my blog last week the number of deaths after getting the shot as of 6/25/21 was 6,985. An increase of 872 from the previous week.
As of 7/2/21 the number of deaths after getting the shot is now 9,048. This is an increase of 2,063 from the previous week of 6/25.
This is a total of 2,935 deaths in the last 2 weeks.
You can see the new update by clicking the link below.
The delta varient one of over 20 varients is more deadly to the vaccinated than the un-jabbed. Go figure.
* Know what? Think this over.

* You in the jungle, suddenly you chased by a lion, you more than an excellent runner & you outpacing this lion believe it or not.

* Suddenly you come fullstop at a river, pretty deep & approximately 25 feet wide. You know you an excellent swimmer but wait.... there is a sign posted " Beware of crocodiles!"

* My question to you is : Do you take your chances being eaten either way OR decide l will plunge into the river & hope for the best in reaching the otherside in one piece?

* My point is : If you had a 50/50 chance of either living or dying from taking the Covid vaccine, would you choose not taking it at all?

* Think of the lion or crocodile situation before answering...

More covid info.
ng Where in the world do you come with this stuff???   HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!

Can a human outrun a lion?
But, really, any time you're near lions, you should be careful. ... It should not surprise you that a lion is way faster than you, but in case you need numbers: the fastest human to ever live, Usain Bolt, can run 27.79 miles per hour. A lion can run 50 miles per hour. So stand still. Jul 3, 2013

Saltwater crocodiles can swim at 15 to 18 mph (24 to 29 km/h) in short bursts, around three times as fast as the fastest human swimmers.
Crocs are fast.
Geee. It was not to be taken LITERAL.. it was an EXAMPLE, of course we out of our element & in their environment.

* Just answer the vaccine question. Take the vaccine or not
50/50% dying or not. As apposed to not taking the jab & dying, like permanently!!

Every person that I know that has taken the vaccine became ill for several days post jab, one had to go to the emergency room after the second. There is no recourse for your loved ones if you die from the sign that away when you get it, of course they want you to get it, they can't be harmed legally if they kill you..... 9000 + families are sh1t out of luck to be able to sue for their dead family members.
... Seems to me all the " people you know" have weak immune systems to begin with, or underlying health issues, cause all the folks l know that have had either Pfizer or Moderna, have been fine & are still around.

* My wife had the same shot as me, but she had a chill and soaked in the tub, overall she is doing well. The so called hysteria out there is that the vaccines are unsafe & l call BS on that. Billions of dollars have been spent to " keep people alive" but the nonsense spouted from political platforms are " they trying to kill us."

* Btw- l know of no one in my orbit that has died from the vaccine ITSELF, and that's the difference- l also know of no one is asked " Do you have underlying health issues either." Why? Cause that privilege information.

* Some painting the vaccines itself as BAD is an overkill. You cannot tell me with a straight face that Nations worldwide are permitting their citizens to get the jab in order to " kill them off." Youbguys are saying thus is a genocidal vaccine? Listen to yourselves.That thinking out there is both false & dangerous.

* It's like l said " People will believe whatever they want to believe & sometimes no amount of convincing will change their point of view, until someone in their family dies.I saw online where this guy had a double lung transplant after coming down with the virus, check it out, it's out there.

* Who would have thought that in the 21st century one would need to convince people that researchers spend months if not years looking for drugs to keep humans alive.

* Yet if someone had cancer or an inoperable tumor- they want Doctors to do " any & everything " to keep them alive, some travel outside the country for a cure.. but just you mention these Covid vaccines & its " No no no." Why is that?
If you click on the first link I posted today on covid and scroll down it gives the indivdual cases and their reactions to the shots.

The second covid link I posted today has the individual cases also, but only for ones that died from the shot.

This link gives the chances of NOT dieing from covid if you get it...
According to the cdc... your chances of NOT dieing from covid are.

So to answer your question, will I take the non FDA approved, experimental, no long term studies done shot. Hell no!!
The people I know range from early 20's to mid 90's they all were and are in general, healthy, even the oldies. What I do know is this: farticus is a stupid bitch. The one that went to the emergency room made it out alive.

Here is another thing: I know a lot of people from all walks of life, no one I know has died with or without the vaccine, young and old. Anyone who got the Covid flu is alive no vaccine.
* Well fine, l will say a short prayer for you if you bought the farm and was l told about your demise, l promise to light a candle, knowing l will never run into you again.

* l know Maddog said " No name calling" but Check out Proverbs 26:4.
Bill Gates on population control.
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