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Monday, July 5, 2021


8 Anti-Trump Narratives The Media Had To Admit Were False Along

What?........... No frogs croaking on this one?
This has to be a joke, comparing 8 lies to over 20,000 lies, and false, misleading statements made by the 12 year old mentality orange orangutan, is laughable. Maybe if his supporters only took their dictator's advice and drank some disinfectant, we wouldn't have retarded losers still going on about the's over! Get a life!

Go buy a clue at Walmart, they are really cheap.

How many MAGA cult supporters does it take to change a lightbulb? None, tRUMP will tell them it's fixed, and they sit in the dark applauding.....effen dumbasses....
* Sure it's lies.

* if they published all the lies he uttered over the past 4 years, it would make people's heads spin.

* Claiming he WON this past Presidential election is an ONGOING lie as well. Despite recounts, Forensic tests, he still loses.
* It's been proven: if you lose in the real world- you can always win in your fantasy world.

* Even Sha'carri Richardson who failed a drug test for smoking a joint was stripped of her medals, was denied a trip to the upcoming Olympics said " l messed up, it's all on me." Yet 45 says & thinks he won.
* if athletes can do a mea culpa- why can't narcissistic politicians?
Carter lost, he didn't ask for a recount. Bush Snr lost as well, no recount there either.

*Yet a newbie to politics assumes he won? Okay, right.
They forgot the lie that joepedo and kamalalalala won the election 11-3-20, they didn't win 11/3 they cheated early morning 11-4-20 for the steal.

Let's see 30 people show up for Biden, 45,000 show for Trump last week. Barely 10,000 on line viewers for July 4 joepedo speech, 2,000,000 viewers online for Trump rally.

Go fuque yourselves libtarded cucks, Trump won!
One quick question: were people cleared out of Lafayette Park with tear gas?

Unless someone wants to really "play dumb", there is video of it happening and it did in fact happen.

The people believing "Trump was the greatest President since Reagan" will never acknowledge why "someone" wanted those people cleared out of a public park or why "someone" decided to use tear gas on them. The good news is nobody was killed so Trump could have his a photo opt in front of a church building holding a bible upside-down.

Magicians use misdirection or "slight of hand" so viewers won't see what's really happening. And Trump supporters try to use it all the time to pretend those people in Lafayette Park weren't cleared out using tear gas on behalf of Trump.

Or worse pretending because Trump might have been right about where the coronavirus started, over 600,000 didn't die from causes related to it.
* You clueless moron. If Trump won, he would be in the White House.

*What's prevented him from having a 2nd term? LOSING.. that's what!

* You can say he won until eagles fly with the doves.. as the song says- he lost, and lost by 7 million votes.

* Those folk who showed up at his rallies are attending his farewell tour.
*The MAGA folk are like Jim Jones followers- he could do no wrong.

*They were willing to follow him out of these United States- these Maga folk are prepared to throw away the constitution in order to keep 45 in power. There is a name for that : Delusion, look it up, its a pretty word.
*The MAGA folk are like Jim Jones followers- he could do no wrong.

*They were willing to follow him out of these United States- these Maga folk are prepared to throw away the constitution in order to keep 45 in power. There is a name for that : Delusion, look it up, its a pretty word.
Well joepedo isn't in the white house either, he has no idea where he is unless he can smell he is in an ice cream parlor.

joepedo ain't prezzy and you asterisk fuquers know it, more than half of the USA know the election was stolen. Crimes were committed.
* First off: l put asterisks so folk can follow my chain of thought- if l simply keep writing, you guys Cherryville what you want to see, so there..

* 2nd: More than the country believe he won- conservatives, believe that. That's delusional trait is to be expected, why? Because first 4 years, folks showing up the 45's rallies were there to be " entertained." Think me crazy?

3rd: What's with the " Do you love me BS, throw him out, lock her up, lock him up, Mexico will pay for the Wall nonsense"
These mindless drones were not there to listen to POLICY, they show up for a good laugh. Which is why his was a reality show administration/ Presidency.

* 4th : If Trump TRULY won, where is the solid concrete evidence? How is it possible for conservative judges to rule against Trump? Know why? Cause when you win, you don't need to tell Governors & Sec of State to " Overturn an election, to find mysterious votes" to put you over the top.

5th : History will not be kind to Trump. Even if he had won a 2nd term, he's would have been marked with a circus atmosphere. He took Putin's word over our allies, Putin's word over our own intelligence. Once people come to their senses, and they will eventually, they will look back and say " how in the H were we so gullible?"

* Try telling your Grandchildren you stood in line to watch Trump ramble on about " the election was stolen from me for months, if not years" only to have the G kids ask- " Did they allow booze at his rallies, cause it sounds like you guys were pretty loaded at the time."

Wow!! The cnn kool-aid drinkers are out in force today!
The msm is finally admitting what we know all along. They lie their butts off, and make up things on a daily basis, and now their followers are having a meltdown and can't accept that they were played for fools. Man I love it!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

How many times have I told you bozos...

Pay attention to Mika at the end. She's been lying to you since at least Feb. 2017. Wake up already!!!
farticus, you make sh1t up whole cloth, a majority of people polled believe the election was stolen and secondly a clear majority believe he isn't even in charge period,
* You obviously don't know what you talking about..

* Are you seriously suggesting that MORE people voted for Trump to be entertained? Yiu do know that Trump had NO 2nd term agenda, right? Are you saying the Maga folks were that clueless?

* Isn't that like proposing to a person but telling them " We have no home to go to, we will sleep under the stars, what about Health insurance- don't worry loved ine, we can become vegans, what about the children we could have?.. no worries, we could become homeless and along with the kids, receive welfare from the State.. your suggestion is absurd!

* Trump offered NOTHING, so to somehow suggest he was worthy of a 2nd term is laughable. He was asked flat out" so what do you hope to accomplish in your 2nd term, this was before he crashed & burned- and he's response was " To keep doing what we doing to MAGA."

* OK, was ignoring the severity of the virus " Making America Great again?"

* How about going golfing when he lost and didn't give a fig about bring Presidential? Is that MAGA?

* Let us know when you have permanently shut off the kool- aid valve for good.

* Oh BTW
* A majority of people thought Mike Tyson would beat Buster Douglas.

* A majority of people thought Tyson would make shortwork of Evander Holyfield.

* How about Tyson against Lennox Lewis?

* How about Ali against Spinks?

* My point is NO ONE is immune to defeat.
This is Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted 6/27-6/30/21 on biden's job performance. He's not exactly tearing it up.

farticus what was joepedos platform?
* Not my name you uneducated imbecile.
* One of Trump's flaws was turning part of the WH is a church. This clown has Paula White on the govt payroll.

* Pity she couldn't help him stay in office, the moral of the story is " Keep religion out of politics."
Lewis final record was 41-2-1 32 KO's KOed Tyson in the 8th He was a 3 time champion.

Holyfield final record was 42-8-2 27 KO's TKOed Tyson in the 11th & Won rematch by disq. He was the only 4 time champion.
Neither beating Tyson was a big upset.

Ali - Spinks was an upset. Ali fought Spinks to avoid fighting Ken Norton for a 4th time. Spinks was stripped of his title for refusing to fight Norton.

Tyson-Douglas. Tyson's regular trainer Kevin Rooney had been fired over his comments about Robin Givens. Tyson took Douglas very lightly, he didn't train properly. His new corner was totally unprepared. They didn't even have Endswell with them for when Tyson's left eye was swollen shut. Plus Douglas was 6'4 to Tyson's 5'10. Douglas just wasn't afraid of him and also he (Douglas) got saved by the bell at the end of the 9th when he got knocked down and the ref started his count late.

* So given your knowledge of boxing & tying that loose thread, l am pleased you have come to the conclusion that Trump was defeated!

* l never thought l would see the day but thank yourself for finally seeing the light.

* Your secret is safe with us.
Just like I said before, it's all about misdirection for these very childish Trump supporters. Noise points out several unexpected losses in boxing and one of the silly tin foil MAGA hat wearers wants to explain why. They even think posting a youtube video with a morning talk show host proves something or she said something we should all take note of.

And they really must be stupid trying to compare Trump's job performance andapproval rating with anyone but Bill Cosby.
There you go assuming again. lol
If you watched the video, she said how controlling what people think is their job.

She must be very good at it cause you everything she tells you.
edit believe every thing she tells you.
ng, Just like some fights in the past, this election was fixed.

Do you really think 81 million people voted for a guy with dementia, that never even campaigned? Why didn't you vote for him?

stack, There's no misdirection as you like to call it.
Tyson losing those fights to Lewis and Holyfield wasn't unexpected at all. Tyson had never gone the distance cause all he did was KO people early. No one knew if he could. And he couldn't. Obviously you don't follow boxing or you would have known that.

What I said about the Douglas fight wasn't me making excuses for him, those were facts. He didn't train, he didn't put in his work. Anybody that followed boxing knew that before the fight even took place. The commentators said it, even Mike said he didn't take him seriously.
Ali- Spinks... How anyone with only 8 pro fights gets a title shot is beyond me. That just doesn't happen. Unless???

Now biden, who has already lost (dropped out) two other times he ran for president, is now running for president a third time. But this time he did no campaigning, he held no rallys, did no interviews with the press, wouldn't answer any questions about what his policies would be, nobody knew what he planned to do about anything if he got into office, but 81 million people, the most in history said, That's the guy I want running our country... Bull frigging sh1t!!
When Hillary told him in August, Do not concede the election under any circumstances, that should have been the clue something was up.
Any one that thinks he won a fair election needs to get their head examined.

farticus do you prefer noise fart mcfarty marxist fuque face? Ok NP.

noise fart mcfarty marxist fuque face, what was joepedo's platform that compels you to be so full of sh1t.

Platform? I don't need no stinkin' platform. I'm gonna cheat!!
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