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Tuesday, May 18, 2021


NY AG Actively Investigating Trump Organization In a Criminal Capacity

Remember those chants of " Lock her up!"
What is it that they say about Karma again?
noise fart STFU you f'ing troll moron.
Meanwhile, crickets on Cuomo and Hunter.
Hey Jar Jar Binks, why are you upset? You had your fun along with millions of others chanting that Hillary should serve time, but when the shoe is on the other foot you crying foul?
Wake the hell up, no one is above the law you imbecile.

As for Cuomo & Hunter, if it can be proven that they did anything illegal in COURT OF LAW, not public opinion, they should pay the price.

You had Nixon, Iran Contra, Now 45- the guys you elected sure know how to mess around & think they can get away with it.
Jar Jar- This is a blog A- hole. I was the 1st to post on this topic, so where in your weird mind do you come up with me " trolling?" Do you even know what that word means FOOL?
As for Cuomo & Hunter, if it can be proven that they did anything illegal in COURT OF LAW, not public opinion...

What happened to "You have to believe them"? (Kavanaugh SC hearings)
Dems love to use the court of public opinion.

What about Clinton and Obama? No scandals there right.

You and others are under the impression that l vote Democrat- I do not!
I look for the � good� in people & in political persuasions. Was Obama or Clinton bad Presidents? I think not, l may not agree with everything they did, but at least they did not screw the country with lies after lies after lies. Both these people had political experience, they did not wing it, so to- speak.
As for scandals, which stuck with Obama?

Clinton, yeah, he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but that � jar catching� was a personal thing. The country was not harmed in any way from his behavior. Consider that the Republicans drew up articles of impeachment as though they walked with Angels- Newt was SOTH and he was carrying on an affair while married during the Clinton impeachment. Henry Hyde had an affair years earlier and called it a � youthful indiscretion � while being in his 40�s at the time.

It�s the hypocrisy that exists on both sides, but l aim high with the Republicans because they carry themselves as riding white horses while the Dems are the enemy of the State.

If Trump is found guilty, it�s not because he is a Republican, it�s because he committed a crime.
Obama scandals.
Scandals without serious merit. Consider the Bhenghazi inquisition, we had 4, maybe 5 Americans who were killed in a hostile country & the blame was left at Clinton's feet. We had more than 10 hearings on that singular topic..
Step back in history and ask yourself how many hearings were there under Reagan's watch where " hundreds of Marines " lost their lives in Lebanon. I seriously doubt it was 10.
Do you see the hypocrisy?
What will the Kool-Aid drinkers do when he gets locked up?

And what about the people running over secret service agents hugging Eric Trump and weeping; who will they hug?

Think he will use the "insanity" defense or say "the devil made me do it"?

Scandals without serious merit. That's the funniest thing you've said in a long time!! I'm lmao.
What will you do when the election fraud gets proven and JB and KH and other dems end up in prison?
You'll be crying, Say it ain't so Joe, say it ain't so.
"What will you do when the election fraud gets proven"

This after Trump's lawyers and his supporters lost over 40 court cases. I for one can no longer give this person any credibility. It useless trying to discuss anything with someone dumb enough to that stupidity.
The only dumb ones are the ones that think 81 million people actually voted for Biden. Like you.
Trump may have lost the election, but millions of people still support him and they are not afraid to say it.
Unlike the phony so called Biden supporters that have never said anything good about their guy. Again, like you.
Must be because Biden hasn't done anything good.

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