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Friday, July 26, 2019


Bill Barr Brings Back Federal Death Penalty After 16 Years Orders 5 Executions

I have concerns about particulars involved in capital punishment, namely how it's often unevenly applied, but on the whole am not against it.

Not sure why Ginsberg and Bryer are bringing up that it violates the 8th Amendment, the prohibition against"cruel and unusual punishments inflicted". It seems to be that simply incarcerating someone would be cruel in separating them from their freedom and loved ones. In the same vein, not being able to live their "usual" life would be "unusual" punishment.

I'm saying that pretty much tongue-in-cheek. Any type of punishment can be "cruel and unusual", even down to putting a child in time-out because they're throwing tantrums.

If we keep the death penalty, we need to seek out alternatives to lethal injection. Since the ban on importing the "triple tail" of drugs that had proved effective, the one drug lethal dose has its problems. I've always wondered why the condemned could not be given a sedative to knock them out (as in a surgical procedure) and then placed into a small chamber (think iron lung) and the oxygen inside replaced with nitrogen.

If I was sentenced to death and had the choice, however, I believe I might opt for death by firing squad. I'm sure there's *some* pain involved but it would be brief.   I think they could even come up with some automatic, unmanned method and have several "rifles" to be trained upon the heart area.

I keep seeing figures that claim it's more expensive to execute someone than it is to keep them in prison for life and while I don't know how accurate that is, it would not surprise me to find out it's true. Life without parole would do the trick and would certainly preclude any chance (rare as it may be) of innocent men or women being executed. Reserve the DP for the most heinous of crimes and also have it available for anyone serving life without parole if they kill while in prison.
What about the sicko in Fla. filming himself raping a 1 year old and posting it on the dark net?
I'd say that would fall under "heinous", jarasan. While I'm sure it would fall under "cruel and unusual", I've always sort of went along with the "eye for an eye" type of punishment.

Of course, if I were King, there'd be no "cruel and unusual" restrictions.   I could come up with some imaginative and utterly gruesome punishments, some involving starved feral pigs and shark tanks. I won't even detail my "3-Day Death" procedure. All televised on pay-per-view and the proceeds going to the victim's families.

Then again, I'm about 28% sociopath; I actually took a test to find out! I was pleased with that, I always figured the percentage would be higher.
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