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Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Hillary Clinton zings Trump and GOP for ripping off her 2016 campaign slogan

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhahahahahaha, now the witch thinks she owns words too.
Hillary has a point, it's called a catch phrase. For instance, Hitler said we will make Germany Great Again. Reagan said Let's Make America great Again. Now Trump is saying, Make America Great Again. Genius! SMH
Maddogs**tforbrains also has a point. If you part his hair you'll see it hahaha
This woman is incredible, still the sore loser along with her supporters.
Trump is president, Hillary is not. She needs to move on.
Lethargic, try to think before you type. You have NOTHING going for yourself, looks, intelligence, or personality, yet you think you can talk about someone else. If that don't beat all. SAD
The RNC then shot back at Clinton on Tuesday: "How about this: We'll give you your slogan back if you run again."
Sleazy stop stalking me. Go find your little drunk stoner butt buddy. Did you also stalk your students? Some so called teacher you are scary what you conjure up in that pea brain of yours. Educated my rear.
Speedy... I have a new weapon to ward off the right-wing nut jobs watch this....FACTS FACTS FACTS FACTS FACTS

It's like hanging garlic in front of a vampire LOL
Wow anneberette, did you try to think of that while you were squatting , or as you were floating along. You haven't got the brains God gave a Jack-ass, no, wait a minute you are the Jack-ass, my bad. I see you and the other floater still can't stick to the subject just your normal childish gibberish. Who cares what you two schwoogies think, not many people do LOL Go play with your LTD's boys, we'll be back later.

@ Lejardin, don't even think of what the other floater thinks or says, he's still mad because his mother shaved his arse and made him walk backwards when he was in public. He's still walking backwards
hilldebeast is awash in chardonnay.
Hahahahahahahahahaha anneber, you wouldn't know facts if it slapped you up besides your ratchet face. Child,your just as ugly a hilldebeast, or the one walking backwards.
OK cry babies , now that President Trump, has been cleared of any collusion, you know how you two basted he would go down because of that, You ranted and raved he was a communist Nazi remember?? Or are you going to tell everyone he's still guilty?The only Commies that are prevalent are you and the other floater communist, because you're sure not Americans. Clowns Royale.!!
At one point Giuliani said collusion didn't happen, and then a few weeks later once the information got out, he said collusion isn't a crime, he keeps drawing a Line in the Sand so f***ing stupid keep moving the goalposts in a hockey game you dumb motherfukers.
amberjackoff fetid fuque face meth mouth, projecting the dumb mfer part of her pitiful self image.
Who gives a sheet? Hillary, repeat after me. Donald Trump is President. I am not.
MADMAN came to the south to live out his last days in his mammy's broke down trailer where she had it going on hot and heavy every night. Her motto was, the blacker the better.
LETHARGIC, who in the he11 want to stark a big out of shape moose looking beast like you? UGH!
Poor JARASH!T, have to work 20 more years before he can retire. By that time you will be ready to die and won't be able to enjoy retirement. SAD
Speedy.. they have no material, they hate facts so they lash out with insults because they have nothing to defend themselves with. Absolutely nothing! I show them fax, and they Scurry away like little roaches when you turn the lights on. Bunch of funk tards
^Sheer projection^

(or utter BS, take your pick)

I have seen very little in the way of facts from you and as far as "fax" goes, you can't show me one of those, either; I guess they're still around, but I haven't seen one in 20 yrs.   Come to think of it, your "facts" are about as understandable as a fax machine tone is when you pick up the phone and one is trying to connect.

Quit using "Speech to Text" as an excuse. Stop trying to comment when you're servicing a client and maybe your phone could understand what you're saying.

And remember, YOU are the one who started the insults first. If you can't handle the heat....
Again the toothless in Texas crawls out of his stench hole in the gutter. More useless gibberish from you again... crawl back to your s**t hole dumbass what you say doesn't matter at all. It's useless garbage.

You wouldn't know a fact if it's slaps you in the face moron!
lil*shiddy returded butt burglar, you are a drunk dead man walking, and don't worry, you didn't miss it, I retired a long time ago.

Right now, I am doing deep internet research looking for ruthie buzzie ginzburglar. Can you help me find her??
JARASH1T, quit lying, you have years to go before you can retire and have enough to live comfortable. Don't worry about Ruth. You better worry about Trumpsky. He is eating himself to death.
Dang miss speedette, you must be talking about yourself black maggot. My best guess you lived in an outhouse right? yup, that matches your title ( Floater ). Your mammy looked at you and that's why she shaved your head and made you walk backwards, I'm surprised she didn't abort your ugly ham hock arse to begin with. Keep floating turd, the others will follow. LMWAO.

lil*shiddy returded butt burglar, no, I am not at all like you, quit projecting.
MADMAN, I can overlook you because I know your health is failing and your brain is deteriorating. You are a dead man walking old fool.
JARASH1T, I know you are not like me. I have accomplished much in my life time. Now I am able to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor. You can't say that. Well, you can that, it just wouldn't be true. SAD
"say that"
@29- Now is your time, step up to the mike and explain to the forum, how you were able to be on the Georgia Masters Teacher List when you retired 10 years before the program started. This has got to be good!
Sleazy get a grip on yourself. Nobody is speaking your language of “stark”. Must be scholar pointy-head terminology you are trying to impress others with.
By the way, the thought of you makes any woman vomit. Different story with your rump ranger, drunk, stoner, go stalk him you black loser.
Maggot IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO??? Go back to the plantation and pay attention this time. Oh by the way, I'm probably THREE times healthier than you are floater LMWAO again.

LETHARGIC, you don't get it. You are not a woman, you are a beast. UGH!
CARBO, go take your medicine and change your diaper. I'm retired and live in my own house. My wife is a retired teacher also. Our children are grown and doing fine. I have nothing to prove to any of you trolls, especially you CARBO. I don't care what you people believe because I don't know any of you personally, and I like it that way. So GFY CARBO.
MADMAN, you came south because your old bones keep you in pain in COLD WEATHER. It's not by accident that you picked Florida. If your health was good, you would still be there. You need to be honest with yourself for a change liar.
No azzwipe you dont get it nobody cares what you do, say or think. Everyone knows you have a mental issue of having the last word and they keep posting to keep you busy lmao. How many months later to you go back to post, what a MORON.
As I said before Maggot, I'm three times healthier than you are . Your substance is about to quit on you , you're slowly sinking. Oh, by the way charlatan, I lived here before. The only one who is a LIAR is you. So, go back to the plantation maggot, brush up on civility. LMWAO again.
Guess you can't give CARBOB the truth either can you. You'd prove yourself a LIAR again. The only list you'd show up on is the morticians.
LETHARGIC I've got all the time in the world to insult your ugly azz. You are a band-wagon commenter. As for myself, I take all of you on one by one. You involve me in your comment, I will get back to you today or tomorrow. Also, don't tell me about my spelling when you have double-negatives in your grammar dummy.
MADMAN, you are deteriorating by the day. Your body smells like decayed road kill with maggots. Taking a shower does nothing to take away the smell of death. #Dead Man Walking
lil*shiddy returded butt burglar, if you are so happy and enjoying your beautiful worry free life, why are you such a miserable, full of hate, keyboard pounding, double posting out of anger, venom spewing, angry screeching monkey..... all of the time?? No need to answer, everyone knows that you are a fuquing liar, braggart, poseur, fraudster and loser, just by what you write in these comments. You'll never get respect touting monkey bullsh1t. Nobody gives a rats a$$, much less believe anything you write, you are irrelevant.
Sleazy you are a stalking loser pos so insult away.   How many women you have stalked on here and name called. You are nothing more than a maggot.
black maggot, seriously, IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN COME WITH. only one close toyou right now is YOU turd, so I guess what your looking like and smelling like is you floater. You don't have to draw a picture of yourself, we have a pretty good idea. Like I said before maggot, go back to the plantation and learn some civility. Flush ( whooooooosh) LMWAO.

JARASH1T you trolls are disappointed because nothing that you have been saying all these years has gotten to me. You see bigot it's simple, you people can't steal my glory because you don't know my story. It's laughable how jealous you people are.
LETHARIC I never insult women, you are an ugly beast so you don't fit into that category. As long as you want to be one of the boys I will treat you the same way witch.
MADMAN, like James Brown use to say, I'm Black and I'm proud. I have never been ashamed of my Blackness. Bigot, Blacks contributed more to this country than being a slave in it. You need to educate yourself and turn away from your bigoted ways. That is why your health is failing you. Hate is hazardous to your health. Hate on and you will join the other haters in the hereafter. Oh, my bad, I forgot you said Heaven and hell is a metaphor.
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