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Saturday, January 26, 2019


Trump and His Associates Had More Than 100 Contacts With the Russians Before the Inauguration

Of course, the election was in November and the inauguration was on Jan 21st. That is about a 10 week spread to set up diplomatic speaking channels with Russia. How many other countries were they in contact with? Just a news story to imply a chummy, chummy relationship.
Give me a break.
Something else,
Pelosi is tweeting right now about Trump & Putin being in cahoots. Now the NY Times is running headlines about all these Trump Russia contacts before the inauguration.
This is all collusion between the Dems and their news buddies to warrant the House investigations of Trump Russia collusion.
Just brainwashing the masses.
What else is new? The whole Trump campaign is riddled with crap from Russia and Putin. and what I really love is hearing all the excuses people make. If you don't get it by now you never will. Once your head is buried and s***, it's difficult to take it out.
I got it amber.
It is all collusion to take out Trump.
My head is buried in obvious information right before my eyes.

amberjackoff farsical fuque face meth mouth, if stupidity was a virtue, you would be one of the most virtuous farsical fuque face meth mouths on the planet.
Jarash1t comes again with another great comeback. I guess all the fact that I present or too much for your puny brain to understand. And in an order to blow off steam you resort to your name calling childish behavior just like your troll losers on this site. Get out of your mother's basement already for goodness sake. And get a job too. You have way too much time on your hands.
Jap... you're correct, somebody's got to put this fat orange piece of s*** behind bars because you people won't. Somebody's got to come along and do fact-checking, cuz we know you people won't. Somebody's got to follow through and not sit on their ass doing nothing about this dangerous man in power, because we know none of you will. You're all bootlickers, you don't care about facts you just care about ruining this country permanently. You people don't have a freaking clue.
@amberjackoff farsical fuque face meth mouth:

"amberjackoff farsical fuque face meth mouth, if stupidity was a virtue, you would be one of the most virtuous farsical fuque face meth mouths on the planet."

Not a comeback, but it is a great commentary on your aggregate ever growing stupidity.

Andonce are projecting again. Think before you post, but then again you are drenched in stupidity, hate, methamphetamine, and will never have an original or honest thought.
Dude, you're stinking up the place. Go whine to somebody else. I know it hurts losing the battle after Pelosi wins the midterms and six indictments and more to come including your nazi the orange face moron that you love so much, which proves to me how moronic his supporters are, I get it I know it hurts to be an idiot but you'll get over it soon.

Maybe if you go and cuddle with Mike and watch some Netflix movies, he'll take it off your mind.
That's funny Amber, especially the last sentence.LMAO
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