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Saturday, January 19, 2019


Mueller's Statement Disputes Report That Trump Directed Cohen To Lie


Are you kidding me ?? LOL The Ambers and the Speedies of the world were so sure that what they were breast fed by CNN and MSN were so true about Trump. Fake news at it's best. TRUMP 2020 !!!! losers had to print the truth in very small print no one gives a fuque what they write, we all knew it 2 days ago.
Just because Mueller didn't agree with BuzzFeed doesn't mean it isn't true. People do their own investigations aside from Mueller. Duh
You need Professional help, badly!! The first question Barr would have asked Mueller, did you verify this?? Mueller understands that Barr is a stickler for the truth. Look that word up, because I know you, like the other trolls don't understand the word truth.
amberjackoff you are a buffoon with a meth pipe, that has to be the most ignorant sh1t you've written, and you have written lots of ignorant sh1t.
I mentioned the word duh and the two clowns show up. That's fine if you don't want to believe what I wrote, just wait for the Mueller report, that'll put the nail in his coffin. And you both of you jerks will look dumber than usual and whine and whine and bitch and line and bitch crying your little stupid eyes out.
amber, as usual, you and I both once again outshine all the darkness here and there's still no victory to be had on their end...yet. So, Mueller disagrees with BuzzFeed and, of course, is right on point in doing so. This particular issue is barely moving the pendulum either way because both sides contain solid elements of the truth BUT, here's the difference:
*Cohen is already on the record stating plainly that he made those statements, HE LIED, about the whole Trump Towers Moscow deal already in motion so that he'd be in lock step with what Trump had already been lying about and it's right HERE (video):

Everyone knows he was lying, although, to actually pursue such a project isn't illegal at all. However, as candidate Trump enroute to President Trump while still lying to the American People, and, COERCING COHEN with that rhetoric, it falls squarely under suborning perjury. To quote what Will I Am (William Barr) just said under oath, 'suborning perjury is obstruction of justice.' There's also the issue of those payoffs which Cohen also lied about...'under the direction' of the president. Barr already knows full well that Trump's day is only a few more sunrises away and that he's only there to try and minimize the collateral damage already taking place behind closed doors.

Now, BuzzFeed is still standing behind every word of their reporting and has requested Mueller to specify what exactly is inaccurate but, outside of Cohen echoing Trump with the same lies, it might compromise something critical in this part of his investigation to do it. The reason why is because Cohen was actually taken back to court to face the fact that he lied to congress about this very thing BUT, Mueller did not pursue any additional charges. That's big because it signals that Mueller is actually after INDIVIDUAL #1. amber, these are all the facts that your friends here, lol, no nothing about for a number of reasons. When Kamala Harris grilled Barr with that specific line of Obstruction of Justice questioning, buddy, it had implications written all over it...and he knows it.

Yes, as you've said, we'll get to laugh again around here real soon. It never fails.
Wow, that's hysterical! They don't call you Detective Shortbus for nothing, LOL
Det. Short Bus manifesto of manure! So contrived and twisted that no normal person can get past the fifth word.
Yep, thanks KALO and jarasan! I OWN the Detective Shortbus title and have for a while now. Every single word I wrote is validated already, and, no Republican has disputed those facts...yet. WE already know that you clowns are obligated to just come here because...

*Some people have something to say while others just have to say something. You know, folks, I was gonna give jarasan a pass but, I see it's still so very easy to count his brain cells. Let's go!! So, he's confirmed here what we've already known for years in that he's obviously 'not a normal person'. How else would he arrive at the opinion, but by reading, that my commentary is so contrived and twisted that 'no normal person' can get past the fifth word???? He's still no match and KALO matches him.
No Republican has ever disputed that fact?? I know Kaopectate hasn't either. Try not to sit to high on your perch LL, a good wind fart is liable to wind you up in Kansas.

Det. Shortbus, your manifestos have the notoriety of being contrived twisted manure for years. The manure never changes, it is clear after the first few words........more manure from Det. Shortbus nothing to see here, get to the point. You hate Trump, America, and you live in a demoncRATTED leftist dirt bubble.
JARASH1T you've been on vacation too long. You need to get a part time job at the strip club to channel some of your pervert energy.
It's a bird, no it's a turd, no it's YELLOWDOG...he's a rapid faced POS that live in a treehouse in the woods.
CARBO go roll your wheel chair in the shower with you and wash the sh1t off the seat; then wash your funky ass body and change the clothes you have had on for days you old racist coot.
YELLOWDOG, that should be rabid faced. LOL
MADMAN, your old sick azz need to be trying to get well instead of talking so much BS. You are worst than CARBO. LOL SMH
BTW, Mueller did not exonerate Trump. He just said the statement wasn't accurate and the leak did not come from his people. Mueller's people don't leak, they indict YELLOWDOG & CARBO. STUPID FUKS
Listen SFB's you've got nothing to offer besides your hatred BS. Go sit on the porch you senile SOB. better yet go and get plugged by one of your zombie inbred. This is exactly why YOU ARE A TROLL. maybe you need to look at the rules a couple of hundred times in order for it to soak in. What a Dufus.

MADMAN, you sick old bigot. I would rather be a troll than a bigot any day. The grim reaper will be paying you a visit soon. Tick-tock
lil*returdburglar one of the nuts in Det. Shortbus' manure. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

lil*returdburglar you also You hate Trump, America, and you live in a demoncRATTED leftist dirt bubble. The aricept is going to stop working soon, you should start saying your good byes, good riddance.
Pansyette, You bet I'm a BIGOT for the likes of you dirt bag. The grim reaper?? wake up from your fantasy world schwoogie. You haven't got anything to offer but hatred you old senile Floater.
Calm down JARASH1T. The non-essential government workers will be returning to work as soon as your FUHRER get off his big beautiful wall farce. Everyone knows that the so-call wall is a symbol for racism. SAD
MADMAN, take your medicine, then take a sh1t, shave, and shower before you spew more of your asinine BULLCRAP. That way your decaying body won't smell so bad. Stupid old coot.
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