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Monday, January 7, 2019


Cornered: Trump escalates shutdown crises

Give up border security to keep the grubyment open.
Once the grubyment reopens that ends any deal from the Democrats. Democrats have played that angle too many times.

Trying to play the Chess Master. Brrrrruhahahahhahahaha
Trumpanzee is only playing to his base ....its All political. He doesn't give to schitt's about the 800,000 workers not being paid, food stamp recipients not having food on their table, and these repercussions are going to get worse spreading like wildfire outside of those two items. Even he said himself he doesn't care, he admitted to it on air. What a lowlife piece of trash this guy is.

I keep asking myself when the level-headed Republicans are going to finally wake up and push these politicians to get this guy out of the office and everyday I turn around and I see none of them are budging. To hell with all of them.
Dems have been drawn out in the open as to where their priorities lie and it has nothing to do with protecting American legal citizens.

@ Maddog - 12 D chess at its finest. He's playing them.
Trump is trapped like an Orange rat surrounded by rat traps that baited with D-con bait. Eat the bait Trumpsky, you're indestructible. You're a SUPER RAT. LMAO
For only the intelligent and reasonable Democrats and Republicans here, read carefully: Trump actually is playing the game but he's also playing his own people and this is a fact. Recently, I showed where not a single penny of the first resolution for funding could be utilized for anything remotely close to a concrete wall. It's in that 1st resolution, which cleanly passed with the same Republicans just as the one the Democrats also recently presented to Republicans...which also got their approval. This is why everyone knows that Nancy and Chuckie are actually the ones playing 3D Chess, the best, and are winning...and will also fully expose the Republicans' blatant hypocrisy if they shoot down this current resolution for funding, okay. It ain't the Dem's obstructing, it's Trump all by himself who is causing MAJOR mayhem with blue collar workers everywhere, and, further killing the farmers ESPECIALLY.

The 'Smart Wall', which is chock full of all the latest innovations and currently being used overseas will only cost +- $1B and be laughably more effective than concrete. Likewise, it will actually create more jobs due to the technology and implementation of software involved...which Republicans also know. By now, that whole 'Mexico will pay for it' is the laughing stock and Trump is supposed to meet with Mexico tomorrow on our border. I can guarantee he won't breath word about them paying and I'm taking all bets because he's a liar, he can't make a deal, and he's a swindler regarding this whole thing. Trump was looking to make money on this wall and give kickbacks to those suppliers of the concrete, okay, he's into construction for a reason. He ran on the wall, he ran on Mexico paying, then he abandoned that when reality kicked in...he FAILED and LIED simultaneously. This standoff is nothing more than a last ditch appeasement effort for HIS SUPPORTERS at the expense of unfortunate others. The biggest lie going is that Democrats want 'open borders' and no security. Do a Google search and see where that BS originated from and you won't find a single Democrat even asserting open borders or even minimal security...only Republicans putting words in their mouths.

These people are LIARS and all they want their people to think is if Dem's are against the wall then they're against border security...and a wall doesn't mean secure. Border agents have confirmed this over and over. The next biggest lie is that terrorists have tried to breach our borders and were caught. BS! Approximately 3,755 terrorists/watch list persons were detained at OUR LEGAL PORTS OF ENTRY, folks. 23,000 illegals with criminal records and/or affiliation with MS13 gangs were caught and deported in 2018. Right here:

Confirmed as accurate by the DHS. Yep, we all know who's really getting played...and it's been happening from day one.
Here is the deal: POTUS has made a deal with a visiting alien race for "force field technology" at "NO COST".... no wall necessary. The force field is an interstellar inter-dimensional transport system....anything "THAT STEPS IN TO IT" will be transported to the alien planet instantaneously and be eaten, if edible, of course, (that is why it is free!). They come from a planet that is 1 light year from the black hole Cyngus X1. YAY!!!!!! Oh yeah, and if the Chinese or Ruskies cause trouble... they are on our team, they have a taste for Chinese take out and Vodka soaked meats.
Well, that makes perfect sense, jarasan.

More than the previous comment, anyway.

Actually, that sounds like a pretty good plot for a sci fi book. You might be the next Douglas Adams.
JARASH!T you are a retarded stanky breath sub-human space cadet. Enjoying your vacation SUCKER.
65% of American workers have no savings. Check to check. Only difference from any of you and the homeless person on the corner is a check. Pretty much period.
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