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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


United Nations audience of world leaders laughs when Trump boasts of achievements

Sounded to me as though there was more applause than giggles.

Probably nervous giggles, since they know Trump is gonna make 'em toe the line from now on.
Nervous jealous giggle laughter ........yeah..... President Trump is spot on....we need to get with the program let's make our own countries great again...???..............hehehehhehe
First they laughed at him, then they left with him because they're so afraid of him. You Republicans don't know what monster you created LOL LMAO
I was wondering when you were going to crawl out from under your rock anderjack, since the last statement you made on your blog, was I'm just not going to post on the blogs anymore. Wow, didn't last long did it.? ( silence of the lambs ). LMWAO.

Amberjackoff turd burglar has a monstrous stupid tumor in its skull, the size of a cantaloupe.
Careful there, MADDOG, jarasan. You'll get tattled on to Todd.

@3- You are exactly like the rest of the Liberals in this Country! You think the USA is suppose to support the rest of the World like we support the Liberals. I believe we should kick everyone but the NATO countries. The rest of the countries should be kicked out of the USA, especially Iranian Representatives.
You're all cowards, Big Mouth idiots in a blog yet when I expose you in public you get all pussified and cry like little babies wha wha wha...

The whole world is not just laughing at Trump but if you too
Perhaps you should complain to the webmaster about it, then.

Oh already tried that!

If at first you don't succeed, whine, whine again.
This Country has proven over and over again that we will not ever kowtow to no other Country. The whole world understands what he stated yesterday at the UN and things will change unlike Obama. He stated Iran will never get a Nuclear Bomb. Hope you understand what he meant.
Whaa whaa whaaa racist bigots you are
You are right Maddog, the little crybaby is a liar, he cant stop posting has to try to make himself relevant and stir stuff up. What racism has to do with President Trump's achievements I have no idea. He uses racism on everything and everyone. Keep your word amberjerk, stop posting and run along and play with the other liberal lunatics.
"racist bigots"

You forgot "prejudiced". Might as well go for the trifecta, right?
BIGOTINTEXAS, you and your friends are in denial and are idiots in the 1st degree. SAD
Well well well look what shows up to throw gas on the fire for his lunatic friend. THE BIGGEST RACIST.
LETHARGIC, comment #14 goes double for you. Since you are no different from your BIGOT TRASHY TROLL fiends. spelling intended idiot!
Goes double for me? You have got to be kidding, you sound like a second grader, some teacher you are. You are so ridiculous. Pfffffffftttt go away little boy.
Not true, sleezy. You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. You're just like those women screaming "sex abuse!" at Kavanaugh; you keep crying wolf and the real sexual abusers and actual bigots aren't even noticed b/c of theirs and your false accusations.

Besides, it was you who first started slinging the racist slurs. You just got your face rubbed into the crap you were slinging. You must enjoy the taste of it, because you're always coming back for more.

I've noticed that when ambturd starts getting his tail kicked in these blogs, you show up. Does he come crying to you like he did with Todd?    Ya'll make a great tag team, ya know it? I mean...someone always has to lose the match, right? You're the "heels", we're the "heroes".
Legardumb it's just the right wing night jobs here, little shadow that follows them everywhere but completely moronic just like the rest of them. You're like the Sarah Palin of Toothless in Texas , stupid and Clueless.
Toothless in Texas doesn't get it once again which is normal for him. I didn't go crying to Todd, I was making a Blog and he commented in my blog so you are wrong once again I didn't go chasing Todd around to tell him about how racist you are he already knows that. So don't b******* me with your b******* cuz I can see it a mile away. Try to get your facts correct next time but I'm sure you won't because you're consistently wrong. And thirdly I don't get my ass kicked in the blogs because you people mean nothing to me get it? Bunch of morons who are right-wing nutjobs doesn't mean s*** to me, your comments are as good as the s*** in the sewer. So get off your high horse because believe me you don't intimidate me and you will never ever intimidate me get it????
Oh, come off it! You're lying like a dog! You whined just like a little kid, I would have been embarrassed for you if I didn't dislike you so much. You copied and pasted at least a half dozen comments from me but Todd had the fairness to point out your own racist comments...which, I will remind you yet again, just as I did guys started it. Don't dish it out if you can't take it. Nearly everyone reading these blogs know who the true bigots are...and it's not me and the other conservatives in here.

Like as been pointed out, thought you weren't going to comment on the blogs ever again? Another lie, but why am I not surprised? That's all you leftists are good at.
BIGOTINTEXAS and hag LETHARGIC have a lot in common. One is a hillbilly and the other is an alley tramp on crack.
amberjackoff turdburglar is not a man, it is a bitch, a libtarded bitch.
Get some new material, Sleeze. Sheesh.

Get some new material? This isn't some TV show. There's only a few ways to say you people are retarded. And don't b******* me about me starting at first, whenever I make a comment on a Blog not provoked, and only comment on the content of the blog, the s***bag trolls start piling on their s***. You can't even remember your own lies. I exposed you for what you and your troll friends are, racist bigot Nazi loving morons. Whether the owner of this site degrees or not is irrelevant, facts are facts.
No, it's not; this is an insignificant blog, but the same ol' slams get old. "Unimaginative" comes to mind, a sign of someone who actually doesn't use what intelligence they might have.   

It's funny how you make it to be as though YOU are the one being constantly attacked. Listen, a persecution complex is a symptom of mental illness and so are your deranged and unhinged rants. I sincerely implore you to speak to someone about it because it's obvious you're ill. I don't need to be a professional to see that.

You also don't have the slightest clue as to what "Nazi" means and you're a fine one to be calling people "racists" and "bigots". You DO remember waltzing in here and with your very first post (on a forum post, not sure about the blogs b/c I wasn't frequenting them then) you called everyone in the thread an idiot, don't you? I do...because I have a great memory and am anything but retarded.

I'd say the site owner's opinion is more important than you think. Did you buy a premium membership thinking it would give you leeway in the nasty things you say? I certainly cannot speak for him, but I bet there's some line to cross and I would also wager you're very close to stepping over it. I've realized I have crossed that line at times and had to P.M. and apologize and ask if he'd remove a post of mine.

The only thing (other than ambturd) I called you in this thread was a liar, and that's true and easily proved, as has been brought up to you a few times since you promised to not post in the blogs.

I suggest you tone it down some; if you can't get your opinion across without such hateful language, then it's not an opinion worth sharing. Who wants to listen to an insane person? Again, seek help before you harm someone around you. Your words don't hurt me (and the same ones over and over again don't even annoy me any more), but I hate to think about you kicking some poor old dog in your obvious frustration.
You see? This is what I'm saying about how you perceive me to be. You don't know me you don't know anything about me except for what you see on the blogs and maybe some posts that I make and the other forms, but that's all you know about me. If you think I'm going to believe or even remotely agree with anything you have to say based on your assumptions about me, then you're totally mistaken.

This is not my first rodeo on lotterypost. I've been banned a few times before, so I have to be careful where I tread. You Think You Know Me based on my rents but you have absolutely no clue who I am. I don't torture animals, I don't get frustrated and to the point where I get physically violent whatsoever. You base those thoughts on Fox News who constantly shows how violent Democrats are. So you generalize people and then expect those people to take you seriously.

As far as the upgrade to Gold membership, it was solely gun so I can post more than two blocks per day. But here we go again, you again presumed that it was to take favor with Todd, and that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I had a platinum membership when I was band The First Time some 10 years ago or more of them I think it was later than that.

Look, you can waste your time arguing with me but it will not get you anywhere except that you will be typing a lot for no reason whatsoever. I say no reason because you'll never change my mind. You can use your fancy words and long paragraphs multiple paragraphs, but that is not a sign of total understanding and intelligence in my opinion. Surely yes, this is a lot of writing on my part, but I don't do this all the time in a response like you do. Why don't you go write a book? I may read it I may not who knows LOL

Whether you believe this or not, I'm much much more complicated than you wrap me up to me, into this little bundle of nuances that Democrats have in your mind. Nevertheless, you would never know the real me nor would I know the real you based on blog insults back and forth on a daily basis multiple times a day.

I listen to Michael Savage everyday on podcasts, so I know what you guys want. I know what you are side wants. Even Michael Savage doesn't agree with 100% of what the Maga hat wearers yell out everyday maga maga maga like sheeple. I may agree with some of the things the pup stand for but they're very very few in-between and I'm sure it's the other way around when you see the Democrats, but please don't think that you're Republican idealistic mindset. That's not the way the world works. In any case it really doesn't matter, we're going to win the house maybe the Senate and you guys are scared straight, admit it!
BIGOTINTEXAS is an incest baby. He can't help himself, it's genetic. SAD
LETHARGIC is a lonely mole face chicken head that is one of the boys at the gas station alley.
JARASH!T is a square head pie face file clerk that is known as the snitch bitch on his job.
I think I know you much better than you think I do.   You claim to know me with the inane insults, don't you? Of course, none of them are true, hence my "get new material" pleadings all the time.

How do you know I haven't already written a book or am in the process of writing one now? I might be writing one called "The Dumbest Crap I've Ever Read Online" and got a ton of material just from your posts alone?

You seemed to have calmed down, which is good. Maybe you aren't insane, but have anger issues and that persecution complex was only a temporary thing. You ARE quick to blame others. As I have recommended before, go look up "Locus of Control". It changed my mindset and if you're honest with yourself, it will yours as well.

Not sure what you meant by "fancy words" and I'm sorry "multiple paragraphs" set you off. I don't understand why you have problems reading them unless you have reading comprehension problems or more likely, that they hit close to home and your eyes fill with blood from your rage.

Not sure why you're constantly bringing up Savage...maybe he's your inspiration for those unhinged rants? I have listened to him in the past, but I doubt I've invested more than 10-15 hours total in what he has to say. To be honest, I listened b/c I figured he might actually stroke out on the air, then I realized it was all just an act. Oh, he probably believes what he says, but his indignation is feigned.

I can't think of too many things I agree with in regards to modern Democrats. Some of my own political philosophy comes from Classical Liberalism, but you leftists pretty much abandoned that decades ago. I have implored my fellow Conservatives to quit using "liberal" as a pejorative, but old habits die hard. I don't even think "progressive" fits you leftists. I honestly think "Nazi" could refer to the left more than the right, esp. in regards to totalitarianism.

If I ever win the lottery, I will give friends and family some significant amts. of money. I won't tell them what they can do with it, of course, but will advise them if they give ten bucks to the Republicans, I will be angry, but if they give a dime to the Democrats, that will be the last money they ever get from me. That sort of tells you how I feel about politicians. The trouble with people like you - partisan hacks - is that we who voted for Trump didn't want to drain the swamp and get rid of the crooked Dems, we want to get rid of the crooked Repubs, too. You guys don't want to do that, of reelect your crooks.

And you'd have to be blind as a bat to not see a media bias, but all ya'll want to do is cry "Faux News!" Thank Goodness for alternative media or else the leftist controlled press would coverup ALL the wrong doing by their partners in crime. Aiding and abetting, simple as that. That's why Repubican's crimes or even some taken out of context statement gets so much airtime, so much ink...or so many electrons, take your pick. Crickets on the other side's misdeeds.

And, since I don't have cable, I get my news online or on the radio. That means I don't watch Fox, so that's not where I see the videos of the Democrat-approved ANTIFA and other various protests and demonstrations. Good grief, they're all over YouTube, they're on the MSN website, all over the place. That riot in Charlottesville had some white supremacists and while I wouldn't dream of taking up for them in their cause, they were provoked...and had the only permit to assemble, I might add. No, it's the left who starts with the violence.

I'm not "scared" of the Republicans losing seats in the upcoming midterms; I've said that it's to be expected and has almost always been the case in the first election of a new President's term. The gleam wears off the shiny object and the American public wants a new toy, they're already tired of the old one. I DO think you and your fellow leftists are starting to realize it's not going to be a cakewalk like you thought.

No, I think it's you guys who are running scared, desperate to stop not one, but two Constitutionalists from getting on the court. THAT is your worst nightmare, not being able to treat that sacred document like it is toilet paper....and that's not to say some Republicans don't do the same.

I won't even quibble with you that in some countries, socialist policies seem to work, but WILL argue that what works there, won't necessarily work here. I want the statists out of govt. and want that govt. pared down to the bone. Big govt. never has worked and never will and pure socialism won't either, never has.

You can insult me from now on if you like, but it's like I said: get some new material !!! However, I am NOT toothless, don't live in a trailer (I own my little modest shack), don't consider myself a bigot but will admit to some bigoted talk in response to some leveled at me, am not a racist because I don't think I'm better than you b/c I'm white. You'll get respect from me as long as I get some back or you show you don't deserve any. (of course, that bull done left that barn ages ago, huh?) I've known a few great people from Iran (former neighbors), but also met a few sorry ones when I lived in a college town during the end days of the Shah. They had their protests cut short after the U.S. Embassy was seized. I had to question their sense of self-preservation for them trying to keep protesting in a small city in Texas, no matter how liberal it was. Funny story about that, but another time.

I will admit to having some prejudices, but I think most people do. I treat them just like an ugly mole on my butt...keep 'em covered up so no one can see.

Hope that wasn't too long for you and hope you read it and can digest it. I'm sure you can and allow me a "left-handed compliment" so to speak: at times, like the above post, you show you're not as dumb as most of your posts would suggest.

(Did I use too many "fancy words" for you? I would link to definitions, but as you probably know, HTML doesn't work in replies)
And you'd be an expert in regards to incest, wouldn't you sleezy?

A lot of times insults like that are projection, plain and simple.

Maybe it's YOU who have the Oedipus complex and that's why you object to being called a moth...well, you know.

A little black kid says his first word: "Mother"

His momma says "Look, he know haff a word already!"

I won't come back to read any replies. Carry on as though to an empty room, be my guest, have the last word.

With any luck, someday soon you'll get it.
Looks like the book is out already. Ahead of schedule! LOL

BIGOTINTEXAS you are an incest baby, Flaming TROLL, and foul mouth hillbilly. You write incoherent gibberish like a person that suffers from schizophrenia. You are a hard core bigot in need of some type of psychological help. Seek help before it's too late.
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