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Friday, September 28, 2018


Several Democrat Senators Walk Out Of Judiciary Meeting For Kavanaugh Vote

These are the Low life's you Liberals voted in. It shows their character through and through.

If they walk out on this, it only shows they would walk out on America. Spineless cowards.!!

Yeah, do that in the real world at your job for eg. what a bunch of immature blowhards.
The Democrats are all about obstruct and delay.
I am watching them again right now in the confirmation room.
I sure hope Republicans get out and vote in November.
they had this staged, microphones were ready,
No need for me to chime in with my opinion, ya'll have pretty much said it all.
Pubs keep digging their own grave, oh please keep bringing these goofballs like Cavanaugh in, we're getting the House and Senate back yay!!!

After Cavanaugh's circus performance yesterday, it's a shoe-in.
Uh, it's "Kavanaugh"..with a "K" It's even in the title of this blog post.

I'd ask how in the hell you get off calling him a "goofball", but I am fed-up with your inane posts. He has much more intelligence than nearly anyone at yesterday's hearing, maybe even the most.

The only ones who made it a circus are the Dems. The entire Democrat party is more like a traveling carnival, though, with crooked / rigged games, drug addict ride operators and a multitude of sideshow freaks. That would make you Zippy the Pinhead in the order of things.
Uh-oh, Mikey who eats anything is pissed off LOL I was actually being kind by calling Amma goofball. If it is the case that he raped women when he was young, then you'll see me call him much much worse.
I doubt you'll ever see proof that he's a rapist.

Ah, Mikey. He was a cute kid. I never was a picky eater, either, but I suspect you were, probably didn't want to eat your greens, so that explains your lack of mental development and your short stature - which explains your inferiority complex and feeble attempts to be a "BIG MAN". LMAO You probably had a fixation as a small child with vienna sausages...which would also explain a lot. You like the big, fat kielbasas now, right?
BIGOTINTEXAS you suffer from Dumbfukitis. JARASH!T stay in the trailer with his momma and her crack head teenage boyfriend. Jarash1t thinks he's cool because he has a play station and he let him play with it.
Oh, just great! Another blackhead on a pimple on a boil on a tumor on a hemorrhoid on yet another big azzhole. If I am dumb, then what lower level are you?

You and your tag-team partner are quite the pair: Zippy the Pinhead and Jo-Jo the Dog Faced Boy.
Well, BIGOTINTEXAS what do you call 5 to 1 against Amber, FAIR?
Football, see ya
Actually yes, I would like a really long thick sausage yum.
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