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Thursday, September 27, 2018


Left Mocks Brett Kavanaugh As Too Emotional and Unstable


Man, if that isn't the POT calling the Kettle Black. Liberals don't have mirrors? LMAO
He's a drunken bully. And I believe Ford because she seemed very honest about her experience, you could tell it in her face.

He became too emotional and kept snapping back at the person who was questioning them. This is not the type of person we need making extremely important decisions.
The tumor has taken hold.
Wow, someone getting emotional b/c of the way he and his family have been treated by those on the left and their baseless claims, besmirching his character?

Or, tears of frustration and rage over their crooked candidate being beaten by some non-politician, despite the complicity of the legacy media and all underhanded attempts to rig the election?

I sympathize with the first kind, laugh at the second.
Oh, forgot to add:

Emotional and unstable? That would describe the left's constant temper tantrum since Trump has been in office. Non stop juvenile fits.
Wow!, triggered much? I think someone is having a tantrum right now LOL
Sorry to hear this Jarasan.... there are a lot of professionals out there who can treat your disease. Stay strong!
Lol....Lindsey Grahm's face turned I was waiting for an explosion.
Oh amberjack goes off again. Didnt you say you were no longer going to be posting? Have you no shame, your word now means squat just as your attack posts. Do you honestly think you are funny? I expect another troll to show up soon.
If that was you, how would you have reacted to what has gone on these last    couple of weeks.
That's OK, lejardin. Haters gotta hate.

I didn't think I had thrown a tantrum, had I? Three sentences do not a rant make, although notmypresidentnotmypresidentnotmypresidentnotmypresidentnotmypresidentnotmypresident!!!! might qualify.
amberjackoff turfburglar I'm just fine TY! I was referring to the stupid tumor occupying the dense space between your ears festering for so many years slowly metastasizing.... turning you into a complete idiot.
Every time I see that word in print, I read it in my head like Arnold: "It's not a toomah!"
No jarasan, actually he's like a boil, you keep squeezing it and it fills right back up with puss.
A blackhead on a pimple on a boil on a tumor on a hemorrhoid on the biggest a-hole there ever was.
The Ayatollah Azzahola
You idiots need mental help immediately, that's all I have to say. If anyone has a tumor in their head it's all of you. Anyone who would vote for a maniac like Trump, who is a racist bigot Nazi lover can mean only one thing, there is something wrong in their brain.
And you said you didn't vote, so just why are you whining on and on and on about it?

There's something wrong with *someone* who keeps being told to go look up the definition of "Nazi" but won't. Lemme save you some time: the description fits the left much, MUCH more than it does any of us on the right.

And, once again, you using "bigot" as a slam towards us is highly hypocritical of you. If I'M a bigot, then you certainly are one. "Racist" has lost its meaning because of how it's constantly used to describe anyone who offends someone else.

One of these days you are going to realize you have the freedom of speech but don't have any special right to not be offended by something someone else says. Until then, you're going to keep being a blackhead on a pimple on a boil on a tumor on a hemorrhoid on the biggest a-hole there ever was.
wah, wah, wah, wah, ...
I know! That's all you ever do is cry like a baby!

Thanks for owning up to it, didn't think you were that honest.
wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, ...
Need your pacifier?
Reckless in Texas continuously tells me that I get triggered, yeah I can just imagine him focused on his computer screen hunchback on a seat scouring every block section and every second and then when he find something to write about like attacking me or the others here, his life blossoms open at that moment and he gets a rush of energy, in that so, his blood pressure spikes when the commenting stops.

Dude, get a hobby for god sakes already. Go out enjoy the fresh air get some sunshine get out of that trailer it's not good for you. There's more to life than sitting on LP 20 hours a day spewing your nonsensical garbage and trying so hard to sound intelligent and intellectual. I don't think I've ever met any trailer trash that could be intellectual.

Just stick to your Tobacco Chew, your big truck with your big tires and the rebel flag sticking out of the back. Stop trying to sound like you're some blue collar middle-aged white man who lives on Park Avenue in Manhattan.
BIGOTINTEXAS is a big belly, rebel yelling, whisky drinking, sloppy and stinky trailer park drunk.
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