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Thursday, August 2, 2018


What Would Be The Consequences If Jeff Sessions Broke His Recusal and Fired Mueller?

The same consequence as Rosenstein not recusing himself when he was a major player in the dossier FISA court thing.
Sessions initially gave a recusal statement in which he agreed to recuse himself from any on-going and future investigations related to matters of the 2016 Presidential campaigns. But how could Sessions have known or suspected at the time that the so-called investigation would turn into a political witch hunt conducted by partisan Democrats for the express purpose of removing POTUS from office on some trumped up/bogus charges of "colluuusion"? The whole thing is utterly ridiculous. Mueller has nothing and is getting desperate to prevail at all costs. At this time there can be no doubt that the entire investigation is a sham. The Democrat machine will stop at nothing in their irrational obsession to "get Trump". Sessions needs to take decisive action. He needs to break the recusal and start helping the President. Given recent developments and the all too obvious political motivation behind the Special Counsel, the AG's statement of recusal should (in my opinion) not be permanently binding to preclude Sessions from doing his job. Fire Mueller to end the sham investigation and deal with whatever consequences he has to deal with. Democrats and Never-Trump RINOs will be yapping about it, but so what? Big deal.
Along with Mueller and Rosenstein being in the middle of Uranium One.
Oh mr. Trump, please please please fire Mueller. That would guarantee an impeachment. Obstruction of justice would be the reason. So please fire him please I ask you please. Put this Nazi leader in the white house out of his misery already. In all his retarded supporters can wine and bitched about it hahaha
I, second that motion!
Same thing I've been saying for a long time. Fire Macaroni Man and end the sham investigation! Trump will emerge stronger than ever if he can ever get a fire lit under Session's behind to do it. Glad you two nitwits finally posted something intelligent. MAGA!
This job is too much pressure for Trumpsy. He is not in good health. Just as some were not here to witness the election of Trump, there will be some that will not be here to witness his first four years or less.
Yeah, Hillary was in robust health, had unbridled high energy and is better at handling the pressure. She obviously would have been the better choice than the old decrepit low-energy Trump that can hardly go up the stairs any more, LOL
Any one of the presidential candidates would have been better than Trumpsky.
Fortunately, intelligent voters didn't see it that way. Even though, I would have had no problem with Ted Cruz being POTUS. If it's even possible, I think you democrat dingbats would have been even more hysterical had Ted Cruz won, LOL
Cruz Missile, I don't think so. He's having problems running for his senate seat. You like, many others chose immorality over Truthfulness and Integrity. SAD
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