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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Trump Revokes Ex-C.I.A Chief John Brennan's Security Clearance

Heee Diiid
awwww! He's having another hissy fit. This man is retired with a good pension. He don't need it. This is a scare tactic that will backfire on Trumpsky. It's not very smart to piss-off the people that's responsible for protecting his AZZ. He is acting like the FUHRER he is. SAD
How did John 'Leonid' Brennan, a former Communist, ever get a security clearance in the first place? Apparently because Obongo thought it would be very useful to have a former Stalinist as CIA Director! Several more swamp creatures need their security clearances yanked already- James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, James Comey, Peter Strzok/Strzuk/Smirk, and Bruce Ohr, to name a few off the top of my head.
You're dumb as JARASH!T. This man had a distinguished military career as a high ranking officer before he became CIA director. He already had top clearance dummy. If you two had been in the military you would know this. Also dummy some of the ones you named has already had their clearance pulled. Next time do your home work. It's people like you that turn-off people about the repub party with your sanctimonious and hypocritical gibberish. Trump has turned your party into a CULT with a NATIONALIST agenda. It didn't work for the first FUHRER, what makes you think it will work for FUHRER #2, eh?
lil*returdburglar is burglaring turdlings early today, must have gotten a big bag last night. lil*returdburglar Brennan is a f'ing America hating douche bag just like you and cuomo go the fuque to cuba a$$ burglar.
Yea, Lil'Returd, he did have a security clearance. No chit Sherlock! That wasn't up for debate. To refocus your attention, the question remains WHY DID A KNOWN COMMUNIST HAVE A SECURITY CLEARANCE IN THE FIRST PLACE?. And why would the Kenyan Sneaky Snake Impostor choose anyone associated with the Communist Party that held Stalinist beliefs to become CIA Director? How stupid is that? Makes perfect sense to a nitwit Democrat like you! Brennan himself even has even stated himself he thought he had no chance of being hired on to work at the CIA due to his past affiliation with the Communist Party. Put they said step right up and sign on the dotted line! A little dalliance with the Communist Party is no big deal! This dour-faced loudmouth douche-bag traitor is largely responsible for orchestrating and setting in motion the Russian Collusion Hoax to divert attention from the Democrats' collusion with Russia and blame it on Trump. Brennan needs to be in Federal Prison, along with Obammy and Hillary. Yank the rest of them already! And that's just the beginning. Trump is taking care of business. You don't need to worry about it, LOL
Lil'Returd, is is true that leftover burgled turdlings taste better in the morning?
KKK, you might as well admit it, Trumpsky is having a nervous breakdown over the Russian probe. He sees himself about to be exposed for the LIES he has been feeding his CULT members for almost two years, and for his traitorous behavior with POOTIN. Now, stick to the subject and defend your fearless leader (tee-hee) if you and JARASH!T are able to. I doubt it. Both of you are too much of a JERK. SAD
What part of the word HOAX don't you understand? Look it up! Idiot!
You can't defend Trumpsky, I knew it. Now divert!
Lil'Returd, do you even bother to read the blog entries before jumping in and making yourself look like a complete fool? How many times, just on this one page, must I defend the actions taken by President Trump in regard to Brennan? This demented, scowling and butt-hurt leftist troglodyte is advocating for the removal of a duly elected US President. His actions and words have been of an irrational, erratic and inflammatory nature. It would be foolish NOT to revoke this commie agitator's security clearance! Perhaps you should go back and actually read posts #3 and #6. If you should need it broken down in terms of the urban parlance of Decatur County 4th graders, I'm afraid I can't help you. Sorry.

Just as you would have been denied a security clearance because of your background, he should have been denied because of his communist background.
Thanks, CARBOB; you would think that would be straight forward common sense! Unfortunately, these days days common sense is a rare commodity among the new breed of socialist Democrats.
CARBO, your family put your old crazy azz away because they were tired of your foolishness-you still don't get it-you're not on vacation stupid! They lied to you. You should be getting your life in order for the here-after, you don't have any time to waste on foolishness. Seriously.
lil*returdburglar burgling the day away, rounding up its turdlings all day long, gonna sing his turdle song all the live long day.
JARASH!T, you screwed up the gene pool when you were born. You are part of a new bred of "IDIOTS".
lil*returdburglar you douche bag, you don't affect the gene pool when you are born, but then again you are very stupid. And it is "BREED", ie. you are a faulty breed of douce bag returdburglar. Think before you pound that keyboard dumb fuque.
Hey Speedy, why do you waste your time with these throwback, inbred, toothless, big tire pickup trucks with swastikas tattooed on their ass?

They are hell-bent to defend this moron in the White House no matter what he does or says. You can't argue with a bunch of rocks.

If they only knew how moronic they sound when they open their sphincter up. the only way to stop there spewing of this garbage is to stuff their sphincter with A lot of used toilet paper.
JARASH!T, I told Amber that you could spell, you just can't write. Your brain seems to be at odds with your fingers. It must be genetic, huh? LMAO
The burgle sisters are back together! lil*returdburglar and amberjackoff burgling their turdlings, dummies.

Jaracrap really likes to write about turds a lot. Are you the top or bottom when you and kkk sniff each other?
amberjackoff you are not creative, you are not a musician, you are a miserable drug addicted fruit cake. STFU, do something productive for eg. clean that dirty bong or at least change the water dummy.
Amberjackoff, I've already told you at least once or twice to stop stealing my lines and using them as if you thought of them yourself. But yet, here you go again! One more time and I report you! You know very well you are the one obsessed with turds. You have been incessantly posting about your depraved thoughts while studiously watching them floating around in your toilet. You are a sick and disgusting individual! And now it becomes known that you and Lil'Returd have become notorious turdburglars, of all things! You are sinking to new depths of depravity with every passing day! What are you going to do with that huge stash of turdlings piled up there on the bedroom floor? Personal consumption or bagged for distribution and sale? Which way pays more, freeze-dried or fresh turdlings with mint sprigs?
KKK, I know I'm correct because every time you comment your gay lover Gera crap shows shows up, so that means you must be living together
Stop plagiarizing! That's all. Now log off LP and get back to your video-chat with that "hot college aged cute guy" you were so worked up about the other night. LOL
I want you to take that stash of turdlings in your bedroom and properly dispose of them in the County Landfill. Otherwise, I'll have to inform the local authorities as to my knowledge about what's been going on out there.
Kkk you're boring. Go watch some more Fox News so you can get more brainwashed and you are now loser. and while you are watching it, hold your right hand straight out and up like a good little Nazi that you are.
Amberjackoff, FYI-Fox News is good at a certain level, but truthfully, is just milk for babies. I do watch an occasional video clip from Fox News and that's about it. At my advanced level, and for all other individuals that require solid food to sustain growth and increase wisdom and understanding, a strong daily dose is required from the following sources: 1) Rush Limbaugh, 2) Mark Levin, 3) Dr. Michael Savage, 4) Chris Plante, 5) Sean Hannity.

Assuming that a person already has in place the proper foundation, as well as the intellectual capacity to build on that foundation, he (or she) will acquire more useful knowledge in one hour from any one of the aforementioned sources than he/she would be able to glean in one YEAR from watching the non-stop fake news being sent out over the airwaves at MSLSD or CNN (Clinton News Network). The crappola that you find so riveting on those networks is for clueless dummies that can't think for themselves; in other words, propaganda to prod along the "sheeple" that blindly accept what their controllers feed them and tell them to think. That's all.
KKK, I really need to get some of that stuff you're smoking man. I think you're full of crap. You're actually a troll making this stuff up and your defense of trump. What I really believe is that you're a liberal troll.

It was sort of a revelation to me. about a minute or so ago I was reading your comment and it hit me, you are actually a liberal and trolling the Republicans with your idiotic statements. It has to be because nobody is that stupid. So I'll play along if you want to, great job by the way.

It reminds me of the theory that I also believe in when flat-earth Believers are blamed For doing the same thing as you're doing. By that I mean, they are not who they portray they are, they do believe the Earth is round or oval or whatever, but they're posing as flat-earth Believers to make the religious Christian type look like morons. It's only a theory but it really makes a lot of sense and so does your case too LOL
KKK, I just want to say that it's not so much the the fact that you think are your buddies think I hate you personally as a person. I love every human being unless they kill people, molest kids, or do any heinous crime that the majority disapprove. And I'm sure you're not any of those people that I just mentioned, A4 mentioned as you like to put it because you're so witty and full of creative Discord LOL you're just like Michael Savage which I listen to every day. You're so into yourself like he is. On a daily basis he contradicts himself. How do I know this? Very simple because he doesn't have the capacity to remember certain things that I remember because I listen to the show on the podcast everyday. So I know what he's talking about and I also know when he screws up.

I love the guy because he can be witty and does make me laugh sometimes but I have to sit through 3 hours of a guy who's really just making money off the system by stirring up the mud and you know it I know it everybody knows it but we like him because he's funny.

Sorry I digress, the point is the original issue of that you mean well but you are misinformed. And this is why I brought up the last comment I made before this one. That was one possibility. And since you don't know me, my brain works much better than you think at times especially when I'm drunk and stoned because my creative Juices Flow. But anyways, it's not so much that I hate you personally or any person here on lotterypost, but I think I'm pissed off in general because I can't believe so many people millions and millions are either trolling the other half of America or really believe what they believe, and a third possibility I realized right now. The overwhelming hate for Clinton. To me those are the only three possible reasons.
Amberjackoff, you really do need to "get some of the stuff" I'm smoking which is nothing. Never even so much as smoked a cigarette in my entire life. But never mind that, that don't "confront" you. If I come across to you as a "liberal", I can assure you unequivocally that whatever you're smoking is plenty strong enough, no adjustments needed! You're more whacked out than I thought possible, LOL
Cool! Glad to hear you're getting a daily dose of Savage! The man is funny, witty and doesn't mince words! Tells it like it is. Not as intellectual perhaps as Mark Levin (apparently they hate each other), but I enjoy listening to all of them.
You know what I think even crazier than that? That you hover around the block section monitoring it for the next reply. That tells me that you have nothing better to do then sit around and probably have six or seven browsers open from different sites, and then going in each one of them, trolling a path LOL

Exact timing didn't do it very well for me lol

Yeah the guys cool and even criticizes Trump every blue moon, but he's not a bootlicker. He said it many times before, he's an independent but for the most part he's steers to the right. Whatever I don't care the small grains of hilariousness if that's the word lol, that he produces winning a three-hour. It's so worth waiting, I don't know why it's just his demeanor is so apparent.

Having said that, I know you dread this moment lol once someone hears having said that, oh boy!!! They know that's the polite way a saying I don't f****** agree with
Here's the real good example of the latest hypocrisy by Michael Savage. Okay ready?

It amazes me that although he doesn't smoke any weed, his comments suggest that he does because he obviously doesn't remember what he said or what his stance was at one point or another.

His stance on marijuana has been for a long time, against it. He really doesn't like that subject too much because he's tired of arguing with people but he also neglects others from finishing their point or never even bring him up on the air at all. That's what I don't like about Michael. He tailors his show to gear towards his agendas, but at the same time making himself look like a really nice guy who's just wants the truth and America Constitution blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah it's all about the money blah blah blah blah blah blah it's all about the money blah blah blah blah blah blah don't believe in folks

Oh my God I forgot my favorite. How did I forget that one?

He complains about Alcoholics yet if you are a regular listener to his show, once or twice a week he's bitching and complaining about that he drank too much wine the night before at the party and so and so LOL

I'm telling you I know what I'm talking about I listen to this guy everyday because I love his show but what really needs to be addressed is the things I'm bringing up and that's only like 10% of not less than the whole picture I don't want to overwhelm you guys with too much information. I'm not being facetious or whatever I'm totally honest at this point right now.
"...kill people, molest kids, or do any heinous crime ..."

Those are three planks in the DNC platform, right?
Don't be so mean Amber, LMAO. You're taking no prisoners. JARASH!T
as usual is a D1CKHEAD. BIGOTINTEXAS needs to STFU and go throw cow chips with his rodeo clown buddies. KKK has nothing of worth to say. With him it's always off-subject blah-blah-blah... SAD
Mike and Texas you're such a moron if you want me to I can make a long long relist of Republicans who are child molesters so once again keep opening your mouth so you can show the world how effing stupid you and your dumb Friends on this site are. I already had this debate with another moron on another website and I shut him up really quick when I gave him a list of over a hundred Republicans in hi hi office you freaking dumb loser Freakshow moron dummy
STFU? Yet one more attempt by a leftist to silence the superior opposition. What is it about rodeo clowns you dislike, LiLSleezy? Did one run off w/out paying your momma her two bucks? Or was it your sister? Your wife? While I do not care all that much for rodeo, you have to admit those clowns are as much as an athlete as any in pro sports, more so in most cases. Why, I've even seen a few black ones...fitting, since a large percentage of "Old West" cowboys were black.

And you can quit playing the race's tedious and trite. If you and ambturd both can't see that ya'll are the true bigots, then there's no hope for either of you.

Yes, do that, ambturd, I want a list. Sadly, I cannot make a list of the million child molestations (AKA abortions) you lefties are responsible for ea. year. Well, maybe not totally responsible for, but you're the only ones who brag about it. I guess you're proud that you hold the world genocide record, beating out the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, et. al.

Remember, I gave you some excellent advice some weeks back - quit foaming at the mouth while'll screw up THAT keyboard, too.
BIGOTINTEXAS, I don't dislike rodeo clowns, after all your mammy is one of many inbreeds that are rodeo clowns in your family.
That's lame, Sleezy, even from you. That's more like an ambturd insult. (which is, you will have to admit, a pretty good burn on you) Use your imagination for a change, amuse me!
BIGOTINTEXAS, I mainly talk trash with the Troll that is talking to me, but if you bring up other family members I'm coming back at you in the same. It's your choice of how you want to do this.
Shove it up your black azz, Buckwheat. Take your best shot...because yo' momma does, takes them all the time.
BIGOTINTEXAS, your uncle is your daddy. So what does it say about your mammy. You come from a bunch of in-bred rodeo clowns, HILLBILLY.
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